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Spark's bio

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This is the first time I have done a bio, so any suggestions let me know.
This char will not be live until the 15th of this month (waiting for 100% rcr)

Birth Name:
Igraf Stersk of Conyberry
5th son
Father: Grei Stersk


Spark or Sparky - received for his tendency to burn things as a young child, or when he rarely loses his temper.

dislikes Mystra for turning him into a font of magic
dislikes Kossuth, thinks Kossuth's way would have left him dead by age of 3

Starting alignment:
neutral neutral

Base Class:


Common, draconic (for study purpases)


short - maybe 5'5"

200 lb ish, big frame bit over weight

reddish brown

reddish brown

white-reddish tan



wears bracers that give +wisdom. When not wearing a +wisdom item, gets very foolish.
walking font of magic
hates housework
likes fire
The greatest adventurer there ever was, is, or will be

Wealthy farming family in Conyberry*. Appreciated to wizard Finret Ekemro at age two after spontaneously lighting bedroom on fire. Multiple times. Does not remember original family.

The apprenticeship was more of a get this kid off our hands sort of deal, and the Stersk family agreed to pay Ekemro gold and supplies per year until the apprenticeship was finished. The apprenticeship was written to end when Spark became a "full mage".

Ekemro moved to an old abandoned stone tower on the edge of neverwinter wood on the neverwinter side. There he perform his own research, and at first raised his new meal ticket out of obligation and duty more then love. With Spark not in control at a young age, incidents were frequent, and Ekemro sough to teach him hard discipline to control himself. Over time Ekemro grew to love his charge, and felt Spark was exceptionally foolish. He felt Spark needed time to mature and refused to end the apprenticeship until he had nothing left to teach Spark and could no longer deny Spark was a "full mage". At age 35. And then only after Spark solemnly swore an oath to wear the wisdom bracers (shakles?) all the time.

Spark views Ekemro as an unloving father figure. He also suspected he was kept around as a meal ticket more then anything. Spark always chafed at the discipline imposed upon him, and has wanted his freedom since he was 9. He viewed the studies, research, and physical training Ekemro forced him to do as a burden, boring, work. Ekemro "gifted" him his current wisdom bracers when he was 12, and he has worn them constantly ever since. Also far less likely to light things on fire when wearing them. The bracers gave him the wisdom to understand the value of what he was taught along with the understanding he had to apply himself or never be free of Ekemro. However, he still longed for his freedom.

Having been raised pretty much alone at the edge of the forest Spark has an intellectual knowledge of society, but no real understanding of relationships or how people live, die, or how the world really works. Being taught philosophy is not the same as learning it. He has been completely bored his entire life, and is looking for some action. He also hates household chores, and harsh living. He wants cake, ice cream, and the world to acknowledge his glorious greatness.

*not allowed to post urls, so:
The greatest adventurer of all time
Another grouchy orc
The odd duck of the drow

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