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 Post subject: Tales and the Journal of Valenfor DarkLeaf.
Unread postPosted: Sun May 06, 2018 8:28 pm 
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The thicket was quiet and deserted apart from the few small animals that scavenged for food or some other urgent task. Well, urgent to rabbit or mouse anyway. The grass, slick with dew that was just starting to burn off from the bright morning sun. Not far away in the cities the peoples of Baulders Gate were starting to stir. One gentleman had taken his cup of morning coffee out onto his back porch to enjoy while he shook off the night’s sleep. He was only two or three sips into his enjoyment when he noticed the clouds over the not too distant thicket darkening.

The clouds over the thicket grew progressively darker. Slowly at first then picking up speed as they went. It was not long until the sunlight began to strain to reach the thicket. The rabbits and mice seemed to get spooked and scampered off to their hideouts as though they had caught a whiff of a predator lurking up wind. The clouds became pitch black and the thicket went dark for a moment before the clouds seemed to reorganize themselves into what appeared to be a shape. The shape of a black leaf hung in the sky for a few moments and then a loud thunderclap rolled from the thicket and a red beam of energy struck the ground at its center. As the sound of the thunder rolled over the land so did the black clouds dissipate, and the day became beautiful again. The man with the coffee shrugged his shoulders and mumbled to himself. “Mad wizards, gon destroy dis world sum day I tell ya.”

On the ground hunched over on his knees, where the red beam had struck the ground an elf with pale blue skin and a sickly thin build looked up at the sky for the first time in an era. In the next moment he began to expel the ectoplasmic goo that was filling his mouth, nose and lungs. Coughing and spitting he expelled the last of it just in time to inhale sharply and scream as the burning began over his eyes. As though binding his soul to a task, the yellow crescent moons burned onto his face covering each eye to the music of his screams. Seconds later, it was completed he sat upright and held his face for a moment.

“Where am I?” he thought. Taking in his surroundings he realized that he was in the woods and appeared to be alone. “Need help.” His thoughts began to race. Still kneeling he held out his hand and called out for one of his most trusted allies. “Katrina, come to me.” He commanded but the magic was not there. The vampire did not come. Then he noticed the back of his hand and pulled it closer to examine it. The flesh was smooth and clean and wrinkled a bit when he moved his fingers. No longer did it have the weathered and filthy look of the undead. “My ring!” He panicked and saw that it was not on his finger where it belonged. He quickly started to search the thicket around him but there was no ring to be found. His soul was no longer bound to it. It then hit him “I am alive again.” He thought as he realized that he was hungry enough to eat anything. “And apparently I need food.” He scowled at the thought and got to his feet to make his way through the forest looking for something to eat. “Valenfor DarkLeaf is alive again, but why?” he mumbled and paused for a moment “I should find Omen…..” he muttered. “After I get something to eat.” He added in disgust.

He wondered through the forest until he found some bushes with berries on them and began to gather them for consumption. When the tedium of the task was just about to take what he thought was his last bit of sanity he noticed that a small field mouse was sitting on its hind legs not far from the bush calmly consuming a few berries of its own. Raising one eye brow he smiled at the mouse. “I never thought I would be eating again, let alone sharing my breakfast with the likes of you.” He informed the mouse in the most accusatory tone he could muster. The mouse ignored him and focused on turning the round morsel in its paws over two or three times before biting into it.

Discontinued due to rampant metagaming.

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