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Ghātikā [table]

Origin: Thay
Age: 40s or 50s
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Deity: Jergal
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Height: 6'3"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
General Health: Athletic
Profession: Wandering ascetic
Habits/Hobbies: Studying death
Languages: Common, Thayan
Weapon of Choice: Unarmed
Ghātikā is a tall pale woman. Her simple monk robes are almost entirely black, and do not indicate what order she belongs to.

Personality Profile
Ghātikā is usually silent, but whenever she speaks with people she is polite and calm. She always enjoys teaching moments, but the lessons she seeks to impart are sometimes controversial.

    • "The Mulan people are tall and slim, sometimes to the point of being gaunt. Their skin is sallow, and they usually remove what little body hair they have by means magical or mundane...
      "Almost all nobles in Thay are of Mulan descent, although not all Mulan are nobles. At worst, lowborn Mulan are free farmers or artisans, although many seek power that does not depend on their family’s wealth, becoming bureaucrats, soldiers, or priests..."
    • "The Red Wizards are the ruling class of this magocracy. It’s illegal for any Red Wizard to take on an apprentice of other than Mulan blood. Some still do, however, and it’s usually an open secret. At any given time, most Red Wizards claim up to a dozen apprentices... whom they keep at one another’s throats to advance their own schemes. Apprentices exist to serve as the master’s agents, minions, and thralls. What magical training they gain in the process is determined solely by their own ambition and initiative.
  • Ghātikā was a lowborn Mulan whose son was taken by a Red Wizard to be an apprentice. Her son did not survive his apprenticeship. His corpse was reanimated to serve as a skeleton mage. Eventually, Ghātikā learned about her son's fate. Grief-stricken, she left her home to join a priesthood. Her searching lead her to the Crypt of Imminent Death in Bezantur.
The Cult of Jergal
    • "Jergal's cult has undergone a small renaissance in Thay where death is a daily fact of life. The Crypt of Imminent Death in Bezantur, Thay, is a small onion-domed structure of gold-veined black marble...
      "The Companions of the Pallid Mask were a group of Jergali priests who specialized in combating or commanding the undead. They eliminated undead creatures whose existence was not sanctioned by the church or who had proven to be troublesome...
  • Finding solace in the teachings of Jergal, Ghātikā devoted herself to the church. Her fellow Jergalites seemed cold, emotionless, and matter-of-fact about death. Taking them as her example, Ghātikā tried to repress her grief by telling herself that "Existence is but a brief aberration in an eternity of death."

    In her time at Jergal's church, Ghātikā came across records about the Companions of the Pallid Mask. She was intrigued by this sect's stance against the undead. Citing the Companions of the Pallid Mask, Ghātikā tried to encourage the Jergalite church to oppose the necromantic practices of the Red Wizards. However, the church was uninterested in such political activism. When Ghātikā persisted in her rabble-rousing attempts, the church encouraged her to leave. Disappointed, Ghātikā left the Crypt of Imminent Death. She eventually found the Order of the Long Death.
The Order of the Long Death
    • "The Long Death order worships the principle of death without caring much which deity currently owns the portfolio. They are more than willing to share death and its antecedent, pain, with others.... This order is quite strong in Thay, though not with the sanction or cooperation of the Red Wizards."
  • Having encountered the Order of the Long Death, one of the only organizations in Thay strong enough to resist Red Wizard influence, Ghātikā decided to ordain as a monk of the Long Death. She found the Long Death's philosophy to be perfectly in line with her understanding of Jergal's teachings. More importantly, Ghātikā found comfort in the Long Death's teaching that death is a gift, a final freedom from suffering. She embraced this belief wholeheartedly.

    Ghātikā trained diligently in the Long Death's ways for many years. As part of this training she abandoned many things, even her ill-will against the Red Wizards. She eventually became one of the Order's most devout and advanced monks.
  • To share the greatest gift freely
  • To learn more about death
  • Discover the perfect death
Possible Plot-Hook Ideas
  • Ghātikā's obsession with death originally began as a coping mechanism to deal with her son's gruesome demise.
  • She now sees herself as a patient teacher educating unwilling students.
Miscellaneous Facts
  • Ghātikā is a highly-trained monk whose martial arts skills are supplemented by Jergal's blessings.
  • Ghātikā truly sees each kill as a gift to her victims.
Mi-Le (弥勒) - "Meditate, monks. Do not be negligent, lest you regret it later." ((-Saṃyutta Nikāya 35.145))
-Monk of the Old Order and the Way. Will not kill.
-[IC Journal]

Wendi - Haggling, wands, alchemy
-Cleric of Shaundakul

Meredith Olma - Divine Elixirs


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