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 Post subject: The Pact of Diedre
Unread postPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2018 10:18 pm 
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First Name: Grigori
Last Name: Badeskhu

Race: Human, Gur
Age: 27
Height 5'11"
Weight: 170
Eyes: The one that's still there? Green!
Hair: Greasy Black
Facial Hair Style: Musketeer-esque on top of rugged 5 o'clock

Personality Profile:
General Health: Fairly healthy, due to travel.
Deity: Selune
Initial Alignment: LE
Profession: Anything that can accrue wealth lawfully
Base Class & Proposed Development: Warlock, Hellfire Warlock
Habits/Hobbies: Travel and socializing
Languages: Common, Rashemi, Chondathan, Infernal
Weapon of Choice: Dagger

Hidden: show
A woman's laughter...
"That's not a good name, you half-witted donkey!"
"I happen to like the name. Grigarious... gods my father had a strong name."

Grigori the Gur lead a carefree life, gaining gold on the road by helping the farms he and his wife Deidre passed on their travels. It wasn't a lavish life, but they were alive, and expecting a child. Diedre's mother said the child would be a boy, as Savras had showed her in a dream. She said the boy would also be born physically weak, and that his surroundings should be comfortable for him. So began their search for a the perfect home in which to raise a family.


On a breezy autumn night in the midst of their travels, during a particularly cool season for those who remember, the Badheskus finally eloped under the moon and stars under the witness of a hooded Selunite cleric. After a night of festivities with the locals and decisions not to turn down free ale, the newly wedded Gurs made their way back to the horse loft, the only place they could afford. Laughing the whole way on their path to the stables, the alcohol had gotten to Deidre. Straightening her up under the moonlight, she looked as beautiful as ever, her blue eyes, high cheekbones, black spittle coming from her lips...

Horror was Grigori's face. An instant after, pain enveloped Diedre's. Grigori screamed for help in such a way that he thought he was to shatter mountains, but in reality the music and laughter of the nearby tavern chewed up and swallowed his pleas. Seconds? Minutes? Hours? How long had he been kneeling there with her body before the locals caught on...


With a shovel on loan, he found a tree and buried Diedre. In the dawn, faced with the rising sun behind a grey cloudy sky, Grigori found a hidden away spot under a tree that he thought she would like. Questions, apologies for his loss, and ...her face... from the night before plagued his work with every shovel of dirt. As he finished his work the rain broke. Yet he did not feel it. Nor did he feel the splinters in his hand. Nor the will to go on.

As he turned from the grave with shovel in hand, the hooded Selunite priest that had married him and Diedre stood there. How long was the priest there? It didn't matter. Grigori walked past him with no expression or remark.

"Grigarious..." crooned the hooded priest, "what a strong name."

Grigori's footsteps halted. "What?"

"She was going to name him Grigarious." the priest replied ending with a small chuckle.

Grigori now slowly turned his head to meet the face of the priest. Not realizing as his head swiveled was but inches from the priest's face, looking him into his black, void, eyes. Slipping in the mud on his back, Grigori reeled back on his heels and elbows away from this nightmare. Without chase the priest laughed and began speaking... without moving his lips:

"Hello Grigori. I came to pay my respects. Diedre had such a beautiful soul, that I couldn't ignore her whispers in the night if I wanted to. They were like a melody to someone such as I."


Girgori still struck with fear and horror, managed to voice a confused "What?"

"Ah... she asked for your child to be born safely, and strong. So I promised her, that in her moments of labor, that I would give the child the strength he needed to be born in this beautiful and harsh plane of existence in exchange for her immediate release of ownership... of her soul. Pity she didn't make it that far, I'm sure the child would have been beautiful."

The shovel that Grigori carried although well made, snapped in half over the unflinching priest's head as Girgori was sent sprawling with a very casual backhand of the priest.

"I'm willing to let her go, Grigori. She isn't unlike others I could harvest." the priest now grinning.

"You see, the one I wanted all this time...was you. I'll tear up the contract of Diedre upon the signature of your own to me. This won't restore life, as is not in my power. I would return her soul on its path to Selune. Interested?"

Grigori nodded, "What are your terms?"

The priest conjured a scroll, written upon it stating the release of Diedre's soul in exchange of agreement,price, and completion of the Pact Certain as follows:


- Three tasks.
- Two minutes.
- One soul of Grigori Badeskhu.

Biting into his own thumb to draw blood, Grigori slowly approached the parchment as the disguised devil priest laughed with the ominous cracks of thunder and lightning upon the rainy, grey clouded sky.

Goals: Release Diedre by any means possible/to accrue as much knowledge on Pacts to perhaps find a loophole to Diedre's Pact/ gain either personal power or allies in which to threaten the pact holding Devil/ to not lose all of who he once was.
Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:
- the 3 tasks
- the 2 minutes
- Anything to lead to further knowledge of the planes and Pacts.
- Anything that could allow a gain of personal power or powerful allies.
- Who poisoned his wife, if not the devil? Sweet sweet revenge!

// Thank you for taking the time to read this, was my first one as I'm newer to the server!

Grigori Badeskhu - The Eldritch Gur
Lorelai Rosinthall - The Untheric Protector
"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor..."

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