Biography of O. Rexbanner III & Letter to Lathan Proper

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Biography of O. Rexbanner III & Letter to Lathan Proper

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Ozzimondius Rexbanner III

Appearance: (eyes, hair, height, weight, race, etc)
With eyes bracketed in crows feet, the violet color appeares to twinkle a purple sapphire, as if keeping rhythm with the dancing flame of the candle sitting on the corner of the escritoire.
Shadows cast deep lines that run from each side of his nose to the corners of his mouth; laugh lines indelibly engraved there from a ready smile.
A colorful hue of white and gray hair spills down over his forehead, almost concealing the wrinkles as he leans forward on the stool, ironing the parchment flat with his hands.
Strong fingers pick up the quill and dip it into the inkwell; two faint clinks on the rim causes a ripple on the surface as one black drop rejoins the reservoir.

Sighing he places one elbow on the desk and props up his chin, the other hand resting on the parchment with the posed quill. Looking off into the distance, he collects his thoughts.

(As far as Aasimar go, he is average in height. Even leaning forward, the typical paunch of an easy life is not evident at his mid-waist.)

The noise of quill on parchment breaks the silence, executing the sweeping calligraphy with practiced ease, he begins to write "Greetings Artificer Avalron, Clergy of the Wonderbringer, Trusted Scribe of House Rexbanner"

Common, Celestial, Dwarf
Initial Alignment:
Lawful Good
Favored Soul

Base Class & Proposed Development:
Favored Soul and Divine Champion (Some Paladin possibly - debating it)

Social Parties, Discovering New Inventions

Weapon of Choice:

Ozzimondius Rexbanner III, is affectionately called Mondi by those closest to him.
Mondi's forbearers were rare among the Lantanese in several aspects, namely their inventions were cutting edge, praised from the Sundar to the Suj; and some would even say garnering the continued favor of the Wonderbringer himself.
Quickly rising to prominence, Rexbanner became a recognizable name, at least to the civilized Lantanese, whether they be Human or Rock Gnome.
When the Mantle was passed down to Ozzimondius Rexbanner II, the transfer seemed to infer all of the inventive ingenious of the Patriarch. Thus were the hopes and expectations high with the birth of the Third.
However, after Mondi became of age a twinge of trepidation begin to develop when word reached House Rexbanner that Mondi was somewhat of a local party favorite.
Lady Rexbanner even feared scandal when she overheard the Scully Maid gossiping that Mondi was some what of a Ladies Man.
Lord Rexbanner, in an attempt to show the boy the error of his ways, sent him off to the Temple to set under the capable Tutelage of Artificer Avalron, who happened to also be Household Rexbanner's Scribe and representative in all legal matters.

After the third year of paying a hefty sum for his son's Tutelage, servant, and the unusual requests for "more coin for unexpected expenditures", a courier arrived with a letter from the Temple.
Lord Rexbanner broke the wax seal, unrolled the parchment and begin to read the familiar script of Avalron; the letter simply stated that he was sending his son back home, calling Mondi "A Great Inventor of Excuses", and an "Apologia Extraordinaire". Avalron included at the end, "Don't despair old friend, the gods sometimes favor the foolish".

After showing his wife the message, Lord Rexbanner comforted Lady Rexbanner, assuring her that "Age will bring wisdom and maturity to our Mondi". But as the years passed, it was not to be.
With the passage of time, Lord Rexbanner finally realized if his son was to ever take over the family estate and business dealings, he would have to take extreme measures.
The first measure was to remove all of his sons means of access to the family treasures.
The second measure was to tell his (very adult) son he could no longer live in the family estates luxurious basement.
The third measure was disinheritance, until he had "proven himself to be worthy of the Rexbanner name".
The forth measure was to put him on a ship headed to the Sword Coast with just the bare necessities.
His last instructions were to write Letters to Lathan, addressed to Artificer Avalron to "keep us informed of your progress".
The Lord and the Lady hide in the shadows with tears flowing as they watched their Mondi board.

Goals, Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:
To regain the favor of Household Rexbanner
Reinstatement as the Heir of the Estate and Business Enterprises
To search out the land for inspiration for new inventions
To at last become a Master Craftsman, that would even make Artificer Avalron smile.

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