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 Post subject: Miirszyx's Mind Maps
Unread postPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 6:01 pm 

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Please don't metagame my journals to keep track of or "guess" things about my character.

All opinions and retellings are Miirszyx's own, not his players.

Full bio approved on Sept 13, 2018 by DM Mercy. Thanks DMs!


Once a student of magic showing some promise, the petulant Miirszyx grew bored and got mixed up with the wrong crowd through a black sheep, ne'er do well cousin. Getting caught up in his cousin's mistakes got Miirszyx abducted and in very grave danger.

Miirzyx struck a desperate deal with a strange figure that appears to him in his captivity, resulting in his freedom and to his surprise a newfound good fortune and influence with others.

Initially brushing off the stipulations of the deal he had made, the figure quickly and unhappily reasserted itself into his life and made its expectations of duty more clear.

Now dispatched to Sshamath by the hard-to-read entity, Miirszyx mixes freely and happily with its locals, buying drinks and slapping backs.

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Slight and undersized for a drow, Miirszyx is possessed of a wan, fragile beauty that has a disarming effect on those around him.

High cheekbones frame an angular face and white eyes. Miirszyx's pupils are a white coloration common to some Drow, and this only adds to his somewhat strange but enchanting appearance.

In social settings, Miirszyx is an eager conversationalist, leaning in to listen and otherwise expressing his words through physical gestures.

His head is completely bald and his long pointed ears can afford him a somewhat bat like appearance, particularly from certain angles or in darkened lighting.

In combat he makes use of chainmail armor, but in social situations he dresses himself in fine and expensive but inconspicuous clothing.

(( First mind map TBD ))

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 Post subject: Re: Miirszyx's Mind Maps
Unread postPosted: Thu Nov 01, 2018 12:49 am 

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A lone figure reclines lazily by the river running through Rockrun Pass. His head and shoulders propped up on a large round rock, Miirszyx sketches idly with a small quill on a large sheet of parchment.

In the center of the page he outlines a small, bald drow figure lying as one might be positioned before a funeral, arms crossed in an "X" shape across his chest. Little attention is spent on the personage itself, the artist barely finishing details such as the figure's fingers and leaving it without a face.

The artist seems much more interested in his careful illustrations of the figure's outfit. A large cloak drapes its shoulders, adorned around the collar with small feathers. A pair of boots adorn his feet, a lone toe poking through a hole in the left shoe. Other accoutrements are added, from memory? - a circlet framing the figure's pointed ears, bracers upon its wrists.

Satisfied with the sketch of the male Drow, Miirszyx outlines it in a coffin shaped hexagon. Flanking the 'coffin' Miirszyx draws two sets of wings on each side - a pair that may have come from a skeletal dragon, and another more reminiscent of the wings of bats.

Now Miirszyx moves to the right of the coffin to an empty section of the parchment. He draws a squat, armored figure in profile, wearing a large visored helmet and walking away from the coffin up what must be a steep incline. Above the figures head he draws a floating, abstracted head with what seems to be three faces, one looking directly out of the page and the other two, connected at their cheeks, flanking it and staring out to the sides.

Further "uphill" from the walking, armored figure he sketches a female Drow, comically well endowed and framed with a lion-like mane of hair. She stands tall and proud holding a piece of parchment and pen while at her feet he fills in several more sillhouettes, lying prone with limbs askew, likely dead. Carefully he reproduces the standing Drow females hair and rough facial features so that although each corpse's body is distinct, each wears the same face as the standing female.

Above the three-faced head he now illustrates a spider, larger than any figure he's put to the paper thus far. Before the ink of the spider can dry he smudges it with his thumb, blurring the creatures outline. A string of web descends from the spider towards the three-faced head, ending a little above the head with what looks like a fishing hook.

Miirszyx repositions the parchment and begins drawing to the left of the coffin. He sketches series of surface trees, approximating a dense forest. Behind some of the trees he draws small wings, half visible, peaking out at odd angles.

Turning his attention to the space above the forest he sketches a large dragon, as long as the forest is wide. The body, wings and tail of the dragon are decent approximations but rather than a snout, the dragons nose comes to a series of tentacles, akin to an illithid.

The majority of the parchment now filled in, Miirszyx returns to the Drow male within the coffin. He adds a face to the figure, however in reverse with an upside down mouth where the forehead should be, and upside down eyes on the cheeks. He lets out a sing-song chuckle at these last details and stands up, holding the parchment at arms length to better view it in total.

In a quick motion he claps his hands together, crumpling the parchment into a tight ball. Taking the ball in his left hand he underhands it high into the air over the river before him. Watching the parchment balls flight, he holds out his left palm and follows its trajectory. Muttering an incantation he shoots an acidic burst of eldricht energy from this hand, vaporizing the parchment in midair.

Drawing a thin longsword from the sheathe on his belt, Miirszyx slinks back into the shadows of Rockrun, returning to whatever business it is that he conducts.

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