The Curse of Kalsmare

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The Curse of Kalsmare

Unread post by Carnataurus » Wed Sep 05, 2018 3:50 pm

First Name: Kalsmare
Last Name: Rockrib

Race: Half- Orc
Age: 27
Height 6'7"
Weight: 234 lbs
Eyes: Black
Hair: Grey with Black
Facial Hair Style: Clean shaven

Personality Profile:
General Health: Very Healthy
Deity: Helm
Initial Alignment: Lawful Good
Profession: Spent much of his early days as a Soldier.
Base Class & Proposed Development: Cavalier Paladin
Habits/Hobbies: Loves to eat Chicken.
Languages: Common, Orc, Elvin
Weapon of Choice:Shield

Background: Soldier
Goals: Rid himself of a Curse
Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:
He is cursed with misfortune when he is too far away from his fellow cursee Jaal. If they are not within one mile of each other for more than a day. A gradual increase in bad luck occurs which after a week is likely to become fatal.

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The Curse of Kalsmare

Unread post by Carnataurus » Wed Sep 05, 2018 5:27 pm

Kalsmare Rockrib , "Kal" for short, was born in the Moonsea area. His childhood was very boring and little happened of note until the day the Zentarim conscripted him. He served as a line grunt for about a year where he met and bunked with a fellow conscript named Jaal.

Theirs fates continued intertwine the day their platoon was ordered to move some specific magical device. Kal never really knew the true purpose of the device but figured it must have been valuable and, not a fan of conscript life, decided that he would steal the device and either sell it or trade it for safe passage to the Sword Coast.

The Kal enlisted the help of Jaal who would do the actual stealing while Kal would attempt to distract the guards. At first everything went according to plan until the commanding officer decided that he needed to make a surprise inspection of the device. He caught Kal first. He thought Kal was just causing trouble and through bordom had distracted the guards. Thus to te-enforce the understand that duty came first he devised a seres of exercises. While in the midst of overseeing a long series of push-ups to, he noticed Jaal attempting to sneak away with the device. The officer being of slightly above average intelligence realized what really had occured and set upon Jaal.

With nothing readily available to him Jaal attacked the officer with the box containing the unknown device. No one is sure what exactly happened next but after a bright flash nothing for Kal and Jaal would be the same.

They both fled together to Phlan where they sought refuge durring the Pool of Radiance incident. Fortunately for the two, it was almost over when they arrived and they set about trying to find work. Without a copper coin to his name the only work Kal could get was working in the city Militia, and it was there that he would continue to work for the next 10 years.

To Be Continued...

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Re: The Curse of Kalsmare

Unread post by Carnataurus » Fri Sep 07, 2018 2:01 pm

Dear Journal,

I write because I feel someone should remember what happened and that through this writing someone might not think I'm insane. Hopefully this is cohearant enough that, in the case of me being an author of currently unknown repute, someone can read what i have written, understand it, and think to themselves " nope, Kal definetly doesn't sound crazy."

So the other day I was near the Friendly Arm Inn. Minding my own business, when they most delightsome meal happened by. Granted it handed be prepared as of yet but there it stood in all its Glory feathers. A chicken just waiting to be my dinner.

Hello. I said. "You look delicious". The chicken then clucked at me and its eye began to glow red. Afterwhich it promptly exploded in a firey burst and ran through a portal or seemed to have created on its own.

Feeling slightly confused I began to wonder back towards Baulders Gate, where I returned to the presence of my cursed companion and took to attempting to explore the little ruin now mostly occupied by kobolds. Why we both decided that it was a great idea to return to a place where we had previously found and thwarted some sort of bizarre summoning ritual, us and about 5 others, I'll never know... Maybe I am crazy...

On our attempt to exit, our path was blocked by that same chicken, though this time in all its flaming demonic glory... Glory of probably the wrong word but you get the idea. . .

Where upon it threatened to eat me. If I had died the irony would not have been lost on me that my last deed in life would have been too feed the very creature I love to eat, but as you can see my life was not lost. He sent his flaming minions after me and I Jaal and I were able to defeat them together.

The demonic chicken fled, but threatened to return to eat me. I'd heard the Sword Coast had many magical wonders, but seriously... Even if I destroy this chicken who do I tell. Hardly a great deed to sing about except maybe to children and they'd just think it a silly song.

Oh well dinner time. I think breaded shall be my recipe tonight.

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