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 Post subject: Miirszyx's Mind Maps
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Please don't metagame my journals to keep track of or "guess" things about my character.

All opinions and retellings are Miirszyx's own, not his players.

Full bio approved on Sept 13, 2018 by DM Mercy. Thanks DMs!


Once a student of magic showing some promise, the petulant Miirszyx grew bored and got mixed up with the wrong crowd through a black sheep, ne'er do well cousin. Getting caught up in his cousin's mistakes got Miirszyx abducted and in very grave danger.

Miirzyx struck a desperate deal with a strange figure that appears to him in his captivity, resulting in his freedom and to his surprise a newfound good fortune and influence with others.

Initially brushing off the stipulations of the deal he had made, the figure quickly and unhappily reasserted itself into his life and made its expectations of duty more clear.

Now dispatched to Sshamath by the hard-to-read entity, Miirszyx mixes freely and happily with its locals, buying drinks and slapping backs.

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Slight and undersized for a drow, Miirszyx is possessed of a wan, fragile beauty that has a disarming effect on those around him.

High cheekbones frame an angular face and white eyes. Miirszyx's pupils are a white coloration common to some Drow, and this only adds to his somewhat strange but enchanting appearance.

In social settings, Miirszyx is an eager conversationalist, leaning in to listen and otherwise expressing his words through physical gestures.

His head is completely bald and his long pointed ears can afford him a somewhat bat like appearance, particularly from certain angles or in darkened lighting.

In combat he makes use of chainmail armor, but in social situations he dresses himself in fine and expensive but inconspicuous clothing.

(( First mind map TBD ))

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