Helevorn Thoronil

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Helevorn Thoronil

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Helevorn Thoronil


A young elf elegantly dressed in blue, light clothes. He’s always wearing a mask and despite his rapier hung at his right side, a peaceful aura surrounds him all the time. Depicted on his cloak in plain sight there’s the symbol of the Fellowship of The Forgotten Flower


Race: Moon Elf
Age: 127
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 140 lbs
Eyes: the right eye is still light blue, the left one turned dark
Hair: dark blue, very long and wavy
Facial Hair: none

Personality Profile

General Health: His sight was halved when the left side of his face was scarred. Apparently he can’t stand the fire ever since because his scar deeply hurts when he faces any kind of flame. This excruciating fear also affects and limits greatly his concentration, strength and will power
Deity: Corellon Larethian
Initial Allignment: Chaotic Good
Profession: Member of The Fellowship of The Forgotten Flower
Base Class & Proposed Development: Swashbuckler/Duelist
Habits/Hobbies: as a daily habit he trains with his rapier, trying to cut in half all the leaves contained in his fist after he has trown them in the air above his head.
When not in a quest after some elven lost artifact he likes to spend the rest of his time studying the history and the legends among the known world and also the cosmology of the other less familiar worlds.
Languages: Elven, Sylvan, Auran, Celestial and Draconic
Weapon of Choice: Diplomacy and cleverness… whenever they fail he resorts to his rapier mostly to guard lives rather than take them away

Borned and raised in Leuthilspar by his father Galathil. His mother, Lothiriel, died during The Retreat but he still has a brother named Caranthir.
Due to his father influence as a priest he has always been inspired by the legends of Corellon Larethian who he sees as an inspiration of a wise and generous diplomat and as the best duelist that ever existed. This belief took him on a pilgrimage around Evermeet to visit all the shrines of Corellon and pay him homage.
At the border of the Corellon’s Grove he meets Orenea, a Dryad in distress who needed help in finding her lost Oak Tree. During that time, they bonded and became friends. Helevorn shared with her the legends of The Seldarine and Orenea gave him as a gift the knowledge of the Sylvan language while acting as his guide in the woods.

Years later his father takes him to The Silver Hills to discover the meaning of their family name; here he gets to know the community that takes care of the beautiful Giant Eagles and he also gets trained for the first time by his father in using the blade to protect himself and the others as a Guardian of the elven lives. For a long time Helevorn spends his time in the community taking care of the Eagles’ needs while his father often visits him to carry on with the training. This is when he learns from the eagles the soft and whispered language of Auran.
In the meantime, his brother Caranthir follows his vocation for The Art, joyning the Arcane school in the capital.

This is when their father suddenly gets very ill and apparently noone is able to find a cure for this disease which forces him to never leave his bed again. Following the insights and the knowledge of Caranthir the two brothers start to look everywhere for a solution, working very close together. In a desperate attempt to keep the most important member of their family alive the two brothers finally decide to find a way to open a portal to the Inner Plane of The Positive Energy and reach the legendary Hospice, somewhere hidden on that plane, where knights and healers of that community are said to be able to cure mostly everything. In order to be able to communicate efficiently with the entities of the outer planes the two brothers decided to put most of their efforts to learn the Celestial language.

Blinded by the sorrow for their dying father and without thinking about the consequences the two get access to a stolen artifact safeguarded in the Arcane School which allows the user to open portals to the Inner Planes. It took many ears for the two brothers to eventually learn the Draconic language and to be able to translate the magical runes.
Unfortunately the inesperienced magician accidentally mispells one the activation words and the portal opens up to another Inner Plane, the Elemental Plane of Fire. Before he realizes the mistake, a huge Magma Paraelemental streches his claw to kill Caranthir but as an agile and trained guardian Helevorn steps in quickly, pushing his brother aside. The claw tears his face without mercy, burning the skin and extinguishing the light in his left eye forever. While Helevorn crawls on the ground screaming in pain, Caranthir, in a display of brotherly love steps in front of him, confront the Paraelemental and shuts himself and the fire beast behind the portal, never to be seen again.

With a deep shame in his heart Helevorn comes back home to his father, revealing him the truth about their failure, crying in tears. However his father smiles sympathetically and gives him a cloak with a flower depicted on it, as an award for completing his training:

“Listen to my last words, son... even if you probably don’t believe in yourself today, I believe in you because I believe in Corellon Larethian who believes in all of us. Remember to believe in him and to believe in your people and one day I am sure you will fulfill your mission and you will reunite with your brother! And when you do... please tell him that me and your mother will always be watching upon both of you with pride and joy in our hearts...”

- As a faithful of Corellon Larethian he voted himself to aid the Tel’Quessir and to be their guardian in any circmustance
- As a member of the Fellowship of the Forgotten Flower his mission consists in returning any elven lost artifact to his people, in order to help them to fulfill their dreams and happiness
- Above all his wishes Helevorn hopes to find a way to reunite with his brother, whatever the cost might be

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:
- Join and aid any potential expedition to the Inner Planes, looking for signs of his brother
- Join expeditions to ancient ruins in order to recover lost elven artifacts
- Aid elven communities and individuals
- Eventually seek help to overcome his fear for fire and flames

Helevorn Thoronil - The Masked Guardian

Leo Scyntz - The Gardener

Levki Aravari - The Reckless Tiefling

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