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Re: E'amrae Hawksong

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Wayfarer wrote:E'amrae Hawksong, Moon-Elf Ranger

E'amrae (or Eamy to her friends) presents as a rather unremarkable Moon Elf in her mid 140's. Typically she can be found wearing garments befitting a servant, commoner or housekeeper. It is rare to see her in anything elegant or trendy as she is of the lower class in this setting. However, beyond the dirt and the grime that is normally sported upon her person and effects, there is a well proportioned female who has obviously spent her extra time committed to rigorous physical training. Along with these traits her features are unmistakably elven marked by Cobalt Blue hair, hastily wrapped into a knot which starkly contrasts against her Malachite Green Irises

The first thing anyone would notice about her personality is the persistent way she gathers information. Self exiled from Evermeet, E'amrae found herself woefully unprepared for the actual way the world worked. While possessing extraordinary ettiquette and a formal air about the way in which she speaks, she has very little experience with actual one on one social interaction. This makes her come off as naive and out of touch with the nuances of socialization. Quick to kindness and slow to anger, E'amrae is willing to engage anyone (with exceptions to Drow or Orcs) on a social level ever curious as to how each person percieves the world and its' machinations.

As a Neutral Good Ranger of Sehanine Moonbow, E'amrae finds herself at home within the thick of a forest, when the moon is at its' brightest. She delights when new paths are discovered to trail-blaze in the wilds, preferably with good friends.

When she is not spending her personal time scouring the outlying regions for adventure or discovery, she can be found working at The Halls of Inner Light, cooking cleaning and sorting laundry to distribute amongst those who seek charity.

If by chance she is not found out in the wilds, or within the Halls, then a good guess would be the library within Baldur's Gate or the premises of Candlekeep, where her search for a secret society persists. As a lover of books, history, literature and lore E'amrae is comfortable curled up next to a campfire devouring all of the information that is available

As a child of the Elven House of Hawksong, within the city of Leuthilspar; E’amrae grew up isolated from even the world of the elves there. Her brother Kenaan embarked on a journey to Luskan where he was brutality killed. Drowned in grief and unable to recover, her father forbid her from purposing her wanderlust and spend tremendous time and resources to keep her “busy”. Eventually she grew into a young elf maiden and found her mind wandering to the world outside of Evermeet’s boundaries. She failed out of every class in the school of arts there in the city and was removed from House Durothil (who graciously attempted to take her only as a student of the arcane arts). After that letdown she became determined to be good at anything but looking nice in a dress. It was then she began practicing the art of archery. The culmination of her struggles amounted to winning 5th place at an archery tournament. As the accolades were being arranged afterwards she snuck onto an outgoing vessel in the Port of Leuthilspar which brought her to Baldur’s Gate.

This is an aesthetic as well as content adjustment for this character. Nothing major was changed merely a few unimportant details.

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Re: E'amrae Hawksong

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