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Re: 1354DR - The High Moor and Boareskyr Bridge

Unread post by DM Theophanies » Sat Mar 09, 2019 3:39 pm

Battle for Beldaranamoor


Rumors spread over the last ten-day of a large contingent of adventurers gathered to assist the lizardfolk tribes in defending the ancestral breeding grounds known as Beldaranamoor. The battle is said to have been long and bloody, but the tide turned in favor of the defenders after the shamans finished their ritual to summon the guardian of Beldaranamoor. In a timely manner, the golem constructed by the Dippledop Research Initiative also was teleported in, complete with its "Eyeball Resonator".


The arrival of two such strong allies helped put the devil and troll army into disarray, though their steadfast engagement of the devil forces ended up costing them direly, as both the golem and the guardian fell. Thankfully, the adventurers were able to repel and turn back the remaining forces, scattered them within the Moors. The victory was given over to the Assembly of Noble Adventurers, the Lizardfolk, and those gathered to defend Beldaranamoor.

Meanwhile, those keeping a watchful eye over Ebondross Citadel over the last few ten-days have noticed its sinking into the very fiendish marshes. Shortly after the battle, with a thunderous earthquake, the citadel was all but swallowed up. Devils which survived and exited the stronghold were scattered and made their way to other outposts.

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