Things to do at level 30

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Re: Things to do at level 30

Unread post by Flasmix » Sun Aug 12, 2018 2:01 am

Hang around the Xvarts and PvP people grinding. There's only room for one at the top, take them out while they're fresh.

EDIT: This is not an open endorsement from the DMs to do this. I'm just being Flasmix. Don't hurt me too hard Maecius.
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Re: Things to do at level 30

Unread post by izzul » Sun Aug 12, 2018 3:56 am

DM Ink wrote:For me there has always been something to do after thirty. It’s all about accomplishing what your feats and stats cant.

Build relationships

Start communities

Start a shop

Build a reputation

Become a master at a craft

Take on an apprentice

For me level thirty is usually just the beginning.
agree with start a shop. Trading craft and traders friends. its a fun profession that dont need any XP increase and you get to meet lots of people.
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Re: Things to do at level 30

Unread post by NegInfinity » Wed Aug 15, 2018 2:31 pm

Hoihe wrote:
NegInfinity wrote:
Sun Wukong wrote:It has been a while, actually a rather long while, since I've gotten a character to level 30 on this server. I usually aim towards builds that get their primary perks at low or mid epics. (If not earlier.)

Thus the big question is, what should I do with my epic character that has been freed from the risks of experience loss upon death?

There is not a single bad suggestion you can make! You get more points for absurdity and comedy, even though no one sits on a judge's pedestal. :mrgreen:
In all honesty, you should consider retiring or permakilling it.

All storeis end and so do all the journeys. When you start asking yourself "what should my character do now", it often means your character has run out of juice that was driving it forward. At this point you could either shelve the character and see if you'll renew interests few months later, or try to linger and see if you find something to do.

But in general there's high chance that it is the time to let the character go.

Check character bio, see if there were any major goals the char wanted to achieve, and try to achieve them. Once you succeed or fail, retire and put a big dot at the end of character story.

Retirement events feel deeply satisfying.

Living life and enjoying the fruits of one's deeds/fixing mistakes while achieving those is always a permanent goal and something to do.


I still miss Wendel :(.
Hoihe, the aspect I enjoy the most is challenge/obstackles and interesting story developments I could not foresee.

"Living life and fruits of one's deeds" is a mundane everyday behavior that provides neither. As such I do not find it entertaining.

"I have nemesis I have not yet defeated" is a challenge. "I want to kill every person on sword coast" is a challenge. "My past actions backfired in hilarious and gruesome way that killed my character permanently" is an interesting story development. "I acquired everything I ever wanted and guess I'll go to the bar today".... is neither. Such situation gives me nothing to think about and does not surprise me. And as a result. It is not fun. If the character reached their goals, it is time for me to retire them, and move on to other things. They earned their rest, and I can move on something else.

The best spot to retire is at height of their career - right after reaching their goal. Without lingering too long and risking it going stale.

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