Set Trap & Disable Device.

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Set Trap & Disable Device.

Unread post by Tekill » Thu Sep 06, 2018 12:56 am

I am rolling a tracker type character and am thinking trapping too. I am tight on skill points but I want to be able to disable your basic traps in game and be able to set deadly traps. I figured I can use traps in pve or maybe pvp as another tool in my bag of tricks.
So should I max out set traps?

How many points should I put into Disable Device-If I want to recover the traps ?
I suppose I would need to max it too, right?
Then how high should it be to just disable your typical trap?

Does setting a trap break stealth?
-Could I plant a trap by someone while in shadows?- I'm thinking no, since I have never seen it done.
-Would I be able to hips - drop a trap - attack - then have them chase me into said trap?

A few questions there- thanks in advance for any tips.
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Re: Set Trap & Disable Device.

Unread post by Tsidkenu » Thu Sep 06, 2018 3:29 am

You need levels in rogue or divine seeker in order to disable/recover traps with a dc exceeding 20. You will also need to max out your disable skill to recover deadly traps (recover DCs 40-55).

You can set traps in stealth without breaking it. Fire & lure is a very good strategy.
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