Obéron Silverbark

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Obéron Silverbark

Unread post by Danzaki » Sat Sep 01, 2018 11:45 am

(first throw .. let see if this his good )

Obéron Silverbark,
The Voice of Shevarash’s Blood Cloak.

First Name : Obéron
Last Name : Silverbark

Appearance : he got greenish long dread, sun tanned skin, alway wear red
Race: wood elf
Age: 150 ans
Height: 5’6’’
Weight: 130 lbs
Eye : brown
Hair: Green
facial hair style: none

Personality Profile :
General Health: he never smile, he has lost the spark in him that make thing look beautiful, only Sheravarash crusade fill his heart and soul. he has too many scar from his day as slaver.
Deity: Sheravarash
Initial alignment: ChAoTiC NeUtRaL
Profession: soldier
Base classe nd proposed development: Priest, Harper priest, Hierophant, Divin champion
Habit/hobie: fishing
langage: commun, elven,
weapon of choice: Elven Long sword

-590 : The Silverbark Clan was part of the elven City of Myth Glaurach, most of the clan are hunter and defender of the city.
-864 : when the orc of the Nethertusk Horde over run the city (most of the clan die in the defence of the city, a small number escape to Silverymoon with the help of a magic portal.
-1204 : Birth of Obéron son of Katarth Oathbearer and Tatiana Faychild of the Silverbark Clan in Silverymoon
-1230 (26 ans): orc of the Nethertusk Horde raid and breach the wall of Silverymoon. the last member of the Silverbark clan are slay in the defence of the town, Katarth and Tatiana, both Harpers, use some magic to flee Silverymoon but something went wrong with the spell and the young Obéron his lost. He his lather found by a Human Harper priest of Hoars that go by the name of Lexinthon. He took the young elfe as his child while he search for the remain of the Silverbark Clan. upon learning they all reportedly dead, he take upon himself to take care of the young Obéron.
-1235 (31 ans): Lexington in his quest of retribution join force with some of the Seven Sister and many harper and elven folk to retake Silverymoon. He personally kill Ootokk Manyears, a shaman with a lot of elven ears as trophy. getting retribution for the Silverbark Clan.
-1240 (36 ans) to 1250 (46 ans) : the aging Lexington teach with the help of Filmorr Oneeye the Lex Talonis, the way of Hoars to the young elf. Filmoor teach the way of the elven life, being a half elf, Fimorr give the young Obéron the elven éducation he need.
- 1255 (51 ans) : the old man Lexington his kill in action by a band of dark elf that was pretending to be follower of Eilistraee. Filmorr his deadly wounded and the young Obéron he is captured and taken into slavery. he was send to a slaver camp on the road to Ched Nasad near the ruin of Myth Glaurach.
-1275 (71 ans) : for 20 years, Obéron was Fellty the fighting slave, fighting for his drow master, he was never a good fighter not a bad one, he only survive. on a day were the was fighting in the ruin of Myth Glaucal he saw the Silverbark clan symbol paint on a door, he kill the orc in from of him and enter the ruined barack. this was the old home of his clan. the drow slaves come in , yelling order, he kill him to and all other who enter after him.
-1285 (81 ans ) for ten years, he stay in hiding in the ruin of the great elven city, looking for information about his clan and the magic that send them away. He has made the Silverbark barack his home and has restored the dark archer shrine. praying to him as he was praying to Hoars. one days a group of red dressed elf enter the ruin in search of something or someone … they was looking for him. those elf was a war band of Sheravarash’s Blood Cloak. they have hear rumor of a elven shadow that was stalking the ruin. they took him in.
-1304 (100 ans) : for years, he was with the blood cloak, the education that he receive from Lex and Filmorr help him a lot to gradually become a follower of Sheravarash. his hatred of drow was growing on him, every time a band of SBC return with story of atrocity commit in the name of Loth, his hatred grew stronger.
-1324 (120 ans) on this year he took his vow to the dark archer and he start his crusade. he was sent to the sharp wood forest to join up with the new recruit to start up a new war band. he also join the Harper to further hunt evil.
-1354 (150 ans today) reunited with his fey touched half brother that he never knew he existed, join by Zoa the whirlwind of blade, Vaash the archer and Serilmar the Archmag, they all hate the drow and hunt them to the last one.

he has vow to protect those who can't from the drow, he need to find a place to settle and protect, until then, he will seek out drow, orc, demon worshiper to put them to rest

plot hook idea minsk facts :
he his boring, never smiling, brooding priest
he a Harper, so any harper may approach him for help
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Allaster Tane
Obéron Silverbark

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Re: Obéron Silverbark

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Re: Obéron Silverbark

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