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 Post subject: Mem Varyun
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Mem Varyun

Appearance: Small in stature, this tiefling hides his horns well, while his hood is up you cannot see the horns at all, The tail is not so easily hidden and can usually be spotted. Dorned in leather and hides, he embodies the typical ranger look.
Race: Tiefling
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 167 lbs
Eyes: Red
Hair: Dark, curly
Facial Hair Style: D'artagnan

Seemingly shy, this Tiefling can often be noticed on the edge of the shadows, never straying too far from the shadows he calls home. He won’t shy away from conversation mind you, he just doesn’t often initiate it. He is clearly in good shape, and moves swiftly with little effect on his surroundings, stepping in and out of shadows and travelling seemingly impossible terrain with ease, even climbing the most mighty of mountains.

He can be found often amongst the forest kin or in the mountains, living mostly as a nomad and spending much of his time in the forests around Baldur’s Gate.

Prior to being in Baldur’s Gate, Mem lived far to the east, in the Dalelands; He was unhappy with his life there. The nature of his ancestry created much havoc and chaos in his life and he was tired of being caught up in it all. He traveled to the Sword Coast hoping to escape the problems he left behind, where he lives now wandering the coastline in search of adventure, riches...or perhaps something else, though it turned out leaving home would not solve his problems after all.

Mem is often seen wearing hides and leathers, his face usually covered with a linen mask, under a deep hood, sometimes the mask is removed, but rarely the hood. A quiver on his back and a longbow in his hand, he resembled what you might imagine an iconic ranger to be. Diverse in culture throughout the years of travel, he speaks many languages and is known in many circles; Though his deity is surprisingly unknown, as he rarely speaks openly about his beliefs.

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