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Continuous, deep breathing echoed between the empty stone walls of the dark, small room. A few luminous mushrooms grew around a veiled alcove in the corner, more for decoration, than for need. A spiked shield and a slim bladed, sheathed sword leaned to the wall. Only a matter of an easy roll on the ground to reach it.

Not a moment of rest is allowed if she wants to live.

In utter concentration, she slowly changed her supporting hand again. The well-known pain of overused muscles burst through her body, but she quickly quietened the urge to move. The female’s obsidian skin glittered in the humid air as a sweat drop rolled down on the toned arm to the ground.

Every day is a fight to the death. They would rip her neck at the sight of any weakness.

Wide shoulders stretched under the sleeveless under-garb, holding firmly a shapely waist and lean muscled legs, those reaching towards the ceiling. Standing on one hand, the drow balanced, focusing her will to steady her breath.

Strength of the body. Agility. Willpower. Tactics. She needs to excel to win their recognition. Then serve the strongest.

"Seek out new ways to avoid stagnation. Create wonders of beauty and art so that all can enjoy it and learn more."
(Laeria Amarillis on Magic)

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