1354DR - The High Moor and Boareskyr Bridge

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Re: 1354DR - The High Moor and Boareskyr Bridge

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Battle for Beldaranamoor


Rumors spread over the last ten-day of a large contingent of adventurers gathered to assist the lizardfolk tribes in defending the ancestral breeding grounds known as Beldaranamoor. The battle is said to have been long and bloody, but the tide turned in favor of the defenders after the shamans finished their ritual to summon the guardian of Beldaranamoor. In a timely manner, the golem constructed by the Dippledop Research Initiative also was teleported in, complete with its "Eyeball Resonator".


The arrival of two such strong allies helped put the devil and troll army into disarray, though their steadfast engagement of the devil forces ended up costing them direly, as both the golem and the guardian fell. Thankfully, the adventurers were able to repel and turn back the remaining forces, scattered them within the Moors. The victory was given over to the Assembly of Noble Adventurers, the Lizardfolk, and those gathered to defend Beldaranamoor.

Meanwhile, those keeping a watchful eye over Ebondross Citadel over the last few ten-days have noticed its sinking into the very fiendish marshes. Shortly after the battle, with a thunderous earthquake, the citadel was all but swallowed up. Devils which survived and exited the stronghold were scattered and made their way to other outposts.

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Re: 1354DR - The High Moor and Boareskyr Bridge

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A letter is sent to the Flaming Fist compound addressed to the Duke.
My Lord Duke,

As you are no doubt aware, at the battle in the High Moors to assist the Lizardfolk tribes against the devil forces, both their guardian and the specialized golem were lost. While this was a great victory and denied the Dragonspear forces more thralls as well as removed one of their generals from the field, however, it was clearly very costly. The loss of the guardian was a massive blow to the Folk and without it they were not able to commit any sort of resources to further battles because they had to be able to guard their lands and hatcheries with their depleted numbers.

After the battle, I spoke with members of the Elder Circle about what it might take to assist the Lizardfolk to obtain a new guardian. They agreed to assist and have spent the last few 10-day in talks with the Folk as well as planning for what excursions were necessary. Yesterday I accompanied members of the Circle to the Moors and Serpent Hills where we were able to enter caves of Devouring Worms and perform the ritual that would secure the Folk a new guardian of their hatcheries and holy lands after negotiating passage with the natives there.

These actions, the defense of their holy birthing grounds and assistance with gaining a new guardian, have made at least some of the tribes amicable to aiding against the devils it would appear. While the shaman we were with could not commit any sort of troops on behalf of the other tribes, he did mention that it is likely that some of the tribes would be able and willing to supply troops and fighters in later battles once their strength has been fully gathered and the new Guardian is able to perform duties. Depending on outcomes of some of their internal tribal negotiations and workings it may even be possible to open long-term agreement and alliance negotiations with the collective tribes once the conflict with Dragonspear forces is concluded.

Once again, I would like to make sure I give proper thanks and recognition to the Elder Circle in this operation. Without them this would not have been successful and while we would not have more enemies in this war, we would certainly not have more allies.

-Derik Ranloss, Bladestone Foundation
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