Live a little Learn a lot - Justinus Guile

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Live a little Learn a lot - Justinus Guile

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The Sword Coast was not what i first expected. It is more chaotic but also more lively then a lot of places we have passed on the way here. It admittedly started rather dull but this bar in the docks has done well to introduce me to local adventurers of all sorts. It makes me wonder what home would have been like with elves, sure we had one or two but nothing like those here. Oth is an interesting man, a powerful mage by all accounts. However he does not value his skill and has taken on somewhat of a clown role within the group. The only Elven mages i have met; would have turned their nose up at the others at the first sign of disapproval. Assisting him with these wards is a great way to introduce my skills to the sword coast.

My brother seems to be fitting in as well, though i am not sure i agree with his attempts to turn our last name into a catch phrase of sorts. Guile investigations however is a grand idea and i look forward to seeing what comes of it. Maybe we can offer a little help to the area while we are here, it would be disappointing to leave without ever having passed on some knowledge.

Knight of Shallow Graves the necromancer called them self, while i was sure we had killed them the lack of a body leaves me wondering. We will have to keep an eye out and I should report this to the Silver Rose, they are likely wondering if i have been taking my training seriously. Feels a little odd to be a squire after all my years of service maybe it was not the best choice for me.

Well today's piece of knowledge; Beregost was originally a farming village made to support Ulcaster's School of Conjuration. However when Calishite mage's destroyed the school the village continued on and grew into what it is today.

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