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Name: Jhaldrym
House: Barrit’tar (Undisclosed)

Race: Drow
Age: 140
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 110lbs
Eyes: Dark Red
Hair: White
Facial Hair Style: None

Clad in robes of black spider silk, this drow male is lithe in his movements and looks quite presentable. He bears a staff with a large jewel resting atop its shaft. Several pieces of jewellery adorn his person, most notable is a signet ring bearing the sigil of the School of Conjuration and Summoning. His long white locks dangle neatly across shoulders, with a bejewelled circlet keeping them in place. His eyes are of a dark red hue.

When spoken to in Undercommon and Common, his accent is thick and denotes a degree of disgust as he enunciates his words.

Personality Profile:
General Health: Fair
Deity: Undisclosed.
Initial Alignment: Neutral Evil
Profession: Wizard, Scribe
Base Class & Proposed Development: Undisclosed.
Habits/Hobbies: Undisclosed.
Languages: Common, Undercommon, Drow, Drow Sign Language, and other undisclosed languages.
Weapon of Choice: Staves and magic.

For those who have travelled with him, they may note that he has a dry, sardonic demeanour accompanied by a wry smirk every now and then. While most of the time he remains pensive and silent, content to brood and observe before speaking. He can be calculating yet also brash in his decision-making as he can be prone to bursts of fury once his patience runs out, especially in combat.


Jhaldrym was born to house Barrit’tar, a mercantile noble house in Maerimydra which specialized in supplying its markets with all manner of commodities: food, textiles, spices, magical goods, beasts, and slaves. Through decades of shrewd and underhanded manoeuvring, house Barrit’tar flourished as its coffers grew with riches. However, such notoriety walked hand in hand with spiteful rivals constantly conniving to supplant its monopoly.

As tensions and skirmishes between noble houses grew, highborn sons and daughters of house Barrit’tar were sent to the academies to be moulded into soldiers and priestesses. Slaves and beasts were herded like cattle, no longer were they sold to fight for the pits. Jhaldrym and several others of his ilk were sent to Sshamath to better hone their command over magic. Their conscription would begin when they are summoned back by the house to heed the call to battle.

The journey to Sshamath was treacherous and winding as the caverns they traversed contained dangers that could fell even the hardiest of drow warriors. As the cycles progressed, their retinue grew smaller with each skirmish against the horrors of the Underdark. Surviving the trip to Sshamath would present a great boon for house Barrit’tar as it would gain prized wizards of great skill. Jhaldrym thought otherwise and wanted to relish the time spent in Sshamath.

One can easily get lost in the tunnels of the Underdark, whether deliberately or by accident. The next few tunnels were winding and they would eventually lead to a passage where the portals to Sshamath might be found. However, several passages in between such tunnels held certain dangers: a den of tanarukks whose savagery outweighed their small numbers, a cavern that led to a dwelling that housed a horde of goblins, and other colourful monstrosities.

It is said by those that stalk the caves that the depths of Underdark always takes its due from those that ply its tunnels. Jhaldrym paid for it in full with the lives of his retinue as he approached the plateau overlooking the spires of Sshamath.


• To be a prominent Archmage in the School of Conjuration and Summoning;
• Situate himself as a member of a noble drow qu’ellar in Sshamath;
• Dabble in politics through the Conclave; and
• Continue furthering the development of his chosen school of magic through unending research and spellcraft.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc. Facts:

Work in progress. Anything goes based on whatever information is available through this biography and in-game.
Jhaldrym - Drow Archmage
Velkyn Drov'los - Drow Cultist of the Ancient One
Thade Mallory - Street Rat, Sea Urchin, Pirate

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