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Template For Character Creation Reward:

First Name: Tenorm
Last Name: N/A

Race: Damaran human
Age: Forty-six
Height 6'4"
Weight: 220 lbs
Eyes: Tenorm remains a cyclops as a show of devotion to Talos.
Hair: Gray sheened with tobacco yellowing, gathered in two small braids near the ears. Loose behind the neck.
Facial Hair Style: Kempt beard

Personality Profile: Having lived in squalor for a large part of his life, Tenorm has come to despise cities and city folk. He is especially contemptuous of those who passively accept their fate as drones at the lower rungs of society. Barbarians, rangers and those who are sufficient unto themselves elicit genuine respect from Tenorm.
General Health: Hale and strong as an ox
Deity: Talos
Initial Alignment: CE
Profession: Ex-zhentarim operative, slavedriver. Nowadays, he is mostly given to acts of spontaneous brigandry and extortion. An evangelist for Talos when it strikes him.
Base Class & Proposed Development: Cleric/Stormlord
Habits/Hobbies: Causing mindless havoc, bullying those weaker than him, carousing, hoarding magical items
Languages: Common, Tharian, Uloushinn
Weapon of Choice: Spear, elemental magic. He is especially fond of the Earthquake and Storm of Vengeance spells.

Born in Zhentil Keep to a pair of menials, Tenorm enlisted in the ranks of the Black Network at a young age in a bid to escape the suffering and obscurity reserved for the lower castes in his homeland. His rough upbringing amongst the child gangs of the foreign quarter, afforded Tenorm the cruelty and cunning necessary to thrive in this cutthroat outfit. No job was beneath him; from slavedriving to wetwork, Tenorm never missed a chance to ingratiate himself to his superiors. A trait for which he was mocked often by some of his less industrious peers who called it a throwback to his servile past. Several of them met untimely ends.

When the Network first attempted its expansion westward, into the parched sea of Anauroch, Tenorm was amongst the first to volunteer to take part in the foray. In his pioneering zeal, he blindly led the reconnaissance team he was appointed leader of into a Bedine ambush. The camel riding marauders, who had been expertly steering the zhentarim invaders ever deeper into their territory through a series of feints and retreats, brutally massacred his unit to a man. Tenorm was spared on the orders of the ringleader, who informed the young operative in broken tharian that his arrival had been prophesied by the spirits.

Tenorm's rejoicing over his miraculous survival was to be short lived alas, as his unlikely savior immediately ordered two of his men to hold him down in their harsh tongue. There was a proud nobility in the Bedine's mien despite his aged, leathery skin and mud caked hair, Tenorm thought. And as he found himself forced down on the scorching desert sand he first registered that the man was missing an eye; a fate he would soon share. "A vessel for spirits. A house for Kozah." He brusquely explained in Tenorm's mother tongue even as the latter wailed in anguish, clutching his now gaping socket.

Although Tenorm spent many years amongst the Qahtan tribe, the xenophobic Bedine never fully embraced him as one of their own. Only fear of the one-eyed shaman's wrath kept the men's daggers at bay, who viewed the newcomer as competition for the tribe's female attention. Under Zarud's tutelage and through his own intuition, Tenorm came to uncover Kozah's duality and eventually recognized him as Talos, the Destroyer. Stealing away from the camp in the middle of the night, he resolved himself to undertake a pilgrimage to Talos' most sacred site, the Gulf of Storms, to discover his true calling.

Aeralon Korianthil - H'ei'Yal Drathinmale╬╣
Garon Malgar - Slaying Hand of Bhaal

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