Journal of the Northlady

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Journal of the Northlady

Unread post by LegendOfLight » Wed Jun 13, 2018 2:45 pm

Today, While trying to warn the somewhat peaceful ogrillon of the dangers the bones brought.
I was surprised...originally I had thought the Ogrillon was a horrifying monster of destruction, however in time I've learned that he meant only to do good.

This was pleasing..but right when I had let my guard down a man shifted into a dragon and attacked Ogrillon..

Knowing how pivotal it is that Ogrillon stays alive, I had to leap into action. I've no clue who the dragon-man is..but he wore an eyepatch.

In the defense of the Ogrillon , with every swing I took at the dragon-man...I could feel something..tear from within me..

So many conflicting if what I was doing was wrong...but it's right?....right?
As many people declared we were wrong defending the Ogrillon during the fight.. I couldn't help but feel
pieces of myself fall apart....what is right anymore?

Shaking myself of the distractions I realized that this fight wasn't necessary...

I quickly pulled out a scroll to teleport us to safety, but as I was about to finish
the dragon pushed me back from the ogrillon and I lost grip of him.
Teleporting only myself... leaving the poor ogrillon to his lonesome on fighting
the powerful dragon-man.....

I have failed again.
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