Clagius Rhym - Thayan Gem Connoisseur and collector

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Clagius Rhym - Thayan Gem Connoisseur and collector

Unread post by Kiran » Wed Nov 28, 2018 3:41 pm

First Name: Clagius
Last Name: Rhym

Race: Human
Age: 56
Height 5'6
Weight: 140 pounds
Eyes: Dull Grey
Hair: There is none to see
Facial Hair Style: None

Personality Profile:
General Health: Upon the first inspection, Clagius looks a bit gaunt, sort of thin for a man of average height, there are signs of old age, at least for a human, appearing all over him, small warts and a general unease in how he sits and stands can be seen as his body is slowly starting to betray him, his ongoing shapeshifting and transmutation on himself and others not helping this fact

Deity: Waukeen, though not very religious.

Initial Alignment: Lawful Evil

Profession: Gem Connoisseur and collector

Base Class & Proposed Development: Wizard, Red wizard.
Habits/Hobbies: Apart from collecting gems and minerals of various rarity, Clagius see's himself as a bit of an experimenter, using his arts in transmutation to create and harness the power of the different rare gems and diamonds in Faerun. He has even gone so far as to cover his skin with these precious stones, burning them into his very own body. Whether he believes it gives him enhanced powers or not, he is very proud and often seen when possible with his mage sleeves rolled up to expose such self mutilation upon himself.

Languages: Thayan, Common, Rashemi, Elven, Dwarven and some others.

Weapon of Choice: None, though seen usually leaning on a stick for support.

Background: Clagius Rhym was born into the Noble house of Rhym some fifty years or so ago, a ancient noble house specialised in the arts of Transmutation. Clagius from a very young age showed great aptitude for his skills within the art, creating magical and none magical trinkets, using both precious stones and rare minerals that his house could provide him in. Upon growing older his ambitions as well grew, his work changed from simple trinkets to fully fleshed out golems, using diamonds and such to power these monstrosities.

Many a scream and sudden silence would be heard from the basement and labratory in which he created his creations, sometimes late at night whilst he was unable to get prisoner or slaves for it, he would start to turn his own experiments on himself, imbuing, in his mind, a connection to these rare stones he so loved.

However his experiments, in the end, would usually turn unsuccessful, prisoners and slaves alike would either die during the surgeries he performed or afterward they would be lifeless husks which didn't take any commands, no matter how much he beat or tortured them to do his bidding.

In the end, he knew however it was not his fault, being the great transmutation wizard he was, it was the power of the stones he had to work with, the diamonds were simply not up to par. Perhaps he had to go to a place where such gems and stones were in more abundance, where also people seemed to die and disappear often, a place in which he could work more privately.

The Sword coast seemed a good place.

Goals: Clagius wants to create the perfect creature, powered by magical diamonds and precious stones, though he has an interest in trade and ambition as a red wizard, his only reason for those is that he believes it can bring him closer to his real goal. That of creating a Flesh golem out of expensive stone

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts: Chasing and finding specialist gems. Finding knowledge on the sword coast about golem creations. Befriend crafters and those of Gond.
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