Vilarael Arael'lia’a’sum

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Vilarael Arael'lia’a’sum

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Template For Character Creation Reward:

First Name: Vilarael (means heart of wolf)
Last Name: Arael'lia’A’Sum (Means daughter of Oak Heart)

Appearance: She is a young moon elf, short black hair, lean but a bit muscular. She is dirty from living in the woods, she wears a wolf head as hat, she has an hide-leather armor and a tatered cloack that blends into the woodlands. She walks with the grace of a cat.
Race: Moon-Elf
Age: 120
Height : 5 feet
Weight: 1000 pounds
Eyes: Leaf green
Hair: Bleu-black

Personality Profile:
General Health: Good
Deity: Solonor
Initial Alignment: Chaotic Good
Profession: Hunteress, avenger and forest guard
Base Class & Proposed Development: Ranger becoming assassin and bodyguard
Habits/Hobbies: making arrows, making gear to survive, studying other people or animals
Languages: Elven, Common, Sylvan, Orc, Undercommon
Weapon of Choice: Bow

Vil is the daughter of a elven huntress named Dhoine (Falcon sister) whose village in the cormanthor forest was destroyed by drows. She was the only survivor because she was away hunting at the time the village was destroyed. She returned home to find everyone she knew and loved killed, and her village destroyed. She spend a week burring all those she could. Then she took what she needed to survive and that was still intact and left. She knew the forest around her village, but not farther then a few days of march. She willingly lost herself in the forest, praying the Seldarine to show her where she could be of use, what she could do of her life after the destruction of her village.

She mostly stop eating and drank only by necessity, plunging into a deep depression. She wandered the forest until she couldn't no more. She passed out at some point, sick with fever and sorrow.

A wood elf healerfound her where she passed out, near his home, he took her in and nursed her back to healt. He presented her to his comunity, mostly elven rangers and druids, but there was also some half-elves, forest gnomes and a few other races, all dedicated to the protection of the forest and the rites of the druids.

She grew back to health, and started to feel at home there. She had found a new purpose and was accepted by them. She became another protector of the druids and took a new name to represent all she had lost and woul never forget Dhohel (Sad Falcon). A decade later, she even fell in love with one of the druid of the comunity, Arael'lia. A very wise and kind wood elf. She wed him and they lived very happily togheter. But there was always a fear in Dhohel, that the Daherows would kill this new community she loved, so even if her heart was to Solonor, she also vowed herself to Shevarash. She became the shadow of the community, living mostly in the wilderness around the city, protecting it with skill and stealth. She also learned what she could of the langages of her ennemies, mostly orcs and undercommon.

A few decades later, she became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful daughter. As the custom was, she gave her a baby name, and named her after her father : Arael'lia’A’Sum

She taught everyting she knew to her little girl, making her a very good hunter, stalker and a protector as well. When she reached her adulthood, there was a big ceremony where she choose her adult name. Since she always had the heart of a wolf and felt good with them, and that she felt like a gardian and a protector as well, she took the name of Vilarael'Gisir. Her mother told her then that she knew not everything Dhohel knew, but all she could teach her. It was time for her to leave and explore the world, find her own place. Maybe it would be to come back later to them, but maybe it would also be elsewhere. She had to explore and learn by herself to become what she was meant to be. The time for training was over, now she had to grow into adulthood and learn by experience and travels.

Goals: Find her place and communities to protect. Learn more about natures and travels. Become an even better shadow and guardian.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts: All about Solonor, killing drows, protecting elven comunities, and druids as well.
Talora Inayat el Jawad, Squire of the Silver Rose, Faroverd of Lathander
Vilarael'Gisir Arael'lia’A’Sum, avenger and ranger of Solonor
Avae Feivra, Scout for Hire
Enora, Templar of the Song of Morning
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