Victoria Lightheart

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Victoria Lightheart

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Energetic Summoner Victoria Lightheart:

First Name: Victoria
Last Name: Lightheart

Race: Aasimar
Age: 18
Height Tall (close to, if not fully 6')
Weight: Light (around 120 lbs)
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Fiery red
Facial Hair Style: none

Personality Profile:
General Health: Very healthy, with all limbs intact
Deity: Ilmater
Initial Alignment: Lawful Good
Profession: Sorceress (she calls herself a Summoner)
Base Class & Proposed Development: Sorcerer base, Sorcerer 25, Thaumaturge 5
Habits/Hobbies: She loves to summon; and will find times and ways to just do that. She also likes finding places where she can be of real help, like the local Temple of Ilmater
Languages: Common, Celestial, Chondathan, Draconic
Weapon of Choice: Staff (summons)

Background: Victoria was born in a sleepy farm village in Cormyr. While her parents showed no sign of celestial heritage, the bloodline flowed strongly through her. At first, she was just considered an abnormally healthy baby. This changed when she started crying, and a nightingale would show up to sing Victoria to sleep. Whenever baby Victoria had a good cry, some sort of animal would show up to help her.

Her parents tried raising Victoria, but the stress of watching out for strange animals (like the snake that nearly bit her mother, or the deer that leapt through a window to whisk Victoria to her bedroom) was too much for them to bear. Her family knew that the temple of Ilmater would take in abandoned children, so that was how they resolved the problem.

The Temple found her on their doorstep, and recognized exactly what Victoria was; a planetouched with the gift of magic. As best they could, the priests of the Temple raised and educated her. To Victoria, the Temple of Ilmater was her family. She grew up knowing she was an orphan, and that she was unique.

Victoria's life was a simple one of prayer and duty until one unfortunate, and perhaps quite fateful day. Victoria had learned about summoning with Circles, and she eagerly drew one herself. However, without aid or instruction she drew the circle wrong. Although she called an outsider to her, she accidentally summoned a devil in the chapel. Naming itself "Calistra", the devil attempted to breach the circle, but clearly could not. Already being driven back by the holy ground the church rested on, Calistra reached out and touched a terrified Victoria on her forehead, then vanished without a trace. Victoria was wracked with pain from the touch, but only a small mark on her back was left upon her. Not knowing if she posed any danger, Victoria was still asked to leave the temple due to her errant actions.

Unsure of what to do, Victoria wandered Cormyr for a bit, helping people in need that she came across. It was after one of these little adventures that Victoria's familiar, a little pig she named "Puggles", suddenly ran off into the fields. When Victoria ran to give chase, she was stopped by a ball of light! She took a moment, but recognized the ball as a Lantern Archon. The ball introduced itself as "Leora", and told her of another place where she could go. A place where her help was needed, where she could grow even more, and where she might find answers to the devil Calistra's plot. With little else holding her back, she waved goodbye to Puggles, and left her last connection to Cormyr behind her; heading for Baldur's Gate.

  • To one day be powerful enough to call down a powerful Celestial.
  • To one day make a Celestial "friend".
  • Live a life of faith and service.
Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:
  • Victoria's celestial bloodline is both her connection to her magic and the planes beyond.
  • Victoria claims that Leora is teaching her magic. This is untrue as Victoria is a Sorceress, but Leora does provide her moral guidance.
  • Calistra's plan is a simple one, but one with a high payout if successful. She has marked Victoria with a subtle power that Victoria's own blood helps mask. Victoria has been cursed with Ambition, a curse that can only be removed with the removal of the mark. Victoria is aware of her own ambitions, however, the mistake with the circle has taught her wariness. Victoria tempers her desires for power with her faith in Ilmater. However, should her faith be broken...
  • Calistra's mark can be sensed by powerful outsiders. It acts as a weak beacon (the higher her level, the stronger the ping) to let whomever can sense it know that Victoria is nearby, and that she's something special to regard.

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