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 Post subject: A warrior's solace - Drezzan Aendryr
Unread postPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 12:42 pm 
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What is the cause that is worth striving for? And, indeed, do I have the will to strive, or the means to change anything?
As I swing my blades in training amidst the walls of this calm village of the People, I find myself wondering - what drives me forward? For what cause do I train so rigorously?
Is it because of the approaching danger, and my conscience telling me that I must stand so others may live?
Or can the cause also be the friendship I came to know, and for once, the sense of belonging? I would surely be in trouble were I to name true friends from the past years, decades even. Yet now...
Or is the true cause only - and I fear even to dwell on such thoughts - the lust for revenge, for long forgotten events I couldn't control? A bestial darkness seeking to satiate it's anger and yearning to be in battle once more?
And yet as I find myself lacking of answers on the inside, my blades seem to spin even more feverishly, and I can't deny that I find a certain peace in the seeming chaos that is their dance.
For despite all the randomness, the moves are well determined, and they bring a sense of control. Control over a tide that seeks to wash over the unsuspecting.
I can't sit idly when that happens, no matter the answer. I may be an honorable warrior, or a bloodthirsty monster, or I may be both.
I know what I have to do, for the alternative would lead to a path I'm all too familiar with.

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