Apparent CL fluctuations?

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Apparent CL fluctuations?

Unread post by Greyskulduggery » Sun Sep 09, 2018 6:59 pm

I couldn't find this issue anywhere on the forum, and hopefully didn't miss it, so I figured I'd bring it up; I've noticed in the last few days that my caster cleric has been seeing some odd spell behavior.

She's level 19 (And CL 19), and with some regularity will end up firing off only two Magic Missiles with the Harper Priest ability who's name I forget, or doing suspiciously low damage with Flamestrikes or Flaywind Bursts, and will have three or less round durations on round/level spells. Apparently another player who I mentioned it to has had similar issues with his own Cleric, and it can be solved by simply relogging, but it comes up often enough that its honestly better to just power through it.

It wears off after a short while; possibly after casting a real spell (as opposed to a spell-like ability). I'll try and verify this. Edit: Seems to likely be the case.

Also: First post on the forums, which is kinda sad.

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Re: Apparent CL fluctuations?

Unread post by DiceyCZ » Mon Sep 10, 2018 5:41 am

I have probably seen a similar issue. Some two days ago I was talking about "Deflection" arcane spell that gives you the Deflection feat. I know in the past it used to give correctly AC equal to half my CL (14 / 11 over +3 item). However when I was demonstrating the spell through the feat it gives, it gave me 5 AC total (2 over +3 item). However later on it worked correctly again.

(Character is wizard with other CL promoting classes and Practiced Spellcaster - without PS CL would be 25, pure wizard is 6)
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