Merissa Alanadel

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Merissa Alanadel

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First Name: Merissa
Last Name: Alanadel

Marissa is a lithe form of an elf. Her blue tinted locks drape over her shoulders like a cascading waterfall. Her eyes are as green as the leaves on a tree. Clear, porcelain-like skin make her appear younger, even by elven standards.

Race: Moon Elf
Age: 120
Height 5 foot even
Weight: 85 lbs.
Eyes: Vibrant green
Hair: Dark blue

Personality Profile:
Marissa is quick with a smile. She truly loves to help people. Her outward personality is full of sunshine, while under the surface she has never gotten over the death of her parents.

General Health: Athletic
Deity: Sehanine Moonbow
Initial Alignment: NG
Profession: Adventurer
Base Class & Proposed Development: Rogue/Assassin
Habits/Hobbies: Hunting, exploring, staring up into the stars at night, Marissa has a bad habit of daydreaming.
Languages: Elven, Draconic, Animal, Common and some Orcish
Weapon of Choice: Shortsword

Background: Born in the High Forest, her family moved to Waterdeep to be closer to their customers. Marissa's parents were apothecaries that owned a small shop in the Trades Ward. Growing up in the bustling city, Marissa learned a few unsavory habits from the kids she hung out with. For a time she held a job at the Yawning Portal were Durnan paid her to gather empty mugs from the patrons. It was here that she got her taste for adventure. Hearing the stories of those that descended into Undermountain and returned to tell the tale.

Her parents left Marissa in the city with friends one day as they made their way home to the High Forest to deal with a family issue. Along the way their caravan was attacked by orcs. The only survivor was the cook. He returned to the city to inform Marissa of her loss.

She sold the shop and fell into a downward spiral of alcohol and risk taking. She approached Durnan to descend into the well and it was then that he set her straight. Knowing her parents wouldn't want her to remain in this funk she took what was left of the gold and bought some gear for adventuring and set out for Baldur's Gate.

Goals: Her goal is to become the type of elf her parents would have wanted her to become. To hunt the orc clan and avenge her parents death. To start a new life and put her painful past behind her.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts: Have the cook come to find her with more details of the orcs that killed her parents. To have the orcs hunt her down thinking she holds some family heirloom.
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