Meredith Olma

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Meredith Olma

Unread post by Arn » Fri Oct 12, 2018 2:52 am

Meredith Olma
Origin: Telflamm, Thesk
Age: ?
Sex: Female
Deity: Eldath, pays homage to Chauntea
Height: 5'6"
Eyes: Green
Hair: Auburn
General Health: Athletic
Profession: Priestess, alchemist
Habits/Hobbies: Reading
Languages: Common, Damaran, Shou, Tuigan
Weapon of Choice: Scimitars
  • "Priestly Vestments: Priests of Eldath dress simply in green and blue robes decorated with water-colored (blue, green, translucent, and opalescent) semiprecious gems and embroidery in water patterns...
    "Adventuring Garb: ...Most wear leaf-green robes with moss-green accents, gray sashes, and brown overcloaks."
Meredith's robes and overcloak match the colors of a typical Eldathyn priestess, but they're unusually fine and expensive. She is clearly a woman of financial means.
She wears the holy symbols of both Eldath and Chauntea around her neck.
Meredith carries a number of weapons with her, although all of them are tied tightly into their sheaths.

Personality Profile
  • "...but the ranks of the Eldathyn are studded with hardy adventurer-priests who serve as envoys to other faiths, act as go-betweens with urban worshipers (often guiding them to and from forest fastness temples), and carry items and messages from priest to priest within the faith.
    "...They must swear to take no thinking life save in direst need and to share with all beings the beneficial things that grow in or come from running water that all may know of and praise Eldath.
    "...To raise funds for personal and church support, priests of Eldath may act as... herbalists, gardeners, or as potion-makers. Few Eldathyn live in large settlements, but many dwell in springside cottages - often with trained guard animals - within an easy tide of cities or large towns so as to be able to serve the local populace as sources of medicines and potions."
Meredith is confident, willful, and direct. Partly because of her wealthy upbringing, she is used to getting her way. In negotiations she is not one for gentle diplomacy, instead preferring to speak bluntly from a favorable bargaining position. Her wealth and confidence often give her such a bargaining position.
Despite her familiarity with wealth and power, over the years Meredith has also learned when to let go of certain things.
Meredith recently became a priestess of Eldath because she gained a deeper appreciation for peace. As such, she earnestly tries to avoid violence. However, if pushed far enough, she will not hesitate to defend herself. And if taking a life is absolutely necessary, she will kill without regret.
As an Eldathyn alchemist, Meredith is willing to help out all people by selling them her potions.

    • "West of Thay, in the thief-ruled city of Telflamm, the trade road known as the Golden Way begins. For thousands of miles it heads eastward, joining Faerûn to the fabulous lands of Kara-Tur. Along this road lie the merchant towns that comprise the realm of Thesk, the crossroads of the Unapproachable East."
  • Born into a wealthy merchant family in Telflamm, Meredith was trained by her father from an early age to manage the family business. She learned how to read, write, and manage coin. She even picked up the languages of her family's Kara-Turan business partners. To her father's delight, Meredith was determined to be a successful trader.
    However, Meredith's mother was originally from a farm. She hoped to keep Meredith humble and level-headed by teaching her to worship Chauntea. Despite these efforts, Meredith developed a haughty and arrogant streak as a child. It was only after her mother died of a serious illness that Meredith began to worship Chauntea in earnest. Even to this day, Meredith prefers blunt and direct speech to diplomatic niceties.
The Golden Way
    • "Thesk is most famous for the Golden Way. This well-maintained road starts in Telflamm, crosses the River Flam, and then passes through Phent, Phsant, Tammar, and Two Stars, skirting the northern side of the Thesk Mountains before it dead-ends at the River Mulsantir, between Lake Ashane and Lake Mulsantir. From there, travelers and their cargo take ferries across the water to Mulsantir, in Rashemen, and continue along the Golden Way through Rashemen and the Endless Wastes all the way to distant Kara-Tur. The Golden Way is a major overland trade artery. Its existence is the primary reason that Thesk isn’t simply part of the Great Dale or — worse yet — another tharch in Thay...
      "For the most part, Thesk is a rural, lightly settled nation. Its main sources of revenue are farming and providing services to travelers along the Golden Way. Like the Great Dale to the north, Thesk is also a place of untouched natural beauty. Vast stretches of land are empty of people. Even most of the farmers in Thesk live along the Golden Way, making it easier to transport their harvests to market."
  • When she turned sixteen, Meredith convinced her father to let her travel the Golden Way with one of the family's caravans. Thus began decades of travel, back and forth between Thesk and Kara-Tur. Meredith traded all along the Golden Way and in Kara-Tur.

    She also ordained as a priestess of Chauntea and ministered to many of the farmers along the Golden Way. Meredith met many people and learned many things during her years of travel. She trained with priests, learned from monks, encountered Shou magistrates, met Chauntean worshippers in Wa, and eventually formed alliances with all manner of powerful entities. As the years passed, her focus shifted more and more towards her priestly duties. She would often use her resources to protect Chauntean pilgrims and help refugees.

    Meredith also experienced tragedies during these years traveling the Golden Way. One of the greatest tragedies happened in Wa, where the new ruler had taken a stance against Chauntean worship. Meredith encouraged a few of her Chauntean friends in Wa to protest the new ruler's policies. Her friends joined a large protest outside Juzimura Castle... and ended up getting slaughtered in the Juzimura "Rebellion" of 1337. This incident plagued Meredith's mind for many years, and eventually lead her to the teachings of Eldath.
    • "Many of those who favor Eldath are pacifists or people who are troubled by violence they have witnessed or experienced.
      "...Those who serve Eldath are happy to preside over peaceful negotiations and to certify treaties, but they can't force others to engage in harmony."
  • About a year ago, Meredith decided to take a break from traveling the Golden Way. She traveled to the Sword Coast to meet a friend. Although this meeting was not quite the reunion Meredith had in mind, she chose to stay on the Sword Coast. During this stay, she quietly converted to the worship of Eldath.
  • Study Eldath's teachings
  • Sell potions to spread Eldath's good name
  • Protect and aid Eldathyn and Chauntean pilgrims
Possible Plot-Hook Ideas
  • Meredith does not seek violence, and only fights to defend herself and others. However, the Juzimura Rebellion still comes up in her mind. Although she knows she cannot force others to engage in harmony, she wonders if people can at least be forced to stop fighting.
  • Meredith has studied many cultures and traditions of Kara-Tur.
Miscellaneous Facts
  • Meredith learned how to fight from the caravan guards and warriors she met in her travels.
  • Meredith is an accomplished alchemist and can brew powerful divine elixirs.
  • Meredith's travels along the Golden Way and in Kara-Tur brought her into contact with many powerful entities. She can summon many of these entities in times of need.
  • Much of Meredith's wealth has gone to aid religious travelers. She has even helped construct hospitals and refugee facilities.
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Re: Meredith Olma

Unread post by Arn » Tue Nov 20, 2018 11:47 pm

Meredith's Theme

Der innere Reichtum der Leute ist
wie Licht bunt, durch Farbglas hereinzuscheinen
Das angenehme tägliche Leben ist
wie ein warmes Kerzenlicht
The inner wealth of people
is to project colourful light through coloured glass;
The pleasant daily life
is like warm candlelight.
Die sehr weite grüne Erde
Das reiche schöne Wasser
Die grandiose Natur sorgt immer noch für ihre Kinder
The immense green earth,
The rich clear water,
The magnificent nature is still taking care of its children.
Hoffentlich können wir es irgendwann verstehen
Wir gehen zur anderen Seite des Horizontes
Hoffentlich können wir es irgendwann verstehen
Wir gehen festen Schrittes
Let us hope we’ll be able to understand it some time;
We’ll go beyond the horizon.
Let us hope we’ll be able to understand it some time;
We’ll go with firm steps.
Alles Lebendige stirbt eines Tages
Ob wir zum Sterben bereit sind oder nicht,
der Tag kommt sicher
All living things will die one day;
Whether we’re prepared to die or are not
the day is sure to come.
Ist das der Engel, der vom dämmernden Himmel hinunter flog?
Ist das der Teufel, der aus der Felsenspalte heraus kroch?
Is that the angel who flew down from heaven’s twilight?
Is that the devil who crawled out of the crevice?
Tränen, Ärger, Mitleid, Grausamkeit,
Frieden, Chaos, Glaube, Verrat
Wir werden gegen unser Schicksal ankämpfen
Wir dürfen uns nicht in unser Schicksal ergeben
Tears, vexation, compassion, cruelty,
Peace, chaos, belief, treason,
We will battle against our fate.
We should not succumb to our fate.
Mit Trauer und Entscheidung im Herzen
zeigen wir den Willen weiterzugehen
Niemand darf eigensinnig seines Lebens beraubt werden
With mourning and determination in our hearts
we will show the will to carry on;
Nobody should willfully be robbed of his life.
Mi-Le (弥勒) - "Meditate, monks. Do not be negligent, lest you regret it later." ((-Saṃyutta Nikāya 35.145))
-Monk of the Old Order and the Way. Will not kill.
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