Of Fjodor Wyrdmake.

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Of Fjodor Wyrdmake.

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Within the archives of the Mystran temple, Sir Fjodor Wyrdmake, once of Ruathym pens a set of letters. They will be the first letters he's written and sent out in a long while. With words scribed, and now with age catching up slowly, he looks back onto the path walked thus far. He will pen events of note and he will read old letters. It is time to mark the passage of his life and to put old lore to pen, should he fall before a new squire would take his place.
I put to parchment and ink the words I have spoken as my oath upon the 20th of Eleint, in the year of The Lost Helm 1329 DR and deliever them onto you, my new Grandmaster of the Order.
I, Fjodor Wyrdmake of Ruathym, do hereby pledge to honor the strictures of our sacred heritage.
By my honor I swear eternal loyalty to Mystra, Mother of All Magic, maintaining my devotion against all persons and without deception or forethought.
Further, I vow to promote and uphold the principles and edicts of my mentor Leopold Gerrant of the Twin Peaks and those of my church.
I solemnly swear to uphold the virtues of fealty, courtesy, valor, honor, truth and knowledge. No lie shall cross my lips and no willing ignorance will be supported by my mind or action.
I swear to uphold the tenants beholden onto me by my mentor;
The duty to Safeguard,
The Power of Knowledge,
The Potential of Magic,
The Duty of the Warden.
By my life and honor I swear that Knowledge is Sacred. It can bring marvel or ruin, and thus I swear to treat it with respect and keep it out of the hands that would abuse it. I hereby swear to be a warden against all who would misuse magic for foul purposes, for magic I see as a tool to be used in service of All and for the greater good.
To those who break such tenants I shall give no quarter.

I take this pledge freely, without coercion or expectation of reward, sworn in the presence of my mentor and my church and in blessed memory of those who have devoted their lives to this noble cause.
I take upon myself and with deep gratitude to tend to my mentor in his late years, as payment for his noble tutelage, and to, If able, take upon me a willing squire, to whom I shall pass the knowledge that was passed onto me, so that this sacred Oath will not be the last of its kind.

As spoken, so it is sworn, by I, Fjodor Wyrdmake of Ruathym.
As information of note I also submit no claim to nobility, nor a family name, thus I have taken upon myself a tribal one, given onto me by my childhood friends; Wyrdmake, a name for the one who "makes Wyrd from the Great Sea real". The heraldry I wear upon my surcoat is by the last wish of my now late mentor, so that the heraldry of the last scion from the Noble House of Gerrant would not so quickly fade from the world.

With this letter you now have my oaths of moment, as well as my oaths of the past. You are now my Grandmaster and my Brother, Sir Arkain of Germont, as do you, Brother Lazslo of Black, and as are you. May we do good enough to make up for altering our life paths on this day, and may fates smile down upon this moment. May we bring glory to this, most Righteous order of the Iron Dragon that we have formed.
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