Kelren Durhammer

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Kelren Durhammer

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First Name: Kelren
Last Name: Durhammer


Kelren is a stout, hearty looking dwarf with a deep red beard flecked with grey. It is clear that he is not young, nor is he very old - he seems to be about middle aged for a dwarf, but with additional years of hardship and character evident in the lines on his face and the steel in his eyes. He stands roughly 4 1/2 feet tall, has broad shoulders, a wide back, and arms of banded muscle. His grey eyes are steady beneath bushy red eyebrows that curl off into wisp of wiry hair. He keeps the rest of his long mane tended & braided. His armor is often clean, though not polished, and the leather straps about his person are frayed from use. He sports a large shield and dwarven war axe at his belt as well as an assortment of throwing axes, tools, pouches, and other things. He wears no crest, pendant, or emblem that would give away allegiance of any kind to a kingdom, territory, or god.

Race: Shield Dwarf

Age: 137
Height: 4' 7''
Weight: 210 lbs
Eyes: Grey/Blue
Hair: Red/Grey
Facial Hair Style: Full beard, long, braided

Personality Profile: Kelren's life is a long series of hardships, battles, and toils. He adheres to his own personal code of ethics, and always strives to do the right thing, even if that means making the hard decision. He values honesty, loyalty, and truthfulness and seeks out friends who do the same. While he does not strictly adhere to always doing good, he always seeks to do what is fair and just. In his younger days, he may have been more naive and pious, but today he is pragmatic and humble. While he will not necessarily go out of his way to help others, he always seeks to ensure that they are in a position to help themselves. He won't help beggars with coin, but he would buy them a meal if he viewed them to be worth it. He does not take kindly to anyone who seeks to subvert justice or con others, and he has a special hatred for orcs, as orcs killed his family 40 years ago. This is not something he discusses often, or with strangers.

General Health: Kelren is in good health.

Deity: Moradin
Initial Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Profession: Adventurer (Previously an extremely gifted Guardsman of the Iron Guard)
Base Class & Proposed Development: Fighter, and eventually Dwarven Defender
Habits/Hobbies: Discussing politics, drinking, whittling, stone-carving
Languages: Common, dwarven
Weapon of Choice: Dwarven War-Axe

Background: Kelren's entire bloodline hails from a long lineage of Citadel Adbar. He lived a good, quiet life as a guardsman of the Iron Guard. He would often be chosen to guard diplomats, caravans, food supply lines, and even royal sessions & hearings, and he was good at what he did. One day, however, his family was returning from visiting extended relatives and were attacked by an orc raiding party. Kelren learned of it and tracked down the orcs who slaughtered his family, killing them to the last. Because he abandoned his post, he was dismissed from the guard corps, and decided to leave Citadel Adbar, as there were far too many bad memories there for him. He became an adventurer, a wanderer, and has walked this path ever since. He still adheres to a code of justice and honor, but approaches life more pragmatically. Perhaps one day he will return to the Citadel.

Goals: None to speak of, other than just live his life on the road. Maybe help others. His is a life of wandering.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts: None as of yet.

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