Screenshot Round-Up! Illustrated Timeline of BG:TSCC

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Screenshot Round-Up! Illustrated Timeline of BG:TSCC

Unread post by Maecius » Sat Aug 04, 2018 10:37 pm

So I have a project that players can help with!

The basic, two-step plan:

1.) Ask players and staff to supply screenshots that capture important events in the server's grand storyline, with a short write-up (2-3 sentences) of the event they capture and what happened during said event;
2.) Save said pictures and write-ups and use them to update the server timeline on the forum and wiki.

As suggested above, this project's main goal is to expand our history and make our currently somewhat boring timeline look awesome -- but the screenshots and history could also be:

1.) Used by our community artists to draw/reimagine key scenes from server's history (one of our artists has already indicated an interest in doing this);
2.) Used in our social media and outreach;
3.) Just great fun and nostalgia.

See below for a few examples of what we're looking for in this thread:

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When: March 2015
What: Meeting of a Political Power Bloc (Player Led Advisory Committee to Grand Dukes)
DMs Involved: None (General Oversight by DMs, Primarily DM Dialectic)
Campaign: Player-Led

Organized in 1350 (2014), the Year of the Morningstar, the Committee for Foreign Affairs and Economic Exchange -- more commonly called the Foreign Exchange Committee -- was established to advise the Ducal authorities of Baldur's Gate on economic recovery following a prolonged depression after the 1347-1348 Amn-Gate War. Here, the group, comprised primarily of guild leaders and political influencers, meets to discuss proposals for improving economic conditions in the region.
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When: January 2012
What: Medical Camp Established on the Lion's Way to Support the Baldurian Siege of Beregost
DMs Involved: Multiple
Campaign: Nemesis of the Gods Metaplot: Amn-Gate War

Not everyone involved in the Amn-Gate War of 1347-1348 was involved as a combatant. A volunteer corps of clerics and healers, with less war-minded civilian assistants, established a triage and healing camp on the Lion's Way to the north of the Baldurian army as it besieged Amnian forces in occupied Beregost. Hundreds of lives were saved by these selfless heroes, largely forgotten by history -- but not by the men and women they kept alive.
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When: 2010
What: A Meeting Discussing the Creation of an Elven Refuge on the Sword Coast
DMs Involved: DM Maecius, DM Hydrocarbonated
Campaign: "Tusks, Teeth, and Talons"/"Founding of Doron Amar"

The idea of "Doron Amar" started in 1345 (2009) with a small band of elves on the Sword Coast who wanted to see a group established to protect elvenkind in the region. When orcs destroyed their early attempts at establishing a base of operations for themselves, more elves and elf-friends joined their cause to work together with the residents of the halfling town of Gullykin to found a new elven town. Here, in those early days, we see a gathering of elven refugees and non-elven allies discussing plans for the town at an elven camp just outside of Gullykin.

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Re: Screenshot Round-Up! Illustrated Timeline of BG:TSCC

Unread post by Moridin » Sun Aug 05, 2018 12:52 am

Okay, I couldn't find many screenshots unfortunately, but here is one at least.

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Characters in the picture, bottom to top: Irrtana Sshamath, Lomith Zau'afin, Eloril Zau'afin, Isang Zau'afin

When: March 2015
What: Defense of a constuction site in hostile territory (Player led attempt)
DMs involved: DM Golem, DM Bloodlust, DM Silverfox (Though somedays there was none)
Campaign: Player-led, chain of events led to a DM-run campaign that was resolved in 2016.

Plans that had been put in place and worked towards starting in mid 1350(2014), the year of the Morningstar, coming to fruition. An alliance between the Clan Shieldbreaker and Qu'ellar Zau'afin forced the stonespear goblins to bend, and then break. The goblins first tried numbers, yet their numbers meant nothing due to the chokepoint, so they started being a little ingenious. They attempted to raid the caravans that were carrying supplies to the site, and when that failed, started to collapse the tunnels. Once enough tunnels were collapsed, they herded umber hulks towards the island.

The commotion, and the shaking from the blasts caused by the goblins collapsing tunnels, made a tribe of orogs dig their way up to the tunnels. They were fleeing from Ghaunadaurans. After defeating the orogs, Lomith organized a strike force to destroy the Ghaunadaurans, and in the end killed the high priest. The followers scattered, and eventually came under the control of a dracolich. When you write it out it all seems a little unreal.
Lomith Zau'afin Drow Ilharess of Qu'ellar Zau'afin Journal
Durafein Zau'afin Drow Velg'larn

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Re: Screenshot Round-Up! Illustrated Timeline of BG:TSCC

Unread post by athornforyourheart » Tue Aug 07, 2018 3:46 pm

I highly encourage all who have those screens saved from their past or the servers past major events to share. Preserving these moments would be awesome!

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Re: Screenshot Round-Up! Illustrated Timeline of BG:TSCC

Unread post by CommanderKrieg » Tue Sep 18, 2018 10:49 pm

Bump bump!
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