Ar'Joona Rastafer

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Ar'Joona Rastafer

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Template For Character Creation Reward:

First Name:Ar'Joona 
Last Name:Rastafer 
This wild elf's dark skin blends naturally with the shadows around the dim light of a fire place at night. His eyes - just a shade brighter than his brown skin - pierce cautiously from out of the shadows. He wears his thick dreadlocks with grace and pride even. When spoken to, he is very accostumed to holding eyecontact, while when speaking he avoids looking at people directly.

Race:Wild, Sylvan or Green Elf (Sy-Tel-Quessir) 
Height: 6,1
Weight: 73kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black 

Personality Profile:
Ar'joona may appear shy or dismissive to many at first instance, but with a subject that peaks his interest and a discrete amount of friendliness he can engage into conversations quite passionatly. He seems oddly used to the ways of humans, for a wild elf, though a bit bored by it, at times – he lacks the usually expected confusion or curiousity when confronted with certain human ways of living, that can be observed in other elves. He feels most comfortable around half-elves.
When among his own kind he can be observed acting most uncertain.

General Health:Physically fit, challenging mental post-traumatic issues.
Initial Alignment: Chaotic Good
Profession: Small-time Crook, Farmer
Base Class & Proposed Development:Rogue into Shadowdancer
Habits/Hobbies:He likes to farm and grow herbs and foodplants. He also loves music, drumming and rhyming to the beat. 
Languages: Elven, Request:)Human (Amnian), Common[/b] 
Weapon of Choice: Longbow, Swords and Daggers of various types.

Born and captured

Right after his birth in the tropic jungles of Chult, Ar'joonas family was ambushed by a group of Rundeen slave hunters, who were after a very special price, a half elven child, known to be born to a wild elf woman. Such child was never found among Ar'joona's people, yet they stole Ar'joona anyway, and brought him as consolation gift. One that brought so much displeasure in Athkatla, that the leader was killed upon delivery.
„Do you know how much effort and time it takes to raise and tame a full blooded elven infant from the wild? I will not even live to see the full potential in him realised.“

Ar'joona spent most of his life in Amn as a slave servant for the rich merchant that financed the exbidition that resulted in his capture. The merchant wanted a slave that was atuned to the land, hoping to increase the yieldings of the farms he owned with his help. So most of his early life, Ar'joona spent tending to the fields or running errands in the city. He was made to wear a magical collar and bracers that would ensure that could never stray to far off, but generally he was treated like a rare trophy from the jungles, unlike a common slave. One that advertised for excellent produce from the merchants farms.

However, just like his first owner predicted, he would outlive the old merchant and the key to his chains was passed on to the next generation of the merchants family, who had put much less effort in the good name and wealth of the family, and were thus far less grateful for the life they led, and who were far less kind to Ar'Joona.

Freedom and Lady Luck
Nobody ever needed to tell Ar'Joona that he wasn't were he was supposed to be, even though he hardly could remember anything else. He often felt a calling in his heart, a yearning that visited him almost every night in his dreams, that made it clear to him that he had to live differently, then what was proposed to him by his childhood surroundings.

The other slaves offered little help, or even hope to ever gain freedom by yourself. „You would need a lot of luck..“ Is what they would say. But where to find luck....

The faith of Tymora was easy enough to find in the city of coin.

So whenever he could he would find a way to hang arround people that are rumored to be very dependend on luck, the gamblers, the travellerss and adventurers, the daring and the risk takers among human society. And though Tymora herself would never reveal herself to free him, as he had prayed for with many a copper coin that he could slip from his masters, he would find the necerssary skills to gain his freedom on his own – in shadow. He would learn how to undo open his shackles, how to sneak off at night, how to steal all the necessities for his escape and how to backstab anyone in his way before they even see it coming....

Roaming for Roots:

After gaining his freedom, under hell breaking loose in Athkatla, he journeyed to Chult intending to find the tribe that he was stolen from, maybe even his parents. To no avail. After almost being killed by Dinosaurs he was found by a group of wild elves and travelled with them for a while, trying to learn what he can about his own culture. The other wild elves, though curious about him, treated him like an outsider, though uncertain about their brother who spoke so much like a human.

„He even smells a bit human...“ - „He can beat the drum like one of us, though!“ „But he eats like a human..“ - „And he eyes our stuff all the time..“ - „Maybe we should wipe his memory and bring him back to where he came from..“ - „No, brothers.. he was still born one of us..“ - „But raised as a human pet..“

Suffice to say that this bond didn't last.

An experience that made him cautious around his own kind, and made him question why nobody ever came to look for him in the first place.

Goals: Ar'Joona is a young elf, trying to find himself and his own identity. He also wants to explore the talents that he discovered during the years of preparing for his escape, and the position his finds himself in.. The thin line between two worlds, jungle and the city, as different as light and shadow
Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:
I am trying to build a shadowdance-character that dances along the edge of two worlds, so there plenty of space to hook him in from all sides. The underworld of human cities is what he knows and were he feels appreciated for his talents, familiarity. But the natural ways of the wild elves is what his heart is craving, even though he is most scared of it because of how much of a stranger he is to his own, and how strange the people are to him. I know he is untypical for an elf, and that can be anoying, but one of the reasons why i did that, is because i thought it the best way of learning how to play an elf really well according to the atmo in BG, is to learn it in RP with other players.
This is the lvl 1 after all and i think this story sets me up nicely for a lot of character developement, and is still believable.
~Ar'Joona - Wild Elf Lost From his Pack, with an almost invisible friend.

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