Talora Inayat el Jawad

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Talora Inayat el Jawad

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First Name: Talora
Last Name: Inayat el Jawad

Race: Aasimar
Age: 18
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 125 pound
Eyes: Lavender-gold
Hair: black with golden streak
Facial Hair Style: hold by a scarf and breaded with beads

Personality Profile:
General Health: Good
Deity: Lathander
Initial Alignment: Neutral Good
Profession: Healer and devotee of Lathander
Base Class & Proposed Development: Favored soul and a few levels of priest of Lathander
Habits/Hobbies: Having fun and a drinks with friends, training with her mace, meditation and watching the sun rise.
Languages: Commun, Celestial, Mulhorandi, Netherese and alzhedo
Weapon of Choice: Mace

Background: Talora was born from a Calimshite sun soul monk that married a Priestess of Lathander in the Anauroch desert. She, and her twin sister, were raised into the temple of the Moon until recently. Training in clerical ways first to follow her mother footstep, that is when the priest discovered that she was different and a favored. So they trained her in that way. She still has a very clerical behavior, but she draws her magic more from herself then prayers. Her faith is strong. When she was 15, her father was summoned back home because his father was dying and all of them moved to Calimsham. It finaly took 3 years for her grand-father to die, and after that her father's older brother tried to kill them for the inheritance so they had to flee. Talora and her sister didn't want to go back in the desert, where her grand-parents might try to marry them, they wanted to do more than meditate too, they wanted to help people, protect the innocent... So they decided to join a caravan that was going toward Baldur's Gate to see the world and all.

Goals:Find the place where she is destined to by Lathander and do good in the world.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts: Lathander, Camlimshan, Anaurogh, Bedoins, Zentharim...
Talora Inayat el Jawad, Squire of the Silver Rose, Faroverd of Lathander
Vilarael'Gisir Arael'lia’A’Sum, avenger and ranger of Solonor
Avae Feivra, Scout for Hire
Enora, Templar of the Song of Morning
Arionna Arfaeniel ,mathor of Doron Amar, favored and champion of Corellon

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