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 Post subject: Vassiel Guile
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Name: Vassiel Guile
Origin: Damara, Bloodstone Barony.
Age: Adult
Race: Aasimar
Sex: Male
Deity: Oghma
Alignment: NG
Class: Rogue Wizard
Height: 5'4" and a half
Weight: 108 lb
Eyes: Blue grey
Hair: Dark Black
General Health: Healthy
Profession: Battle Mage, Former Court Spy
Habits/Hobbies: Likes to learn what drives those around him. Is always questioning the motives of those he meets.
Weapons of Choice:Evocation, Daggers, Stealth

Theme Tunes"Coming Soon"

Looking to be about middle age Vassiel stands of average height with long dark hair pulled back to reveal his greyish blue eyes and slight facial hair. Usually dressed in what appears to be a millitant style scouts uniform, upon closer inspection you can notice that all of it is well made and is trimmed in fine thread. Hanging of one hip is a ornate but servicable dagger in a silver sheath and of the other is a spellbook. He wears a long dark cloak with a hood and upon closer inspection you can see has several more daggers sheathed below it.

Personality Profile
Vassiel is quite open, honest and friendly with those around him but he can come across as serious and nosy as he seeks to learn more about each individual that he meets. He is naturally quite curious but is extremely serious when it comes to protecting those around him since the death of his parents and brothers in arms. Although not as devoted to the faith as his brother he does worship The Lord of Knowledge Oghma. Like his brother however he is extremely patriotic and serves his homeland with a fanatical passion. When around his twin brother (Justinus) he takes on a more lighthearted personality, quite often cracking jokes or playing pranks on his brother but nearly always engaged in petty banter with him.

Vassiel was born thirty years ago in a small village in the bloodstone Barony of Damara, his twin Justinus was born a few seconds before him and has held that over him ever since. The two brothers had a relatively simple upbringing their father was a miner called Lomar and their mother was a cartographer named Sophia who was a worshiper of Oghma. The villages location was right next the Bloodstone pass and as such they would see many travellers come through who their mother sold maps too and also bought many books which the pair would share betweeen them, learning at a prodigous rate.

On his twelth birthday Vassiel and Justinus travelled to Heliogabalus to the main temple of Oghma for their naming ceremony. This was a defining moment for his brother Justinus and not long after he took the faith and joined the temple as a acolyte. Suddenly without his closest companion Vassiel was unsure of who or what he would do with himself. Not sure of where he truly wanted to be or what he wanted to do Vassiel decided to put his knowledge to use and traveled to Heliogabulas to work as a page but other more experience players had plans for him. The Bloodstone Baron quickly recognized Vassiels intelligence and recruited him as one of his informants, his missions to mingle among the different guilds and nobles from the capital and keep the baron informed of their actions.

6 Years time had passed and Vassiel was now a trusted court spy for the baron with his new cover being his apprenticeship in the wizards guild. He begun to study the ways of the arcane while gathering the knowledge the baron desired, always returning to make his reports in person so he could visit his family and although proud of his profession he did not tell his family and kept his distance from his brother in the city so as to better keep his secrets.

Alas disaster struck, Bandits attacked his place of birth and Vassiel hearing the news took the fastest horse he could rent to get back home where he discovered that his father Lomar was one of the many that was killed in the attack while his mother was missing presumed to be one of the captives they had taken with them when they retreated after Sir Gareth led a valiant defence of the village. He sought out the former Baron Tranth and who was said to be leading the militia in tracking down the last of the bandits and used his years of service to secure himself a place on the mission to avenge his father and hopefully save his mother. When the call was put out for clerics to accompany them to help any wounded they might recover Vassiel went to his brother revealing his past and asking him to join the mission and use the knowledge oghma had given him to punish those who had attacked their home. Together the two brothers joined the militia force and ended up tracking the bandits to their stronghold and killing the group however it was discovered their mother was already dead, killed when attempting to fight back.

The death of his mother changed something inside Vassiel and he became harder, determined to shield others from the loss he had suffered he quit his apprenticeship and joined the militia permanently using his old skills in stealth and subterfuge to act as a scout. He continued to learn magic from the books and tomes he could find through the years, however his focus was now on stealth and combat. The knowledge he gained proved quite helpful and he and his brother began to rise in the ranks of the army, both excelling in the roles they were given.

In 1348 DR the witch king invaded the bloodstone pass and the brothers were among the first force to meet the evil creatures armies in battle. The first fight was a massacre and bloodstone pass was lost. Barely a quarter of the defending force made it out alive including the twin brothers. The aftermath of the battle was a troubled time and reminded vasssiel of the loss of his parents taking and how useless he was in saving them. Feeling like he was always too weak he and his brother decided they had not the strength to to aid their home and decided they needed to find a means of defeating the lich and its army. For the last few years they have been traveling all around Faerun, after hearing of the Gates success against the undead legions siege two years ago the brothers headed directly to the coast.

Items of Note
  • None Yet

  • Gain a stronger mastery of the arcane arts.
  • Protect his brother
  • The Destruction of Undead
  • Find knowledge or power to return to Damara and help in the fight against Zhengyi

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas
  • Something could become between the two brothers
  • Someone tutoring him in the ways of arcane/stealth/subterfuge
  • Gaining new weapons/equipment
  • Other deserters from Bloodstone
  • Protecting those around him

Miscellaneous Facts
  • Vassiel is half a inch taller then Justinus
  • Vassiel and Justinus both wear their old army uniform suplemented with a cloak with the symbol of Oghma on it

Credits: Nyssis for Biography formatting and Tsidkenu for making it easier to steal.


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