Lylan'Synor Syr'Asyrin

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Lylan'Synor Syr'Asyrin

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Template For Character Creation:

First Name: Lylan'Synor
Last Name: Syr'Asiryn
Nickname: Lylan

Race: Sun Elf
Age: 180
Height 5'7 (175cm)
Weight: 125lb (57kg)
Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair: Bright Gold

Personality Profile:
General Health: Healthy and in excellent shape
Deity: Hanali Celanil
Initial Alignment: C.N, Now C.G.
Profession: Dancer, Sailor, Fencer.
Base Class & Proposed Development: Swashbuckler. Development was dynamic to RP and character development.

Fencing & Dueling
Hidden: show
It is her Art. The romantic epitome of herself and her greatest focus. It is more than a trade. Once her blade is out she exalts excited to the challenge. Joyfully filling the need to apply her high intellect, sharp wits and natural ambition into a synergy of spontaneous flow of choreographed techniques. Calculating, reassessing and reapplying herself in each heartbeat like a deadly-staked game of strategy and tactic. She likewise rejoice in the tension, rush and focus that brings her to the edge of her capabilities letting her adrenaline intuit in aid to her focus instead of against it. In doing so at the peak of a fight when her mind, blade and motion all converge, blows she receive only rile her up more. She Practice regularly no matter what.
Hidden: show
Her other Art. Loves to Dance whenever she can alone or with company. Dancing is so pivotal to her she base her fencing style around it. Even when preforming mundane chores she is prone to sway or tap her foot to some rhythm in her head. She can retreat for days or even weeks to master a new choreograph or develop her own.
Religion, Romance & Relationships-
Hidden: show
She is faithful to her Religion of the Seladrine at large and to her personal deity Hanali Celanil especially. Even though short the deity's wisdom like a priestess would she still tries to use the faith's views to either temper or excuse her capricious nature. Her faith aligns to reinforce her whimsical, sometimes borderline obsessive, fascination with romance in her own life and the lives of those around her. She loves to flirt especially with intelligent conversationalists or those that can retort with nuance or grace, and enjoys picking short flings in whimsy with both sexes, most genders and different good-neutral humanoid races. She never stays over. Though masked by physical attraction it really about the connection with other people and the game around it and would often postpone 'going upstairs' for another joke, a passionate kiss or a genuine moment of intimacy between two souls (and in keeping with pg server guidelines of course). She looks for romance in many ways and considers love coming in many shades and forms, and looks for the romance in all of them, trying to keep the higher literary meaning of the word. Which leads to the next section.
*Niyressa Dawncrow-
Hidden: show
She had fallen madly in love with a Tiefling woman moving in with her to Ulgoth's Beard shortly after they started dating. Lylan spends most of her free time with Niyressa and she speaks naturally of their affection despite possible prejudice. (Also, major shoutout to the amazing DiceyCZ who player to player unfolds with me this amazing storyline of ever deepening character development, and to all the players who provide the motions, positive or negative, to go through. The two are now engaged and are planning their wedding.
Sailing & Crew life-
Hidden: show
She spent eighty four years of her life between ships and learned as she was going into adulthood to shed her Evermeetian privilege and embrace the sailor's life. Finding ways to induct and assimilate this life to her worldview she holds the bonds that a crew shares as something sacred. The freedom of the seas became the tides of wonder brought by Hanali Celanil and mercantile voyages became adventures to exotic lands. She loves the Sea itself for all it's romantic implications and her favorite place for reflection or reverie is one overlooking the sea or big bodies of water. The beach is the best options as she adores the feeling of sand between her toes. The last part that makes shipping so great is that it's another way to keep herself always in motion and applying herself as the work around deck is never done and a lot of seafaring is it's own school which she devoured with Elven dedication. She is looking for a ship to go on short voyages with now that she's settled on the Coast, and almost came close. But so far no such luck.
Culture, Art & Lifestyle-
Hidden: show
She enjoys Art, music and dance most of all but is also a big fan of the theater and of wordsmiths- writers and poets. Despite not becoming a mage she grew up in an educated family and the habit of reading stuck. Important to her to find time in her schedule to sit and be still with her book, the only time that she is truly serene for long periods of time is when she lets her imagination or her cognition are wondering through the pages.
She is outgoing and loves parties celebrations and generally gathering of people and consider making friends and keeping up with them both it's own hobby and a way to live by her faith. Like any most sailors she loves to drink and despite her Elven physique is at a disadvantage in alchohol consumption, she is also trained skillfully to hold her liqueur with at least some grace unless really overdoing it. She Loves Red Wines the most and enjoys imported spirits with intersting palates. But keeps a warm nostalgic place for both Elven wine and cheap sailor sour wine. She will disregard any claims that she might be an alcoholic and reach for another glass.
Adventuring- Finding it out only coming to the coast, this life style compounds all the aspects above as she regards the coast at large as more and more as home with each passing dawn.
From Ervermeet: Common, Elven, Sylvan.
From her years sailing mixed raced ships: Abyssal, Celestial, Halfling, Draconic and Orc.
Weapon of Choice:
Her Intelligence and a Rapier
Act 1- Dancer in a Mage Tower or, A Silly Little Blonde Elf
'This is a story of an Elf girl that just wanted to dance.'
Hidden: show
Since she was born and found out she had a body she could move she did nothing but gesture unfamiliar limbs to two proud parents.
Her father Fa'iaerl SyrAsiryn, a Conjurer with moderate esteem in Leuthilspar, tracing a diluted bloodline to house Symbaern, researching the planes in a tower overlooking the sea.
Her mother Lyre'ilyr'Synor, had stopped smiling at her after four years, back with the gods.
The girl was told she was and adventurer who fell to a demon. The girl's father smiled much less after that.
Though when she looked at him he could not resist but smile. Growing old enough to ask of her mother. Her father would turn solemn, quiet and reflective for days of weeping silent tears at The Elfling's persistence. Following weeks at his study.
Still, Life for them was good. They had family and friends, and the Green Isle who cared for them.
The girl was happy. When she found how to dance, she was blissful.
And the girl loved to wonder. The girl had a sharp mind from an early age, and she was aching to apply it.
Her favorite game being getting where it was difficult, solving the riddles of her traverse which often meant her fathers study. Much to his loving surprise, and his frustrated dismay.
The years went by slowly, as they do on the green Isle. The girl was now forming opinions and dance wherever she walked.
Her father's family embraced her, as did his colleges from the tower and they all mirthfully rejoiced the young blonde Elfling wistfully concerting to them her latest impromptu choreography and asking all the Whys in the world as she does.
The little Elf's father was realizing she needed to do something with her time and develop her drive to explore and be overwhelmed by life in productive, orderly fashion that might break some manners into the girl.
He was also frightened. Grieving of a loved one snuffed too short, terrified of another following her footsteps. Recognizing a common nature.
The little Elfling was beginning to show the whimsical tendencies her mother carried in her blood, the Feyish Heritage of a Nymph along her line. It gave Lyre'ilyr'Synor a unique personality, so enchanting and wild among the haughty Ar-Tel'Quessir. It was chief among his reasons to court her. A love now nestling resentful to his heart; For it's this very nature that made her take that last adventure away from Evermeet. 'The one she never came back from...'
And Lylan'Synor was showing that exact Nature. He had made his decision.
'I will not allow this. She must not know of her blood, and the least of her mother the better. Last she'll be drawn to follow. She requires education. Yes. And order, structure. She is Ar-Tel'Quessir. A Syr'Asiryn. She will put that mind to magic. And find her place with her people. With me.'
He started bringing her to his tower and instead of permitting her dance. Sought to convert her wit to Arcane academia.
Years passed as the Elfling sprouted, half resisting half failing despite her best efforts to show any practical advancement in her magical studies. The Elf's father grew more persistant and ever more stern, he would smile less and less.
The girl though. The girl wanted to dance, she'd wistfully employ every tactic in the book to sneak out or avert her studies instead running to the shores of Leuthilspar to dance humming to herself and tumbling between great trees to watch the ships that sail into the eternity of ocean, beyond the barriers and illusions.
It was one such time that our story can truly be said to start. Around the age where she started to notice herself blushing at the beauty of others as her body stated to shed the shape of a child. The Elf was sitting by a cliff among evergreen trees, reading a novel by a starving artist about a Bladesinger and his love. The rythm of the leaves and the waves was cut by laughter and clashing metal.
'When did they get here? How long was I in my own head?' The girl was thinking as two emerald eyes stood still, held on one laugh in particular and one face so fair and lovely.
The wind blew the girl's book down to the waters below before she realized she was staring, and blushing. They saw it too.
He who she was staring at was the loveliest of them all.
Infrominh the troupe as fencing romantics, the Golden Blade Dancer, followers of Hanali Celanil. Back on shore after a long voyage of adventure. Practicing their Dance of the blade. He introduced them all by name but only his was important to the girl.
D'aerilyon the Moon Elf.
'Pleasure' he sweetened his smile to the young Elf. He held a lute while the others fine and ornate rapiers. Inspiring them for vigor. He strummed his lute when he introduced himself.
The Elf girl stuttered to reply as for the first time in her life, she had lost her wit to his strumming on her heart.
'You are welcome to sit and enjoy the company, now that your book is gone.' Her heart flustered to his words as she watched the swordplay of two mates. Their precision the motion of their body.
She had forgotten how the conversation happened but she will never forget her holding the rapier for the first time.
The Elf's sneaking from the tower and cutting her lessons was becoming more and more frequent as she spent her time training with them.
Excelling as a natural prodigy And getting closer and closer to D'aerilyon. As she did so did her father's frustration grew impatient.
But time at last go by as time does and eventually the Golden Blade Dancers set sail to another voyage on a different ship.
Heartbroken the girl steeled herself with hope. Enduring decades of looking through the window at the tower. While blocking out yet another lecture, on the membrane between planes or some such topic. Yearning for a special ship to harbor back at the city.
Biding her time practicing by herself with the sword and the treatises D'aerilyon brought her. She promised him she would show her progress upon his return. Training away when she could and dancing when she couldn't.
Finally that dreary time came to an end, as that special ship did arrive.
The Elf girl now nearing a woman grown. Growing rebellious and defiant.
Frolicking with Sylvan races in hedonistic parties or wasting her time drinking with young upstart artists. That's when she's not in the tower, dancing or practicing her blade in hidden spots around.
But this time her father's patience was nearing an end and he would not put up with it once The Elf girls lover came back and her escapades increasingly longer and dubious.
After three days of combing the city with scrying spells her rascal boyfriend warded from with trinkets from beyond the sea. At last Fa'iaerl and his younger sister Elaeiyn'Saethil found the unruly Elf.
In a gallery of a young sculptor showcasing his newest piece the Elf was found with her secret beloved. The new masterpiece being her life sized liking.
Captured in its natural, and naturist, beauty from shining marble of white and gold.
Fa'iaerl had the last straw among many as he dragged the Elf suspended by magic back to the tower, confining her there.
That proved effective. for a time.
But the Elf was relentless, in love and edging to dance with her blade.
Decades were spent in futile efforts to turn the Elf into a wizard and calm her whimsical nature. All for naught as she would find a way to go on en escapade of hedonism before being found. And the cycle continued.
But the Elf girl didn't care. She was in love and it blossomed, knowing absolute freedom and exciting bliss for short bursts of allowed emotion between captures.
After a few more decades the Golden Blade Singers were longing to return to the world and were planning to leave. this time for longer.
In preparation so to her Love was growing distant, weary of the time spent apart ahead.
Having found the ship and seeing she knows the captain's wife through her aunt. The young Elf decided to take her fate in her own hands.
Three nights before they departed Lylan'Synor gave the captain a visit. Giving him a good tip on placating an angry missus and winning his trust.
When D'aerilyon and the Golden Blade Dancers got on board, they found a new deckhand waiting.
Eager to go on an adventure with her love.
Act 2- Bountiful Coasts in Love Stricken Seas or, A rebirth to adventure.
'This is a story of a young Elf woman sailing the seas to find her fate. Escaping where she belongs to become what she wants to be.'
Hidden: show
Lylan'Synor was ninety six when she sailed from the Green Isle with the company of the Golden Blade Dancers.
She quickly grew accustomed to life at sea despite a rough patch. Learning to appreciate and love in their own way, each of her crew mates.
She excelled at her duties. Discovering her enthusiasm serves to counter any worries D'aerilyon had that she is too spoiled for this life.
Proving that as long as she had purpose to apply herself to that required any kind of motion. Labor came naturally to her despite physical stress or strain. Those she learned to overcome mind over body at her blade training. Getting hit over and over in practice.
In time her need to excel and her care for her mates on deck turned her to hold her own even in things that weren't her forte'.
Gaining the confidence to know she can apply herself to anything. And the crews trust, as well as the captains.
Things were not going so great with D'aerilyon though. He would often get jealous of the attention she received, claiming of her attempts to undermine him in every turn.
Lylan'Synor did not understand his worries thought she tried her best to make her love happy. To be less pronounced and flashy.
Lylan herself started to notice that he never practiced with the rest and kept finding excuses to slack on his duties on the ship. Still he was funny and kept everyone's spirits up. And he was SO pretty besides. 'I could be our sword and he our song.' She thought. 'I am strong enough to carry us both in my fields. He shows his sterngths elsewhere.'
Coast to Coast they traveled lands that were foreign and exotic to the sheltered Elf. Accumulating stories and experiences with her troupe and honing her Arts whenever she could.
Life was very good for three sweet decades.
Their only worries, dissident pirate ships that needed to be evaded or fought to submission and the storms. Every sailor's lot.
After thirty years their captain had his heart set on an adventure.
They were heading off port when the captain laid a new map on the table, one he acquired whilst at port from a shady fellow at a harbor tavern. The captain had his navigation maps all charted and marked.
Setting his ship off course to a wish fulfillment that would forever change their lives.
Upon making for shore they were beset not by the humanoid races that traded or raided the seas. But by Sahuagin patrols prowling near the coasts of the tiny uncharted island enclave the mysterious map seemed to lead to.
When they boarded the ship with blood in their eyes a new kind of tension spiked up Lylan'Synor's back. 'This isn't training anymore. It's us or them.'
She whirled and tumbled around the spear of a Sahuagin, and leaped behind him to deliver a deadly precise strike with the peak of her focus. All of her life led her to this moment. 'Do or Die. And I did.'
It was the first enemy to fall to her blade. She watched the corpse a short moment before the whiling winds of battle swept her to continue flowing in her deadly choreography.
By the time the ship made it close enough to shore and small-boats were lowered she felt her head dizzy and knew she was addicted to the fight and the danger. 'Addicted to surviving and prevailing on top.'
Just like the shady man promised the captain, the map indeed delivered riches.
They hauled all the gold and gems into a big chest and brought it back to the ship.
Contained by various valuables of shapes, sizes and differing worth between coasts, the captain offered to convert it in a bank and split it among them in coins or golden trade bars.
It was D'aerilyon, who first objected to the idea. Discrediting it out of mistrust of banks and bankers.
'Greedy bastards who just want to spin you on your finger when it comes to robbing you commissions.' He argued.
D'aerilyon, who was missing the entire battle and was conveniently stumbled out from below deck towards the end of the fighting, Lylan'Synor was now realizing.
'My love is true' she told herself resolute. Steeling her conviction in loyalty.
Nerve-wrecking bickering and discord among the crew over what to do with the loot came soon after.
One side of the argument called for orderly distribution managed by the captain, the other a free-form distribution that has no hands touching it but the crew, spearheaded persistently by D'aerilyon.
Lylan'Synor found herself pushing her Lover's idea along side him, gradually in front. Thrusting herself head first, after he voiced his displeasure of her 'unfaithfulness'. About her saying she sees the logic in the captain's way, back when the dispute was still a discussion.
At the culmination of tense two weeks they were finally making port.
The night before, the captain and Lyaln'Synor drank and negotiated at his cabin.
By dawn as the ship was making nearing the docks, they emerged from the captains quarters with with a deal.
Because of the risk to the treasure in the belly of the ship the fortnight it will dock. Each crew mate shall get docking allowance for that fort night on dock. And the treasure be split as is, between the crew.
Under the watchful eye of Lylan'Synor who volunteered to stay that fortnight on the vessel to guard the chest.
The crew knew it would not be easy on her and respected her dedication, and was the one person on deck they all unanimously trusted to keep it safe.
She did the best she could before getting bored and climbing the masts or train her blade dancing by herself.
D'aerilyon came every night for half a night to keep his love company and entertain her with jests, music, wine and love. On the third night he brought her a small bargained magical music box, but by the fifth it broke down, it's rechargeable magical energy depleted.
At the ninth night before the tenth day, lylan'Synor was hanging upside down from the crows nest.
She was musing of underwater seagulls when D'aerilyon, My Love, came to deliver her from this boredom.
Much earlier that night, and bringing a whole cask of wine.
'A gift to my vigilant Beauty, The Golden Sun that keeps our golden coins secured. You desrve it after this harrowing week'
'You make it worth everything my love, breeding confidence in my creeping self doubt. Without you i am nothing' She wanted to tell him but decided against it. He was impatient with too deep reflections. Her incessant silliness while doing so annoyed him.
'He is good to me whilst i'm terrible. I need to be better for him.' She thought. Drinking all the while as she lost herself in his face, then his eyes and finally, in his sweet kiss. Falling into a hazy night in the embrace of her true love.
Lylan'Synor was roused from drunken slumber by her crew on the tenth day. Hungover on deck with nothing but fur blankets to her. Woken to a staggering realization.
D'aerilyon vanished during the night. The treasure vanished with him.
Their anger turned to her. the one that promised to keep it. The one who pushed for this whole set up. And she had failed them.
Those that did not accuse her of cooperating with the greedy Moon Elf simply could not trust her anymore being let down after being led to trust her. Chiefly among them, the captain.
No charges were made or retribution handled to her. At least this courtesy was handed to her by the Captain, who took an indefinite shore leave. The crew dispersing their own way.
The broken Lylan'Synor drank herself for as long as her allowance could afford. Then finding the next ship leaving port that will take her.
Act 3- Vision of Beauty in A Hidden Heartbeat or, An Elf's journey begins.
'This is a story about an Elf woman who lost the meaning of Love. Only to find it in herself'
Hidden: show
Four more decades would Lyan'Synor flow with the motions. Moving from coast to coast and ship to ship.
Her Blade and her practice of the Dance, her only true companions.
Sailing with other races made her horizons and normalize her mannerism to those of the world beyond the Elven haven she grew up in.
Developing a rough exterior when necessary and fierce in demanding the respect of those that looked down on the fail looking Sun Elf toiling on the ship. By proof of action, and an occasional low blow to a soft spot. And did her work on the ship dutifully and excellently.
She would find someone on deck (or two) to date and leave them on port. Drinking thirstily the highest peak of love they could share. Then shed them on their way once they made port. With sweet gratitude but also a casualness, that regarded them as nothing more then yesterday's whimsy.
Not wanting to be sadden by goodbyes and not daring to attach last her broken heart shatter to even more pieces. She would Love and leave.
She otherwise mingled with whichever random crew she was with. Thankful for brief moments of distraction from the shards her heart lay in.
A heart I once thought of as Golden.
But slowly, gradually as time does his thing. She became better.
She could still love. For she was still Lylan'Synor. But love to her became a powerful transient essence in the universe, to be attached to at certain moments and intersections and exalt. Not a strong foundation bound to once soul to guide transcendence.
And this new view slowly began to withdraw it's guilt as she let herself love a little bit more each time. Perhaps she was learning.
'And perhaps the Seladrine watch over their children and guild their winds to safety.' She thought as she chanced upon new ship in a recurring port after forty years of aimless travel. A vessel named The Starshine Maiden.
She found work on it and discovered it had a healer on board. A wondering priestess of Hanali Celanil, out on her own mission.
She nursed Lylan'Synor's heart for for years, vowing to mend her heart.
Teaching her to deal with her own heart head on, as she deals with dangers she face.
To understand the love that is given to her and the love she is giving.
And to choose to give it without bounds, but realizing it path.
Controlling Love instead of love controlling her.
Smart, and relentless once taking a task upon herself. She assimilated the priestess' teachings to her own views.
Lylan, being unable to cast a single spell, arcane or divine. Instead to take the teachings to mind, using the natural gift the Salderine blessed her with. The free will to choose and act as her deity would, and by her wisdom. And keen thought to discern it.
Anticlimactically as the months went by, she relearned
In those four years, whilst loading merchandise bound for Calimport. It dawned on Lyaln. I had been on board the same ship for four years now.
Their Starshine Maiden's voyage south was interrupted by a raiding pirate ship. While they were not deadly warriors they had a powerful Conjurer on deck that broke through the ship's wards and teleported into the belly of the ship, stealing not only the merchandise but most of the ship's provisions as well.
The captain decided to harbor at the nearest port of a week whilst they resupply and figure out the mess with Calimshani Merchants not getting their supplies.
Their maps showed a famed Port City called Baldur's Gate in a land named The Sword Coast.
Lylan'Synor was at the crow's nest around dawn when the Starshine Maiden came in view of land. Her emerald eyes taking in the sight as a golden moment imploded in her heart in the space of missing a beat.
'A silhouette of the coastline, tiny at first, black on orange against the dawning sun.
Rays of light hit the rough exterior of the mountainous, rainy and dangerous landscape. Shifting as they do, slicing the coast in stripes of black against shimmering gold.
Hinting, a hidden secret. Undiscovered beauty glimpsed by convergence of light, caught in the eternal moment of a single missed pulse. A beauty that beckoned the Silly Little Elf, find it.
Potential struck the broken Elf, beyond the obscuring mists of the coast's silhouette. Glimmering dots of golden light crying A Rebirth to Adventure, teasing her to challenge the darkness to reveal the light.
An obscure whisper, promised by Hanali Celanil in the goosebumps along her spine and the fluster of her heartbeat, was made crystal clear. Ushering An Elf's journey's begining.
As clear as the waters of Evergold depicted in her shrines. Reflected against two deep pools of emerald. An eternal moment in a missed heartbeat. Granting resolution to mend the cracks of her broken heart with golden lining of love.'

Lylan'synor found she had made her decision when she again stood amidst time, listening to the wind and the waves from atop the crow's nest. Looking at a rugged coast of rough exterior and frequent rains, soaking a few hours of sunlight after dawn.
It is usually in tales of adventures finding their heroes journey, that Act 3 concludes the story. But for Lylan'Synor Syr'Asiryn, 'An Elf's Journey Begins.'
Finding the hidden beauty she believes Hanali Celanil glimpsed her to find (Act 3 of Bio).
Became Chaotic Good after monumental milestones shifting from Neautral to Good. Knowing she has only done the first step in a longer arc.
1a. She now believes the beauty might be Niyressa Dawncrow turning good. She believes Hanali Celanil wants to prove through her that Good can combat Evil with Love as well as Vengeance. And once this proof of beauty is realized The Golden Lady will bless Niyressa as her twin soul in union.
Develop her technique as a blade dancer, to prove herself mostly to herself but also to others in duels, training and learning techniques.
Now realized realized with lvl30.. continues to burn low as her fencing RP might lead her to RCRs and build changes. but who knows what will happen
Forming meaningful relationships in all forms: romantic, friendship, work, rivalries.
Accept the Coast as her home, have the coast accept her.
Involving herself with the upgrades, training, field work and plots in Ulgoth's Beard where she lives help anchor that.
4a. Build/Buy a place for Niyressa and herself in Ulgoth's Beard.
Becoming a renowned Dancer and performing.
Becoming a renowned Fencer.
Becoming an instructor and hearing a few people have heard about her she makes proud progress
Improve her standing with Hanali Celanil and the Elven community after almost a century of separation.
Slowly getting to know the Elves and having them open up to her, loyal and proactive for her kind against Dragonspear. Despite that, in social conflict with with many Elves over her relationship with Niyressa.
Fizzled after Doron Amar banned Tieflings altogether. Wont step foot.
Improve her standing with Hanali Celanil by spreading Love, promoting Beauty and seeking Wonder. Also to help them remember their heart and convince them to follow it.
on a slow burn aided by other goals.
Sometimes she needs people ti hurt her so she can setup a high from a low, that means the occasional self destructive behavior that would cause some drama.

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Lylan'Synor Syr'Asiryn- "The point of the sword is the tip of the blade."

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Lylan'Synor Syr'Asiryn- "The point of the sword is the tip of the blade."

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