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 Post subject: Aniel Fereyn
Unread postPosted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 3:47 am 
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First Name: Aniel (spoken like a french would pronounce Anièlle)
Last Name: Fereyn

Race: Elf, undefinable (mechanically/genetically moon). She could pass as a human if it wasn't for the pointy ears.
Age: 120 due to server rules and mechanical reasons. IC, just young, like a human early twen.
Height 162 cm
Weight: about 45kg, more or less depending how much she eats at the given time. Generally very skinny, leaning towards underweight.
Eyes: greybluesomething
Hair: Red towards orange, usually cut by herself using a knife if no scissors at hand.
Facial Hair Style: No beard but natural eyebrows

Personality Profile:
General Health: Average to a little unhealthy depending on eating and drinking habits
Deity: Changing as she learns more about elven deities, not very religious first, currently finding peace with Fenmarel Mestarine
Initial Alignment: CN, leaning strongly towards CG
Profession: Daydreamer, adventurer, once worked for a few weeks dishwashing at the Mermaid
Base Class & Proposed Development: Rogue, 2 PrCs taken.
Habits/Hobbies: Daydreaming, loving, complaining, whining, fishing. Bad habits: Drinking, scratching herself when nervous to the point of self harm.
Languages: She picked up a lot of the common ones at the docks, worst is elven.
Weapon of Choice: Knives

Background: Aniel grew up adopted by humans who knew her parents and lived most of her life at the dockside of Baldur's Gate. Her real parents and ancestry are still a mystery to her. She grew up in a simple working class, liberal but protective household and never traveled much until her stepfather's recent death of old age. Her stepmother had already passed many years ago, and she still has a human stepsister living in the same house with a husband (sailor, rarely at home) and 5 children, who she avoids as best as possible (she has her own small room under the roof). When she was old enough for her first job she applied for one at the Mermaid, washing dishes and cleaning until a few weeks later her old stepdad got wind of it and made her quit. She still hung around the docks a lot, talking to sailors, learning languages and habits, also drinking. With her new gained freedom she spends her time traveling, sightseeing, learning about what it means to be an elf.

Aniel is of a jovial nature, has a strong slang and is no stranger to "dockside jokes", but behind that fassade she's just young, still naive and suffers from serious social anxiety, especially when it comes to "those fancy people", nobles, people of power or just those looking too pretty. She had a strong dislike for the Muse and people visiting it until recently, for the longest time the noble quarter was a no-go area for her. Social gatherings often intimidate her so much that she has to run away unless she's drunk enough to stay, often scratching her nose and hands to the point of bleeding.
As much as she fears strangers though she is loyal to the few friends she has, who she'd do everything for. If emotionally triggered, she can also become furious and aggressive to a scary point.

Goals: Live a happy life, finding peace, learn.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts: Currently involved in the search for her best friend, otherwise tba. Misc. mostly covered under background.

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