Alter Self Spell and Mask of Flesh Warlock Invocation

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Alter Self Spell and Mask of Flesh Warlock Invocation

Unread post by kitteninablender » Wed Nov 28, 2018 7:49 am

I think we should implement the "Alter Self" spell from PnP.

Alter Self is a 2nd level spell that has a duration of 10 minutes/level.

It's like Polymorph, applies the Shift Shape feat just like it does, but only humanoid forms are allowed. Basically: Any of the Playable Races: Elf, Human, Drow, Dwarf, Tiefling, Aasimar etc.

Now: the next part I don't know if it can be done via coding, but it would be nice.

Allow Polymorph/Shapechange/Alter Self to have an additional option from the pop-up menu: Selection.

Basically: If you want to disguise as a SPECIFIC person, you can cast the spell on THEM instead of casting on yourself, and it would transform the Caster into a copy of that person.

You could even, possibly, allow the spell to change your name to match that person's, on the caveat that it has quotations or something around it to signify it.

For example: John disguises as Peter, John's name would change to "Peter" for the duration.

The spell would be entirely cosmetic, and would function like a Wild Shape: All your Worn Gear retains it's bonuses, and you would retain your ability to cast spells/invocations because you would be changing into another Humanoid creature capable of gesturing/speaking to cast spells.

This would function as the Warlock Invocation Mask of Flesh from the Complete Mage. This makes it so that, consequently, you could also grant this as a Lesser Invocation. ... k-of-flesh

You could even, potentially, do the following:

Allow the spell to function like the Teleportation Rune system.

But instead of Empty Runes: You could allow "Empty Masks."

Just like the Blood Magus' ability to "Mark" people with Bloodwalk, you could "Mark" people with the Alter Self spell.

Then you cast the spell again on the Rune in your inventory...and change shape into that person.

For example: You could have a "Rune" of "FAI Guard."

Cast the spell once on an FAI guard ((OOC)) to "Mark them."

Then cast it again upon the Rune...and VOILA! You transform into an FAI Guard as a disguise.

Could this be done? Is this feasible?

Thoughts? Comments? Witticisms? Critiques?
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Re: Alter Self Spell and Mask of Flesh Warlock Invocation

Unread post by Okan » Wed Nov 28, 2018 9:49 am

Alter self should not grant the ability to mimic someone elses possessions or change yours in any capacity, except melding into the form if the new form is not capable of equipping it. Polymorph in our server changes outfit and comes with fixed weaponry on humanoid shapes but I believe its to grant combat prowess and variety to the spell not for its disguising properties.

I think it would be only plausible if its a personal bodily change, maybe with a modifier to Disguise checks for the duration of the spell. For disguising oneself completely, outfit and all, well Disguise Self is a would be the better choice.
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Re: Alter Self Spell and Mask of Flesh Warlock Invocation

Unread post by Tsidkenu » Wed Nov 28, 2018 8:41 pm

Disguise Self and Alter Self are two very closely related spells. The former is Illusion and creates a glamer of the caster's origination. It should be able to be disbelieved if interacted with, however, and spells like Detect Illusion & True Seeing will reveal that trickery is at play.

Alter Self is Transmutation and actually changes the subject into the new form of humanoid (but does not and should not copy equipment, however if the altered being were to don a suit of Flaming Fist platemail then sure they could pass by as Altered-Self Capt. Norton). There is no disbelief check when interacted with due to the nature of the transmutation, and True Seeing spell and/or True Form/Reveal Thyself will indeed reveal the original creature transmuted.

I've campaigned in the past for similar dropdown menu functionality for Disguise Self/Other as currently exists with the custom server changes to Polymorph Self, but that's entirely the purview of the volunteer developer(s) who want to do the work. If no-one feels motivated to do it, it doesn't get done. It's that simple.
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