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Race & Origin : Waterdhavian Watersoul

Gender : Female

Main class : Cleric

Alignment : Neutral Good

Deity : Mielikki

Skin : Under water bright blue, on the surface something in between azure and seafoam turquoise.

Eyes : Cyan

Hair : Black

Skin : Lightly & smooth scaled

Favorite weapons : Dagger, sickle, mace, club

Quick background :
Misty hails from Waterdeep, more specifically the southern part. Her father was a human who lived and worked in the Dock Ward, as a ship’s repairman and general maintenance. Her mother was the direct descendant of a Nereid, an aquatic fey who lived in the depths of Deepwater Harbor as member of the local merfolk. The water was also the place where the pair met. They never got married but shared a rather intense bond after Misty’s mother saved her father when he was cast overboard during a storm. Ten years after Misty was born, her parents got into a fight with each other over something that was kept from Misty. After that, she only saw her mother once in a while showing up in the azure blue of Waterdeep when she was helping her father clearing ship hulls from corals and algae below sea level. They spoke, but not very often about life, her mother merely checking on how Misty was doing. On the matter why her parents broke up, her mother proved rather evasive, same as her father. But Misty found out anyways.
One day she sat on a rock with her feet dangling in the water, and the next moment she was gone, disappearing for months. Misty, for some reason whatsover, had decided to swim upstream Ardeep River, pretty much like salmon which are naturally predisposed to the journey upstream. Since a long time the river has had this weird effect on her, the sight and the feel of the water offering her a strange, comforting and mental balance. After a tenday of swimming, she ended up in the more dense parts of Ardeep Forest, just at the bottom of some high ridges from where the river flowed down. It was here she would get to know her first best friend ever in life, a female half-blood elf. Over the years and under this half-elf’s influence, Misty turned to Mielikke, and once devouted she also received the Forest Queen’s blessings. Both girls only later on learned the true reason why Misty had sensed that urge to swim up Ardeep River, as it turns out Misty and this half-elf shared the same father, and thus were actually half-sisters.

Visual appearance :
Misty is unable to conceal her heritage, her entire body displaying a skin built up of the tiniest scales even a fisherman may ever have seen, but upon touch more reminding of a super smooth feminine skin, the colors shifting depending on the way how light fell on it, but always in the spectrum of green and blue, and everything in between. Her hair also always has had this strange way of moving -like as if under water- all due its structure. Therefore she keeps it rather short when living onshore for longer periods. She is capable of causing the moisture in the air surrounding her to condense, the effect partially concealing her for a shorter period of time. Upon touch, her flesh nor skin doesn’t feel particularly clammy nor cool, but neither does it feel warm. Her voice has been spared of mutations, though she is capable or producing sounds only those in the aquatic world can understand.
Misty has always been prone to strong wonderlust and is rather individualistic, even for a Watersoul, showing a great independence in thought and action. She is fairly modest/shy though, and easily startled when people notice and point out things about her appearance. Not everywhere a water genasi like her is welcomed like in the place where she had grown up, and thus she has learned how to defend and conceal herself.

Rp hooks and plots :
- One of the extraordinary things about her is her endurance, and her body’s recovery speed after injuries.
- Misty has a darker side for she may take a life when feeling really threatened, the reason for that lies in a past event where she once got captured and was tortured after been mistaken for a drowess or demon in the darkness.
- Misty in general has a good heart though, and she cares much for nature in general, rivers and forests in particular.
- Wanderlust is what brings her to whatever place where she shows up, she only doesn’t know yet what else to do with her life, and sort of lacks a cause right now.
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