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Template For Character Creation Reward:

First Name: Iolana
Last Name: Arele

Like many of her race, Iolana (eye-oh-lah-nah) could be considered quite a beautiful young woman, however does little to embellish this trait; by human standards, she appears to be in her early twenties. She is a touch short for an Aasimar however, and has unusually dark hair - uncommon, though not unheard of. Once ample and soft curves have been tempered by her lifestyle into leaner muscle, and her fair and radiant skin gradually collected scars over the years. It’s not unusual to see her smudged with dirt or with a leaf or twig trapped in her hair, though by preference or perhaps old habit she does her best to keep clean - usually by means of waterfalls or rivers.

She aims for function over fashion when it comes to her attire; one of her usual outfits was once a fine dress that she had of necessity pulled apart and re-made into a sturdier bodice, trouser, and robe, patched with flax and hide. Shoes are often optional, particularly when the weather is warm, and rarely wears jewellery unless it offers a useful enchantment.

Despite this, Iolana has the accent and poise of a young lady of good breeding, which can be in stark contrast to her often scruffy or careless appearance. It’s not a conscious effort, rather a remnant of her former way of life that is too ingrained into her behaviour. Another Aasimar trait would be her penetrating look; her expression is almost always a pensive one, lost in contemplation.

Race: Aasimar
Age: 30
Height 5’4”
Weight: 138 lb
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Black, with a propensity to curl
Facial Hair Style: None

Personality Profile:
Imaginative yet decisive, ambitious yet private, idealistic yet cynical, and curious but would not squander her energy, her personality is something of a paradox. Iolana usually sees the Big Picture, or at does her best to look for it, rather than focus on smaller and more trivial matters. She possesses rationalism that prevents her being blinded by rhetoric, but tempers this with hopeful ingenuity. However, this constant churning of her mind can cause her to become withdrawn, or even argumentative with herself.

Unsurprisingly, Iolana possesses a deep love and reverence for nature and all it’s creatures - so much so, she will rarely ever eat meat, trap, or hunt, unless her survival is absolutely on the line. As she sees it, if she can survive on plants, fish, or insects, there’s no call for an animal to die just for her to have dinner.

For all her rationalising, her Aasimar nature still tends to shine through when it comes to questions of morality; simply put, she finds the most sensible route of action is often the kindest one. She’s likely to help a wounded stranger not because of a great feeling of benevolence or compassion, but because, in her own words, “What would letting them die achieve?”

Her connection with her familiar Kuma, a young bear, sometimes resembles more of a mother-child bond. She’s protective of the creature, and even as the bear grows to a formidable size Iolana still falls into old habits of treating it like an infant.

General Health: Fit, youthful.
Deity: Eldath
Initial Alignment: Neutral Good
Profession: Druid
Base Class & Proposed Development: Pure Druid
Habits/Hobbies: Herbology - born of her learning to survive in the wilderness, Iolana enjoys studying plants and their uses, and experimenting with them, be it in medicine, cooking, crafting or dyes. When in more civilised society her preference is to read, or sketch and document things she has learned or discovered. She enjoys swimming and won’t often pass up the chance to be in the water.
Languages: Common, Druidic, Draconian, Celestial
Weapon of Choice: Spear


Iolana was the second daughter born to a prominent and wealthy couple in Eshpurta, Amn. Her father had a commanding position in the military, and her mother was the daughter of a merchant as well as a successful one in her own right. From a young age, Iolana and her sister were raised in the manner most respectable young ladies were, and had the same expectancies thrust upon them; that of an elegant profession, or valuable marriage.

An accident when Iolana was only a child changed the course of her life. While travelling with her elder sister by caravan, a severe storm came upon the troupe; part of the mountain road gave way to a landslide and they, the carriage, and the attendants who accompanied them were pulled down into the ravine below. All were injured, and few survived; it wasn’t until three days later that she and her sister were discovered and rescued, both by then close to death with cold, hunger, and thirst.

The traumatic experience had a dramatic change on the little girl; her fear of the wildness became anger, and anger became resolution that she’d never again be so helpless. In the following years, between etiquette lessons or needlework, she made acquaintances with local rangers or army scouts and persuaded them to show her how to build fires, craft tools, or what plants were edible. Most of them humoured the little girl and seemed happy enough to appease her curiosity. The more she learned of nature, the more she respected and soon revered it - despite her family’s disapproval of her unladylike habits.

This battle between her two worlds came to a head when Iolana was twenty-five years old, and she discovered, quite suddenly, that she was about to become engaged. The match had been arranged by her parents, to an Eshpurtan courtier and family friend. The gentleman was not a bad sort of person and would easily have provided her with a secure and lavish home, however, the young lady couldn’t help but despair of her future.

It was the night before the engagement celebration that she first heard the call, a whisper carried on the wind, the mountains murmuring to her. She had been tried, she’d persevered, and that night Nature offered her the path of the druid.

Iolana left only a note to her family before she left and in all the following years hasn’t been in contact with them again. It’s something she regrets and knows now was cowardly and immature, but isn’t sure how to remedy it - or rather, is fearful of what would need to be done to set things right.

Not long after her arrival in the Small Teeth Mountains, she was tracked by one of the few Druids who dotted the area. After time and seeing her basic survival skills were indeed developed, they began to show her the ways of the nature deities, and the magic and spiritualism of being a Druid.

Outside of her interactions with her mentor, Iolana has spent the past five years in almost complete solitude and living primitively in the Small Teeth mountains and forests. A chance encounter with an adventurer has brought her to the Sword Coast.


Ultimate: To reach the zenith of the Druid’s path, and unlock the wisdom it holds.
Lesser: Find connection again with other people despite her introverted ways, possibly reconnect with her family and make amends with them.
Minor: Possibly compile her own tome of knowledge about herbology and survivalism.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:

Iolana can be easily drawn into conversations or situations where there is an opportunity to learn of something new; showing off an interesting gadget, idea, or skill is an easy way to get her attention.

If you are familiar with Amn or Ashpurta:
You might have heard of the scandal that befell the Arele family some years back where their younger daughter ran away from her engagement, or that General Arele was killed in the recent war (I am open to having a character who fought in the war be revealed to have killed him in battle)

Being both Druid and Aasimar, Iolana has a natural antipathy to the undead and necromancy. It won’t take much (if any) persuading her to help fight them.
Iolana Arele, Druid of Greenest

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