Jason Re'el

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Jason Re'el

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First Name:Jason
Last Name:Re'el


:A charming smile, His face wearing a scar on his chin. Wavy sand colored hair he keeps back with a headband. Skin slightly tanned from being out in the sun. Carries a longsword on his hip & a shield on his back. The sword beautifully ornamented yet does not seem to bear any special enchantments. His shield ordinary, Neither sword nor shield fit with the rest of his equipment.

Height: 176cm
Hair:Sand colored.
Facial Hair Style: none. Has a stubble that he shaves every few days.

Personality Profile:Always up for a laugh & a joke. He'd risk his life for strangers, Women especially. Enjoys flirting and alcohol.
General Health: Young & healthy
Deity: Selune, Valkur & Umberlee
Initial Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Profession: Sailor - Cook
Base Class & Proposed Development: Bard, Spirit shaman, Stormsinger
Habits/Hobbies: Enjoys cooking, women & alcohol. Not in that order.
Languages:Luskan, Common, Some elven & Animal.
Weapon of Choice: Longsword, Though he does not really like weapons. Using his magic to supplement his weakness in swordsmanship.

Background: Born on a merchant vessel & found as the ship had already sailed the crew took him in. No parents he was cared for & made to work by the captain & crew.

Without love & schooling not let into port if it cost a toll he had barely set foot on land til he was 9 summers old and the ship was attacked & most of the crew slain by pirates. The pirates sold him and some of the crew to a shrewd merchant at Thay.

The very same day as he was sold to the merchant however a luskan smuggler ship with dealings with the very same merchant arrived at port. He was given as a gift to the captain of the ship after some arguing over the deal.

The luskan captain took instant liking to the boy reminding him of his own son. Jason was treated fairly (some might even say favorably) by the captain and the crew. The Captain himself taught him how to read & write still having to work though he became the cooks apprentice. Years went by, Jason having learned to play the lute entertained the crew as they worked or ate.

Jason had started to develop a strange sense of seeing things he hoped was his imagination. Ghosts or almost inconceivable beings that danced as he played and sometimes even when he was not. He did not think much of it nor tell anyone at that point.

The Cook fell ill as Jason was 25 summers old. He died a month later making Jason the new cook of the ship. This was a turning point for Jason. As a few days after the cook had died his ghost showed up for Jason. Jason terrified & worried told everyone who'd listen to him and most especially the captain.

The Captain told him not to speak of it to Anyone ever again saying he'd bring ill fortune upon the ship. Jason tried but at his 26th birthday the ship docked for repairs & provisions at Baldurs Gate. Given 6months pay he was taken to the blushing mermaid by the crew who told him theyd come get him when the ship was ready.

3 days went by Jason awoke in an alley with his coin purse taken by the woman he had courted the night before only to see no sight of the ship as he stumbled back onto the docks. He was left there.

Now he's searching for a new ship & crew.

After a while around Baldurs gate he found an elven priestess whom he after a few weeks of courting fell in love with. Her name's Arienna.

Goals:Find a ship & crew, Learn about his spirit shaman powers.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts: Spirits might seek him out for aid or in anger, He might find a crew to join, His romantic endeavors with Arienna makes him susceptible to
all sorts of elvish troubles. He is pained by the fact he sees ghosts & spirits and even though he's learned to barter for power with some and shun others he hopes to learn more.

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