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 Post subject: The Thunderbird's Biography
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The Thunderbird


General Information
Birth Name: A'tun-Bashil'ka Kantha Oboritha.
Moniker: The Thunderbird.
Patron Deity: Akadi.
Current Alignment: True Neutral.
Base Class: Druid.
Profession: Heirophant.
Languages: Common, "Animal", Sylvan, Celestial, Elven, Dragonic, Undercommon.
Quirks: His speech pattern is third person.

Physical Appearance
Race: Appears to be human (Aasimar).
Age: 27.
Height: 6'1.
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eyes: Sapphire blue, solid.
Hair: Raven black.
Skin: Dusky white.
General Health: Healthy, slightly underfed.
Scars: Everywhere.

The Thunderbird is a decent looking, tall male. He appears to be human, his slightly dark skin still fair and his silky-soft hair carrying a hue as black as a raven's feathers. His eyes are a betrayal of his possible heritage, carrying neither visible pupils or corona. Instead, his eyes are solid sapphire in colour, appearing almost like smooth crystal orbs. His face is chiseled, with a dimpled chin, high cheekbones, and angled cheeks. His body is strong, like that of a swimmer. His arms are slightly weaker, with his hips and legs being muscled and larger. His stomach is well-toned and he appears to be a little on the thin-side. His body, should it ever be revealed, is littered with scars of various shapes and sizes. Around his neck is a deep circular shape scar.

His attire is often extravagant, invoking the image of a hulking bird. On his body, he wears ironwood armor, enchanted to enhance his magical prowess. It is carved with intricate drawings of avian creatures, plants, and fires. Across his shoulders, is slung a cloak made of leather. Sewn into this cloak are various feathers, and attached to it is a cowl of sorts. This cowl seems to have been intricately designed to look like a bird's head, featuring a beak, sewn in tiger's eye gems to look like eyes, and feathers around its exterior. On his hips, he carries what appears to be a blade with an ivory hilt, and a small book with several pictures of avian creatures and lighting embroidered onto its cover.


    *Defend nature against any of its enemies.
    *Further knowledge of the mysteries of divine magic.
    *Wrestle control of his own magic.
    *Commune with Akadia through nature, to gain a further understanding of his divine patron.

Possible Plot-Hooks
    *The Thunderbird is well-attuned to the powers of electricity, and is not fully in control of these powers dwelling in him.
    *The Thunderbird yearns to fly, but he has no means of doing so on his own.
    *The Thunderbird possesses a ring which, if he rubs it, creates a Djinni that serves him.


Chapter 1: Taken

Years ago, a young man was born to a poor family in Dambrath. He was given the birth name A'tun-Bashil'ka Kantha Oboritha, a collection of easy to pronounce sounds. He was never taught to read nore write. Instead, from the time he could walk, he was taught to toil fields, move logs, and swing a pick-axe. He had a simple life of labor, with him, his three brothers, his five sisters, and his father. He never really questioned why he had no mother, though his family would often say that she was brought into a better life when the matter was brought up for discussion.

When A'tun-Bashil'ka Kantha Oborintha was toiling the fields one day, he heard angry voices echo from inside his family's house. He peeked up through the fence and saw several figures outside, talking to his father and older brother and sister.


The figures, several dark-skinned elves with pearly white hair, looked to be demanding something. He wasn't sure what it was, until he saw his father, brother, and older sister signal to the house and the fields. In the blink of an eye, he witnessed the dark-skinned elves - the drow - charge forward into the house. One of them hopped over the fence into the field and grabbed him, jumping back out of the field and onto the road. A'tun-Bashil'ka Kantha Oborintha gazes over to the door, seeing the rest of the drow had grabbed his brothers and sisters as well. His father extended a hand, his wrist trembling as the drow deposited a small bag containing something metal. His father and his eldest brother and sister then turned away, going back into the house and shutting the door.

Chapter 2: A New Life

A'tun-Bashil'ka Kantha Oborintha and his siblings were placed into carriages. A few dusky-skinned figures, not quite as dark as the drow, separated them by sex, placing him and his brothers into one caravan. He heard a shout and felt the ground under him shake, as his would-be captors ordered the caravan be sent on its way. A'tun-Bashil'ka Kantha Oborintha was still reeling from the shock of the entire situation, and passed out promptly. In his head, he heard his brothers whimpering and even a few screams, before everything faded to black.

When A'tun-Bashil'ka Kantha Oborintha came to, he was in a what appeared to be a bunk-bed. Various men and women slept beside him, none that he knew. He peered over, and down, noticing that he was on the top bunk of his bed. Below him, slept a young woman. Her eyes a dull bronze colour, her skin pale and fair. Her face was bruised, and her raven hair was matted. She then snapped her gaze up to him and he retreated back to his cot.


Soon after, he heard a bell and saw everyone rousing from their cots. A'tun-Bashil'ka Kantha Oborintha shrugged, and climbed down from his cot. He followed the crowd, spotting the woman who was his bunk mate. He tapped her on the shoulder, asking her what was going on and where he was.

The woman gazed back at him, and promptly responded. She said that he, like her, was a servant of Cathyr, the capital of Dambrath. He had been picked to do muscle work for the docks, same as the rest of the others in the bedroom he woke in. She also told him that for their labour, he would be well rewarded with a room, food, and life. He nodded, thinking that this seemed to be a fair exchange. As his father always said, you work to live. The woman, her name "Katerine" gave him a slight, almost sad, smile at that and agreed with him.

A'tun-Bashil'ka Kantha Oborintha travelled with Katerine and the rest of his bunk-mates to their place of work, a dock. There, he lifted container after container onto caravans. He fed horses, and brought supplies to ships. He brought both the dock and ship masters alike whatever they needed. Years passed, and he worked tirelessly for his reward, his life. He seemed almost content with his existence, not doing anything to merit punishment and performing his job well.

Chapter 3: One Small Step

A'tun-Bashil'ka Kantha Oborintha did his job, and he did it well. He did not question his instructions, and he carried out his work orders to the letter. On occasion, he even went above and beyond. He became a respected servant - or slave, as his owners called him - and even was called upon to orient and train new people into the life.

However, something changed. As he and his bunk-mate Katerine got older, their desires also changed. They began to see each-other in a new light as their time spent together passed, and feelings began to develop among each other. Eventually, Katerine and A'tun-Bashil'ka Kantha Oborintha spent a night together, sharing the same bed. One of the other slaves witnessed the act, and called upon the slavemaster, one of the local priests, to correct this matter.


A'tun-Bashil'ka Kantha Oboritha and his lady, Katerine were dragged off by their overseers to be made examples of. Katerine, who was oft punished for not doing her job well enough, was executed swiftly before A'tun-Bashil'ka Kantha Oboritha's eyes as an example to the slaves for what happens when one does not do their given work correctly. A'tun-Bashil'ka Kantha Oboritha was then harshly whipped, for two days, given food and water to keep him alive and well. He was punished, the priests sacrificing his pain to their goddess Loviatar as a ceremony of the divine. A'tun-Bashil'ka Kantha Oboritha was in shocked and pain through the whole proceeding. Tears rolled down his eyes and he could not speak, his voice was so hoarse from his cries. In his anguish, the man lost consciousness. He fell into a deep sleep, escaping into the refuge of dreams and blissful comatose.

Chapter 4: Awaken


The Thunderbird woke up in his cot. Was it his cot? He was uncertain, he felt like a fog was lifted from his eyes. He had a job to do, and he knew in his heart that it would be a good day. He hopped out his bed, the rest of the slaves gazing in mournful shock at their fellow. He did not know why, he felt fine. Plus, he had an entire bed to himself. He didn't have to listen to anyone snore under him, he was the only slave with his bottom bed free. He had it better than most.

He went to work promptly, his superiors treating them as they always did. They looked down at him, he knew. But, he knew it was his place to be looked down upon. As he did his job, he heard some voices. He saw his overseer speaking with one of the local ship captains. A magnificent ship this particular captain had. Its sails held the flag of the Sea Bitch, Umberlee. The captain was a handsome looking fellow, a foreigner. The Thunderbird noticed that his overseer signaled him to come over. The overseer told the Thunderbird that his place was no longer with the slaves, and that he was to go to a better life. The overseer was then given a sack of gold by the captain, and he was brought aboard the ship.

A'tun-Bashil'ka Kantha Oboritha blinked, remembering his father for a moment. He felt his heart grow heavy, and his knees tremble. He then felt a soft wind touch his face and he blinked again, not wanting to get dust in his eyes from the dock.

The Thunderbird boarded the ship, and the captain explained to him that he had just bought him. The captain told him that they were bound for the high seas, and they would travel west. He was to help maintain the ship, perform manual labour, and everything else the crew might need.

Chapter 5: The High Seas

The Thunderbird quite liked his new life. He was good at his job, loading cargo from other ships onto his own ship - Silent Storm as it was called. He also did other jobs, cooking and taking care of the carrier birds aboard the ship. He quite liked his job, even when he had to clean up blood from the boots and swords of his fellow crew members. His captain and the crew members were unusually friendly to him, even feeding him three times a day and making sure he was well hydrated. They treated him just as his old friend, Katerine, did.

After some time, the captain asked the Thunderbird if he wished to shed his collar, and become a member of the crew. The captain told the Thunderbird that he would be quite an asset to the crew. The Thunderbird agreed, telling the captain that he would love nothing more. His collar, the Thunderbird had nearly forgotten about the piece of metal he wore around his neck all his life. He was sent to the crew's metal-smith, who pried the metal off his neck. The Thunderbird felt as if a weight had lifted from him, he felt freer than he ever had before. The captain asked the Thunderbird for his name, and the Thunderbird replied.

"He is the Thunderbird."

The captain seemed amused by this, and told the Thunderbird that he would take him under his "wing" and teach him of this world. The Thunderbird crafted attire from gemstones, strange "metal" provided by his captain, feathers, and hide. He wore his name with pride, his chosen outfit a reflection of himself.


Chapter 6: A Change for the Best

From then, the captain's company was spent with the Thunderbird a fair bit. He taught the Thunderbird many things. He taught him basic swordsmanship, how to properly percieve the wind and the waves, how to care for birds and catch fish. The Thunderbird was a willing student, learning everything he had to know. The captain was a good teacher, teaching the Thunderbird even of things like magic.


Then, one day, it happened. The Thunderbird was dancing with his fellow crewmen, eating and drinking merrily. He had a little bit too much rum, courtesy of the captain, and touched one of his crew members. Shortly after, the smell of ozone filled the air and the woman he touched crumpled down to the ground, unconscious. The crew members were all stunned, and the ship priest was called to examine both her and the Thunderbird.

The Thunderbird was unclear what had happened. After several days of testing and examining from both the ship's magus and priest, a conclusion was reached. The Thunderbird had a measure of raw magical talent, that was untapped but present.

The ship captain immediately ordered the Thunderbird be put through training. While he was a little older, he was still able to be trained by the two magic users. The magus taught him theories of magic, what magic was, and how to use it. The priest imparted his druidic wisdom onto the Thunderbird, teaching him how to control it and how best to use his magic.

Years of training past, and the Thunderbird's ability to control and direct magic improved. The captain then ordered the Thunderbird be transferred to him, as his personal student. The Thunderbird was confused, as the captain did not seem to display any magical talent in front of him. The captain informed the Thunderbird that he, like the ship's priest, was a druid dedicated to the goddess Umberlee. He told the Thunderbird that he would teach him his ways, if he was willing to recite the oath.

The Thunderbird was ordered to commune, to meditate for three days before reaching his decision. He did so, climbing to the crow's nest and closing his eyes, feeling the wind on his face. Three days time past, and the Thunderbird declared that he would swear his druidic oaths, but only to the force he saw. The captain relented, agreeing. The Thunderbird, surprising the captain, swore the oath the captain desired him swear to the wind, the goddess he had learned of in his studies - Akadi.

Chapter 7: A New Life

Years passed from then, and the Thunderbird had grown into a formidable druid. He had trained, understanding both a trifle of the arcane arts and a great deal of the divine powers. He learned of gods, studying his god in particular. At every port they visited, the Thunderbird would take the chance to find more books of his chosen faith, that of the wind and air. He had a good life, co-existing with his captain and his fellow crew despite their differing faiths as they performed odd jobs, selling and moving wares across the seas.

Eventually, the captain decided that he would retire from the life, naming his first-mate the new captain. The ship landed, and the Thunderbird decided that the time had come for him to spread his own wings. The Silent Storm made port at a city called Roaringshore and departed with neither the captain, nore the Thunderbird. The two parted their ways, the captain moving to Baldur's Gate to get himself a "house and a wife", and the Thunderbird roaming the land to collect more knowledge of both his god and the mysteries of the divine.

He now roams the land, a strange man from a stranger land. He has all but nearly forgotten his old life, in that dreary and grey land of Dambrath. He has a new life now, living free among the trees, grass, and mountains. A better life, a life on the Sword Coast. . .



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