Come Forth All Vigilant: Everwatch Recruiting

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Come Forth All Vigilant: Everwatch Recruiting

Unread post by calvinus » Tue Jul 10, 2018 1:14 pm

*Wai Li puts up posters in public areas of Nashkel and Beregost bearing the sigil of Helm.*
The Everwatch Knights
Come Forth All Vigilant!

The Everwatch are looking to recruit lawful and decent beings for martial and mercenary work and potential formal membership — recruits can be of the Helmite faith or other decent faiths. Recruits will be based out of the Temple of the Guardian in Nashkel, but can be assigned to the Helmite Temple of the Shield in Baldur’s Gate as well.

-Training in martial leadership, tactics, patrolling, and demeanor is included.
-Combat and martial experience are a plus, but not required.
-Vigilant guarding or protective experience of valuable assets or of beings is also a plus, but not required.
-Assistance in applying for Amnian citizenship and cultural and legal training in Amnian customs and law are also included if recruit is based out of Nashkel.

For more information or to apply to be a recruit, please contact Head Watchknight Wai Li of the Everwatch at the Temple of the Guardian in Nashkel.

//Please PM calvinus OOC and Wai Li IC as applicable!//
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Re: Come Forth All Vigilant: Everwatch Recruiting

Unread post by AlwaysSummer Day » Mon Jul 16, 2018 1:03 pm

An Earth genasi clad in dark clothing and carrying a scythe comes to beregost one evening. He bears a body over one shoulder and a shield slung over the other. In silence he approached the temple of lathander. With a thunderous knock and a brief exchange of words the priest let's him enter.

Some time later he exits and makes his way through town. The poster flutters in the cool breeze and catches his gaze. Gathering his breath he takes account of it before moving on.

Some time later the guards see a dark figure on the road walking south.
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