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Ragore Book

Unread post by Mulds » Fri Jul 13, 2018 12:01 pm

let me be brutally clear, this is OOC info and you wont be able to find most of this out, ragore would rather have his head chopped off than be a rat.

First Name: Ragore
Last Name: N/A

Appearance: Scars cover his face, he is very pale, constantly wears black/ purple robes and a black top hat.
Race: Gnome
Age: 45
Height 3ft 5inches
Weight: 95lbs
Eyes: left missing/right brown
Hair: salt/pepper (black/greying)
Facial Hair Style: none

Personality Profile: Mad Hatter/golum(esk)
General Health: raspy voice, smokes
Deity: Shar
Initial Alignment: NE
Profession: Criminal mastermind
Habits/Hobbies: smokes tobacco, enjoys stealing candy from children, kicking puppies
Languages: common, Gnomish, Draconic, Abyssal
Weapon of Choice: club or dagger

Rodger Ren the III or as he is known now "Ragore" had been found guilty of murder in his early 20's
the local law had framed him to take the fall for a murder that a corrupt officer had committed.

hours turn to days, days into weeks, weeks into months. Ragore had attempted to blast the door down with magic once, only to have it blow back onto himself. he tried begging the guards to let him free, he tried crying, he tried everything. he had lost all hope.

During Ragores time spent locked away in a lightless cave he had found a small shrine hidden away, dedicated to Shar. At first he thought it was just him losing his mind but he could swear he could hear someone calling to him, it was a voice like no other, soothing and sweet yet cold as ice and as piercing as a dagger.
For he was lost and she had found him.
Ragore's father had been a cleric of Selune, as his father before him and so on. Shar would take great pleasure in turning Ragore against his father and having Ragore kill him once she gave him the power to escape his prison.
in return he gave shar is left eye as a constant reminder to himself that he belongs to her and shall be only loyal to her.
for what he see out of his left eye is what he would have without her, nothing but darkness.

Ragore found the Shrine to Shar after roughly 10 years of being in the prison cell. so by the time he escapes he would have been a worshiper of shar for 10 years, he is so devoted to shar that he would rather die than give up any of her secrets.

Ragore had suffered emotionally from his father for not being devote enough to Selune, this lead to Ragore having no self worth and his constant need for flashy clothing
Knight Errant, Joshua Pureheart
Ragore, Shadow walker

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