Moonyava Underthistle

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Moonyava Underthistle

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Full Name: Moonyava Underthistle
Race: Lightfoot Halfling
Place of Birth: High Forest
Class: Archdruidess (13th Level Druid) / Hierophant (Level 2)
Special Skills: Healing Herbology (BASE Heal check: 24; Herbal Lore (BASE Nature Lore check: 17); Gardening (Green Thumb check: Unknown); Corporeal Meditation practice (BASE Concentration check: 21)
Patron Diety: Sheela Peryroyl (Watchful Mother/Green Sister)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Companion: Grey Wolf; Ceta (Hinnish for 'Lady')

Divine: Moonyava's honed druidic ability allows her to summon various manner of animals including badgers and bears to help her on her daily activities errands or acting as runners should she not be able to be there herself. Furthermore, her dedication to nature allows her to summon a Greater Elemental to act as a stalwart defender should she need such assistance.

Ability wise Moonyava has the ability to shift into various animals should she need to, including a dire bear, dire badger, a panther and even a domestic cat or dog, preferring the smaller shifts due to her small stature, the larger shapes leaving her weak for a day or more (*ooc: No adventuring for one full game day) However, her closeness to nature has allowed her to shift into a treant, myconid or shambling mound without consequence..

Age: 29
Height: 3' 0"
Weight: 27 Ibs.
Hair: Platinum blonde, wooden beaded, dreadlocked hair.


Eyes: Light Grey
Complexion: Olive skin tone to that of dark brown in the late spring and summer months.
Build: Slender; trim.


Armor: Elven Mithril Full Plate. Though slightly more cumbersome than the typical leathers that are worn by those of her order it offers up increased protection that makes it ideal for the wandering druidess in an increasingly hostile environment.

Weapon (Missile): Sling of Fire (+3 to attack and damage; 1d4 fire damage on hit)

Weapon (Melee): Amaunator's Fierce Ankle (+3 to attack and damage). An enchanted sickle.

Tattoos: None; though has been known to apply various dyes from different flora onto her skin in ritualistic/ tribal designs that remain on her skin for up to a week at a time before fading away.

Piercings/ jewelry: She has a single gold septum nose ring and wears non-descript metal armbands on both biceps and a handcrafted choker made of hemp around her neck from which hangs a small amulet in the shape of a daisy:

... HER CAUSE ...

A Corporeal Meditation school dedicated to teaching adventurers of all ilk how to focus on ones inner-Self, through stretching, deep personal meditation as well as survival foraging/cooking for the purpose of educating people how to understand the Natural World as a whole and to as why it's a necessity to preserve and coexist with it while having a deeper, more vivid understanding of Self within it.


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