Justinus Guile

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Justinus Guile

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Name: Justinus Guile
Origin: Damara, Bloodstone Barony.
Age: Adult
Race: Aasimar
Sex: Male
Deity: Oghma
Alignment: NG
Class: Cleric/Bard
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 108 lb
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black with a silver tint
General Health: Healthy
Profession: Battle Cleric, Priest, Scholar, Bard
Habits/Hobbies: Books, books and more books
Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic, Celestial, abyssal, infernal, Aragrakh
Weapons of Choice:Conjuration, Morning Star
Theme Tunes
Justinus looks to be in his early thirties, his hair was once black but has started to turn a light silver likely the only clue of his celestial heritage, his eyes are a grayish blue and his skin is a pale white. Typically Justinus is dressed in a militant styled fullplate armor and or robes, hinting at some kind of military background. A bloodstone sits in a stylized silver ring on his left hand, a symbol for his homeland and king. Upon his right hip is a collection of scrolls in a leather satchel and a pen of Oghma. Upon his left is a longsword with a stylized bloodstone hilt. Around his neck clear for all to see is a silver necklace with a small silver scroll attached.

Personality Profile
Justinus tends to be formal and although kind he can more often then not come across as a little self righteous. He has a dedication to his home and faith that borders on fanatical, this dedication has given the man a great curiosity for everything unknown. There is some saving grace to Justinus's personality however, when around his twin brother the man tends to be a very different person. He becomes somewhat childish and humorous losing his strict demeanor as the pair bicker about almost everything.

Justinus was born thirty two years ago in Bloodstone Barony a few seconds before his twin brother Vassiel was born. A fact Justinus would never let his brother forget. The pair had a rather simple start to life, the sons of a cartographer named Sophie and a miner called Andreas. The pair grew up under the teachings of Oghma who their mother and father worshiped, with bloodstones position many travelers would often come through and the pair would harass every traveler they could about stories of the outside world. And although they did not have much money every trip made by their mother to Heliogabalus to sell maps, would result in a new tome for the pair to share.

The first truly important event in Justinus's childhood came about when he turned twelve. His parents took him to the temple in Heliogabalus for his naming ceremony, in which the clergy shared with him his true name. A defining moment for Justinus, as it was in this moment he truly understood the power and important's of knowledge and the spoken word. A mere four months after this ceremony Justinus would join the temple as an acolyte and work his way into the clergy. And although he traveled home when he could, Justinus would see less and less of his family and his new found calling kept him away.

We skip ahead six years to Justinus as an established cleric of Oghma and a teacher at a local school in Heliogabalus. A simple yet blissful life for a commoner, it would not remain this way however. It had been almost a year since his last visit to bloodstone village when he received the news, a group of bandits had attacked the village and killed or captures many of its population. Justinus rushed back to the village to find his home in ruins, his father had been killed and his mother taken captive. It was at this moment his brother came to the broken remains of his home. The militia was getting a response ready to rescue the prisoners and punish the bandits, they had need of a cleric and Vassiel had recommended him for the job. Justinus couldn't turn down this opportunity and joined with the small war band, under the lead of Baron Tranth. although the band was successful in slaying the bandits, the brothers had failed to save their mother who had been killed during the trip back to their stronghold.

Crushed by the death of his mother justinus decided his peaceful life was behind him, Oghma had given him strength and he would use it to protect the people and knowledge of Damara. As such Justinus remained with the Bloodstone militia as a battle cleric, along with his brother. Justinus's faith was not the most well suited to combat and most of his fellow soldiers disliked his overly know it all attitude. However his commanders found great use for the cleric with his knowledge of the arcane, battle tactics and anatomy. And Justinus found it easy to maintain his faith teaching many of the other soldiers to read, write and apply first aid.

In 1348 DR the witch king invaded the bloodstone pass and Justinus along with his brother where part of the first force to meet the evil creatures armies in battle. The first fight was a massacre and bloodstone pass was lost. Barely a quarter of the defending force made it out alive including the twin brothers. The horrors the brothers had witnessed in this war had broken their fighting spirit, they knew they had not the strength to aid their home and decided they needed to find a means of defeating the lich and its army. For the last few years they have been traveling all around Faerun, after hearing of the Gates success against the undead legions siege two years ago the brothers headed directly to the coast.

Items of Note
  • None Yet
  • Collect True Names
  • Spread the word of Oghma
  • The Destruction of Undead
  • Return home a powerful warrior at the head of an army
Possible Plot-Hook Ideas
  • Something could become between Justinus and his brother
  • A quest from Oghma
  • A rare true name
  • Other deserters from Bloodstone
  • Uncover and share new lore
Miscellaneous Facts
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