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Aunrae Releth Bio

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First Name: Aunrae
Last Name: Releth

Race: Drow
Age: 127
Height Approx. 5'2"
Weight: Approx. 115 lbs
Eyes: Red
Hair: White and long; straight or curled

Personality Profile:
General Health: Physically healthy but mentally unstable
Original Deity: Kiaransalee
Initial Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Profession: Warlock; Universal scapegoat
Base Class & Proposed Development: Warlock, Blackguard (3), Hellfire Warlock (3)
Habits/Hobbies: Chasing after males, lip chewing when nervous, twitching hands when agitated, singing (formerly), causing mayhem for everyone
Languages: Common, Undercommon, Drow, DSL, Infernal, Abyssal, Goblin
Weapon of Choice: Eldritch blast or any magic; When unavailable, a dagger or sword

Background: The Flirt/Troublemaker; Despite growing up in Menzoberranzan (something which she reveals a little too cooly), she does not necessarily act as such. She bears no house insignia and seems to shrug off much of Lolth's teachings. With grudging respect she will reveal that her elder sister assumed the task of overseeing this wayward Drowess' upbringing. Another piece of information that she will readily reveal, though she always leaves out the details, is that she at least had a chance to become yathrin during her time in the city. The details given are that she left the city as a warlock serving a devil and that her elder sister introduced her to two deities: Gargauth and Kiaransalee. Although she, by her very nature, cannot follow either deity to the letter, finds the both of them to be more than palatable. A third piece of information which is less readily available is that her rather unhealthy penchant for humans has spawned twins despite her relative youth. When asked why they were not killed upon emerging from the womb, she will give a dismissive response of, "They'll serve their purpose." Upon further inquiry, she states that they are under the care of her sister and that they are being trained to further her agenda. For the female of the pair, she has already set the destiny of becoming a warlock. For the male, she will wait until something "clicks".

Goals: Loosening Lolth's grip on the Drow (formerly), having a long and successful bloodline, achieving both parts of the Drow destiny, cure herself of love or just fall for the right person

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:
Aunrae is a softer sort than others of her kind. Parts of it can be used to influence her decisions, weaken her, destroy her, or even turn her into something completely different. This character is extremely flexible but difficult to break. To break her is to drag her to a place where she can never return. Another option is an affiliation with Lolthites. At that point, her best options for survival are conversion, feigned conversion, or keeping her opinions to herself.

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