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First Name: Savvo (Emphasizes the "O").
Last Name: N/A

Appearance: A tall man with a wild heart. He dons leathers and furs layering pieces of metal here and there, connected by studded belt-straps.
He moves with the gait of a hunter, and has a resting brute face to match.
At a closer glance, his equipment is worn yet well-maintained.
He often speaks of honor and glory.

Race: Human
Height: A head taller than everyone else.
Weight: 226
Eyes: Green
Hair: Golden
Facial Hair Style: Clean shaven, occasional stubble.

Personality Profile: He broods alone, but often finds himself in the company of many wandering warriors and nomadic sellswords, likely in attempt to ease troubled mind.
General Health: He's tall and strong, and pushing toward the prime of his youth.
Deity: N/A
Initial Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Profession: Hunter and forager
Base Class & Proposed Development: Barbarian, Ranger and/or Dragonslayer
Habits/Hobbies: Cooking, fishing, and reminiscing about former and future glories alike.
Languages: Human, Draconic.
Weapon of Choice: Anything that takes two hands to lift.
Background: Savvo comes from a family of famers in the lands of Elanthia. His father was a proud man who fought against the republic when it crumbled beneath the hordes of free folk. His mother was gentle and literate, but just as fierce with a blade. Both were burned to death in the open crop fields by a mysterious red dragon.

Goals: Find this dragon and kill it. Then, kill every other dragon out there.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts: He was not present on the fields when the dragon burned his parents. He found their smoldering ashes still shaped like their living counterparts. He never actually saw the dragon, but only heard the reports later. There was a small golden medallion which survived the flames. It has an interesting design on it …

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