Of Cacophony and Chaos: The Journal of Desmodu Hellscreamer,

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Re: Of Cacophony and Chaos: The Journal of Desmodu Hellscreamer,

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The Rites had been performed. The book had been read. The oaths sworn.

A soul Damned.

A Hell Knight born.

Desmodu stood before the Aspect of Asmodeus, a wicked smile upon his face as he gazed up at the being with whom he was now eternally pacted. The Aspect of Asmodeus gazed down out him with a judgmental sneer, but also a smile of Pride upon his face.

Another innocent soul corrupted.

And it would certainly not be his last.

Asmodeus put his arm around the boy and urged him forward.

"Come, my Disciple. You will need to be well-equipped for the Task I have set forward for you, and you will need to sign to...finalize everything."

"Sign?" questioned Desmodu "Is not the reading of the Book itself and the shaking of your hand not all that was needed?"

"No. The reading of the Book was merely your...well, shall we call it "Indoctrination" into the ways of...morality. I needed to strip you of the last of your annoying conscience and the last of your...reservations."

"You mean to turn me Evil?" Desmodu stated flatly.

"Good. Evil. Abstracts. Perspectives. I am the Lord of all Hells, Desmodu. I am, by definition, the manifestation of Evil itself. But what IS Evil, Desmodu? Truly? Can you define it? Can you quantify it? What is Evil if not the opposite of that which is considered good? And tell me, Desmodu, do you consider the Gods to be "Good?" Asmodeus questioned him.

"...Some, I suppose? Lathander, and Torm, and Helm..." Desmodu stated meekly

"Tyrant Overlords, Desmodu. Worse than I ever could be. Beings who mind-control their followers, force them to believe that their lives are worth sacrificing in their name..." The Lord of Hells quipped.

"Is that not what you did to me, my Lord? Made me submit to evil? Taught me your ways? Turned me into a weapon? A tool by which to spread your will throughout the multiverse?" Desmodu queried.

"Oh, I absolutely did, Desmodu. The difference is....I'm upfront about it. And I'm not going to lie to you and call it such boring, trivial labels such as "Righteousness" or a "Code of Honor." Your "Code", Desmodu...is obedience. That is the only code you need. I do not care HOW you bring about my Will...and in fact, the fact that you are more "Chaotic" in nature than most means you will do so in manners that, frankly, we of the Nine Hells aren't capable of due to our...well, shall we call them "Limitations." Asmodeus chuckled darkly.

"Limitations? I assumed the Might of the Nine was Nigh Infinite.." Desmodu balked, teasingly.

"There are Rules, Desmodu, that we must follow. Rules that I agreed to when I penned and signed the Pact Primeval. Rules that I must follow. Rules that, through my disciples and through other "Intermediaries" I am able to...well...shall we say "Dance around?" the Devil Lord grinned.

"A being of Law through and through. I can respect that." Desmodu said.

"Well, it's as they say my boy: The Devil is in the Details."

They both laughed.

"What are these...limitations..if I may be so bold as to ask?" Desmodu inquired.

"Well you see, Desmodu...what you are seeing is an Aspect of myself. A projection. It is the only way that I can actually materialize on the Material Plane..in this form. A literal shadow of my actual self, a minor aspect of my power to be used as a messenger and intermediary. The thing is, Desmodu...I can't actually manifest on the Prime Material outside of being a Projection. I can't physically cross over. The thing is...the Gods can't either."

"I see. You are trapped in the Hells, just as they are trapped in the Heavens?" Desmodu questioned.

"Not "Trapped", per se. Merely...unable to manifest in a physical sense outside of use of our Aspects. See, Desmodu, I am NOT the thing you see before you. My True Form is...well..let us just say that it is not something any MORTAL will ever lay eyes upon. The way I appear to you now, in this shape, is a Reflection of that form. Just like the Soul Shells in Hell have a twisted, mirrored reflection of their forms in life I too appear different. But it's the same with all Gods. We have Avatars, Aspects by which we can interact with "Lesser" beings..but our own true forms, our TRUE selves...are not of a Body, Desmodu. We exist as IDEAS. We exist as CONCEPTS. A body is...for lesser beings. But those bodies are what allow you to exist on the Prime. A place that I, physically, do not have the power to enter. Because it was part of the Agreement that I made. The Gods will not directly or physically interact with their followers...and neither shall I.

But, just like the traitorious and duplicitous Gods, Desmodu...my Disciples are how I can "Cheat."

"Cheat?" Desmodu's eyes went wide. "What do you mean 'cheat?"

"In the very Beginning, the Gods attempted to communicate directly with the first Men. The problem is...Mortals have neither the moral, mental, nor psychological capacity to withstand the truly Awesome power of Divine Beings in their true forms. To speak to them directlly, quite ismply, overwhelms their senses and causes them to lose grip on all sense of reality. Their minds attempt to process it, and go well beyond their own cognitive abilities. Imagine trying to read an entire library of books at once, instead of processing it the way you do a single word at a time. It's sensory overload. In the beginning, Desmodu, the gods TRIED to speak to Mankind directly. And it didn't go so well. We went through several...foul-ups...before we figured that one out. Watched the little tossers explode like a powder Keg.." The Lord of Darkness snickered evilly.

Desmodu couldn't help but laughing picturing it.

"So the Gods figured out that they would need a "Messenger" to deliver their will to Mankind. It was, for this purpose, that they created the first Angels. Not Archons, mind you. Archons are what happens when a MORTAL SOUL ascends to Divinity. No. The Angels were specifically created for the purpose of communicating with Mankind. And the Celestials created many. They sent their messengers down to the Prime to communicate their will to their followers. But then their followers began to DEFY them..."

"And let me guess, that's where YOU came in?" Desmodu quipped.

"Astute as ever, my child. Yes. I was the one who created the concept of "Punishment", and was given the authority to punish the souls of those who defied their creators. But just as the Gods sent messengers to enact their will...I created Messengers of my own..." Asmodeus nodded firmly.

"Dispater and Mephistopheles." Desmodu answered. Asmodeus merely nodded.

"Indeed. They were my first Messengers. I promoted them as such." he chuckled Darkly. "When they ascended to Arch-Devil status, however, they became subject to the same laws of Governance as I am, and were no longer able to manifest upon the Prime. So we decided, then, that we needed MORTAL AGENTS to serve us just as the Gods did in the form of Paladins and Priests. We needed Disciples, and Knights of Hell. That, Desmodu, is where you come in. I have Knighted you in Hell's Service. You will be my agent upon the Prime...and you will speak my Will unto others...


"Metatron?" Desmodu meekly questioned.

"Oh yes. The First of the Messengers of the Gods. Specifically the God to which I was in service, the God known simply as "He Who Was." The Metatron was his Divine Messenger. Bereft of Six Wings, and a Halo of Light, it was the Metatron who first delivered the Message to Mankind detailing the existence of the Gods who ruled them. It was the Metatron who spoke unto them their Names, and their Ideals. It was the Metatron who spoke to them their desires...

...and it was the Metatron who forged, with the Sentient Races, the first agreements that would set the stage for the tyranny that the Gods would inflict upon them for the rest of their existence...

...the COMPACT between Worshipper and God. The bridge between the two of them...

...it was the Metatron who taught them of PRAYER. That they, even as lowly humans, had a means by which to commune directly with the Gods themselves. To create a bond between them that would allow the Gods to syphon their Belief and their Faith..in exchange for the Gods possibly answering their Requests.

I knew this Messenger as the Metatron.

Mortals know him as "Barachiel."

Desmodu nodded.

"I need Mortals to spread MY will upon the world, Desmodu. I need people like you who are ambitious enough, intelligent enough, and charismatic enough to be able to put my message out there into the world. And that message is simple:

"There Are Other Ways. The Gods do NOT have Monopoly upon Existence. And the Time of the Gods...is at an End."

Desmodu sat in the chair, and before him upon the table the Aspect of Asmodeus waved his hand, and in a flash of Hellfire there appeared a Contract, which seemed to be penned upon a Golden Scroll. It detailed the nature of their agreement.

The Devil Lord, with a wave of his hand, produced an Ink Quill and a Feather, and he placed them before Desmodu before instructing him simply:

"Read....and then SIGN...

...and be SURE to read the Fine Print..."
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