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First Name: Grishka

Tribal Name: Zar Ut Khan, The Gathering of the Chosen. Currently part of the Horde of Uruk Lurra. She believes the Gods cursed her former tribe and refuses to even speak its name.

Appearance: Brownish-grey skin. Yellow-brown eyes. Black hair carefully braided and decorated with rune carved wood, bone and teeth. Dresses in simple robes with various adornments dangling from leather straps. She wears a spiked metal ring in her nose. Hanging at her neck is a cave bear's claw, with the orcish rune for home carved into it. She carries no weapons, but her nails are carefully maintained and sharpened into nearly being talons.

She is in late middle age and unattractive even by orc standards. She is not yet quite elderly and tends to play her age up due to the respect given to older orcs for simply not having been killed yet. Except for her face every inch of her body is lined with thick keloid scars from the ritual claw rendings over many years that are part of Luthic's worship.

Race: Gray Orc

Sex: Female

Age: 39

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 132 lbs

Eyes: Yellow-brown.

Hair: Black

Skin: Brownish-grey

Personality Profile: In the presence of male orcs she is dutifully submissive and subservient. As a cleric of Luthic she insists on being addressed as "Mother" by other female orcs and to the extent she can from males. As her only path to influence is her role as a priestess she vigorously points to her position as one and takes being accorded any bit of respect it offers very seriously.

Her true personality is conniving, envious and cruel. She constantly seeks personal advancement in a tribe by influencing the male orcs behind the scenes and vigorously pushing the dogma of Luthic with an emphasis on her role as a priestess of that Goddess.

Despite her scheming and envious nature she is truly a devoted, perhaps even zealous, follower of her Goddess and the orc pantheon in general. Orcs who fail to follow the dogmas of the orc pantheon are anathema to her and are treated with contempt. She has also become an fervent believer in the teachings of Sacred Violence.

If she is threatened by male orcs or non-orcs she tends to take a submissive, grovelling approach until she can escape or find the right moment to strike and defend herself. She takes an imperious and bullying approach to other female orcs or any she perceives as weak or vulnerable.

General Health:
Healthy, if a bit thin and worn from her recent time alone, often sleeping in ditches and random caves she could find. Eating what she could gather, food stolen from farms she could sneak onto at night and the occasional goblin or kobold she managed to surprise and throttle, she has taken on a bit of a hollow, thin look.

The stress of being alone and too often exposed to sunlight has also left her jittery and nervous. She possesses a surprising wiry, agile strength. With her recent acceptance into first the horde of Uruk Lurra and then the tribe of Zar Ut Khan she has begun to regain her health, vigor and confidence.

Deity: Luthic and the orc pantheon.

Initial Alignment: Lawful Evil

Profession: Mother of Luthic, cave/clan tender and healer. Manipulator.

Languages: Orc, reasonable fluency in common, goblin and infernal for her prayers and rituals.

Weapon of Choice: She prefers to have male orcs do her fighting and serve as her weapon. The orc pantheon teaches weapons are not for women. Instead she keeps her nails carefully sharpened into talons and if she needs to fight she rends and throttles her foes. A favorite tactic is to sneak up behind a foe and leap on it from behind attacking the eyes with her claws.

Background: Grishka was born to a small grey orc tribe of few members that tried to settled in the area claimed by the Sharptooth clan after a period of migration. To her fortune she was born the one of the mates to the chief and this allowed her to be trained in the ways of a priestess of Luthic. She had risen into a position of a prominent priestess when the Sharpteeth came to war on her invading clan.

The tribe fought with all it had but was easily overpowered after being weaked by the long period of migration. Eventually the invaders made it to the welping caves. With claws and teeth she led a spirited defense of the young along side the tribe's women. They even managed to kill several of the invaders, but in the end they were no match.

Cut down and left for dead she managed upon waking, thanks to a spell of slow healing cast before the battle, to use her healing and magic to nurse herself back to health. After exploring the cave she discovered that there were no survivors, even the women and young had been slain, apparently deemed from a clan too weak to bother with captives from.

Deciding their Gods had withdrawn their favor from her clan due to undertaking a migration the priestesses of Luthic had advised against she carved curses in the form of runes into the walls of the cave to warn off other orcs from settling there and set off alone into the wild.

She made a pitiful living over the next year or so slinking from one cave to the next, surviving on roots, berries, insects, small game she can catch and the occasional kobold or goblin she managed to ambush. Hunger drove her to begin to creep closer to the human settlements near the Gate to raid the stores of local farms by night.

It was one of these night she overhead a camping group of humans discussing a recent gathering of orcs drawn to some relic or artifact fallen from the sky. After dispatching them and claiming their meal, she set of with a new purpose and after weeks of searching, hiding by day and tracking orc scents, she finally arrived and was admitted to the tribe gathered at Uruk Lurra and not long after into the clan of Zar Ut Khan.

Goals: To gain status in influence within her adopted tribe. To rise to dominate and control the other females and ensure it is her whispers and advice the warriors and Chiefs hear. To eventually be acknowledged as the Great Mother of Luthic of her tribe.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:
While she believes her tribe was destroyed due to disfavor of the Gods she still bears a strong and abiding anger for the Sharptooth chieftain and has vowed never to speak the name of her former tribe.

She believes her sole survivor status is a clear sign of Luthic's favor and has become even more zealous as a result. This has increases to manic levels of faith and ferventness in her adoption of the teaching of Sacred Violence within Zar Ut Khan.

Due to her former tribe sometimes trading with, and more often raiding and enslaving nearby goblins, she has a passing familiarity with their language and culture.

She has a strong dislike for orcs and half-orcs who have left behind orcish ways and integrated with human or other cultures.

Since arriving at Uruk Lurra, Grishka has been rebuffing the some what regular attempts she has encountered to claim her as a mate, to defend whatever level of autonomy she can.
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