Quin Lianne Inxys

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Quin Lianne Inxys

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“A sister sired, last one of three, fair as angels and this tale to thee.
Kissed by Lady Firehair, eyes blue and green and gold did bear.
Eldest sought to fight Dales’ foes, and ease its woes with Ruby Rose.
Her latter danced and sang and played, in their presence none dismayed.
Both beauty apparent and joy to share, till Talona’s ire found them there.
Betrayed by those that they called friends, they begged to see their stories’ ends.
Temple cursed of chaos’ air, perverted from the Firehair.
Drew eldest in to have her bout, their forces saw The Plague Crones rout.
But not before the curse was spout, and only two alive came out.
Not blue nor green nor gold was there, and townsfolk gathered all to stare.
Which sisters were these two of three? An answer never came to be.
For as one was warped, could nary stammer.
Two screamed with minds’ and body’s pallor.
Know not which nor what they are, save for sisters’ loving care.
So Mistledale bore the Silent Knight, and the cant of the Madden White.”
~The tale of Mistledale’s Gladevale, by an unknown writer that surfaced sometime in the early 1350’s Dalereckoning.

Though quite an obscure piece of lore even within the Dalelands, Mistledale’s Gladevale is known amongst some of the Dale’s populace at large and refers to the story of three daughters of celestial lineage who resided in Gladevale... a hamlet named for the small valley it occupied on the outskirts of Ashabenford.

Beatrix Marylyn, Isabelle Isolde, and Quinneffer Lianne, children of Morag Katheryn Inxys and Alexander Borris Blackforte. All born in the early 1300’s DR and as kindly and good-natured as one would typically expect from their origins.

However the story as it’s told doesn’t tell of the disappearance of Gladevale or the hardships the family faced.
Though much of the family’s time was spent with a small stage troupe entertaining travellers and traders in the festhalls and inns of Ashabenford as time passed the troop as a whole managed to erect and maintain a small temple to Sune in what became Gladevale.

Set in a shallow valley with clear flowing creeks, overgrown with wild flowers and surrounded by a lush and beautiful meadows the vale possessed a natural beauty the troupe came to lovingly tend to along with the aid of local druids from the forest of Cormanthor… who also aided with the tending of resident assassin vines the Sunites began to cultivate for their hearty berries which produced a sensational wine.

In later years dozens more settlers came to tend the vale, and it became as much a winery as an exotic garden and peaceful retreat.
After Alexander, the girls’ father, was killed in the militia defending Mistledale from an unknown band of Drow raiders the eldest daughter Beatrix left to devote herself as a paladin of Sune and later join the order of the Ruby Rose.
Isabelle devoted herself to tending to the priestly duties of their family’s tiny temple as well as joining in the acting troupe’s festivities along with the youngest sister – Quinneffer.

Following their loss the remaining Inxys’ enjoyed a relatively peaceful and glamorous life in the Dales, and sought greater adventures together with their relatively widespread troupe leaving the vale in the hands of the druids and settlers to travel outside the Dalelands for many years.
To Highmoon, Tilverton, through Cormyr, Westgate and along the Dragon coast, crossing down the Snowflake Mountains south as far as Calimport in Calimshan.
Picking up many new members along the way their growing troupe proceeded to sail northward traversing up the Sword Coast stopping at every city along the way including Waterdeep for some time, refining their performances all the while until they reached as far as Luskan and Mirabar by the Spine of the World.

From there the troupe headed back to the Dales after an irresistible detour to Silverymoon, via the rivers from the great elven city out to the coast, back inland as far as Iriaebor, then the road through the Stormhorns and Cormyr before finally getting home to Mistledale… having experienced as much of Faerun as they desired over their several year journey.

Gladevale hadn’t changed much over the years, save perhaps for growing even more beautiful with prayers to Chauntea and Sune and the loving care of its wardens.
New families emerged, the vale grew to a full sized hamlet and those of the Inxys’ troupe who still sought adventure dispersed about the Dalelands.

With Beatrix still away with the Order, Isabelle, Quinneffer and their mother settled back into their quiet life along with close friends and lovers who’d travelled with them for many years.

However, the coming seasons brought many ills to the Glade, wine began to sour, merchants and tavern patrons were reported dying after drinking the Sunites’ produce… and friends were found strangled in the groves of usually calmed assassin vines.

The direness of their situation wasn’t made apparent until almost all of Gladevale fell sick, stricken with plague that saw the entire hamlet quarantined by the militia of Ashabenford.

Sickened, and cut off from all aid, the three Inxys were finally made privy to the betrayal they never saw coming.
Friends who’d stayed with them from their troupe, met along the road through the Snowflake Mountains and later became their lovers took the celestials as they weakened from fever.

Priests of Talona, lady of poisons and plagues, encouraged by the growing Zhentarim, took the Sunites hostage… poisoned their glade, plagued their residents, unhallowed their temple and wilted their grounds till all was dead and dying.

Though ‘twas not the extent of the Talonites profanities, toturing the two daughters they forced their mother Morag to secede her resistance to their whims and seduce the family’s druid friends into entering the now bastardized temple… where they were captured and slaughtered for their blood to be used in the creation of Chaos Curse poison.
Serving no further use to their ultimate aims Morag too was soon to be killed in front of her two captive children, but not before the Plague priestesses wracked them with agonizing spells, over and over, further tormenting the woman by using her angelic blood as a congruent component to increase the potency of her daughters’ pain.

Months passed before Morag Inxys finally did, slowly and painfully, helpless to save herself or her family as she rotted and decayed away chained in her own temple.
Having had their way with the mother, the more vicious of the Talonites and one of Quinneffer’s lover’s decided it was time to play with Isabelle.

Mustering all of her powers the plague priestess called down an eternity of torment on the bound cleric, inflicting unfathomable pain upon Isabelle from the Goddess of Suffering as her mother’s bloating remains were desecrated.
Not wanting to exclude Quinneffer the Talonite locked the pair together, so she too could feel every thrash and convulsion, each new exponentially increasing bout of agony as closely as the hot breath from Isabelle’s screams on her neck…

For days they were kept like this, then tendays… then longer… yet even as her screams dulled to whimpers and thrashing turned to tremors and steady tears Isabelle wouldn’t die, the plague priestess’ magic had seen to that... and once the poor girl grew quiet the priestess found another way to enjoy herself.

Entering the captives’ chamber to force-feed Quin a disgusting mash of the rotting vegetables from their still dying gardens the perverse Talonite produced a fine silver chain which she proceeded to wrap around the two sister’s wrists.
Suddenly Quinneffer felt a shock of overwhelming pain and sadness, anguish she never imagined possible… as she recognized the silver chain, and the empathic link it created between herself and her sister.

Isabelle’s mind was blank and empty, save for one single desire… to end.
Quin could feel her pain now, the grinning Talonite’s foul spell had all but torn her soul from her body, and she’d been in that pain for months… so, in a fit of mournful anger and uncontrollable compulsion the youngest sister lurched forward sinking her teeth deep into the tortured girl’s neck to tear out her throat.

What followed was a shriek of outrage and a swift, scarred fist to the face from the Talonite, then another… and another… until Quinneffer could barely stay conscious.
Through blurred and bloody vision, as the room grew dark, she managed to make out the sick priestess’ carefully withdrawing a large cloth wrapped ruby and touch it to Isabelle’s finally dying body.

When she awoke Quin felt an aching pain in her head, and all of her limbs… soon recognizing the Talonites had nailed her to the main floor of the temple, brutally, and her tormentor stood in front of her, holding the silver chain and an ornately carved ruby pendant, a mockery of Lady Sune despite its beautiful depiction.

The captive Sunite understood the purpose full well as the plague priestess slid the ruby pendant onto the chain and slipped it around Quinneffer’s neck, mouthing foul curses as she toyed with her victim’s wounds… they’d trapped Isabelle’s tormented soul inside the gem, and linked the sisters with the chain once more.
Quin’s defiance had only served to strengthen the Talonite’s resolve, and cruelty.

Her screaming came in waves, or crying? Words? She couldn’t tell anymore… but the plague priestess’ seemed to react to each with more alarm than Quin had the strength to express.

At least she thought it was the voices, until she saw the temple doors burst open and bright natural light (the first she’d seen in a season) flooded in momentarily blinding those within.
Screams and curses, yelling and the clash of steel all followed… or so she thought at least, or maybe remembered?

As Quin’s vision finally cleared she gazed up weakly from the floor making out the forms of a small group of shining figures, charging in on great white pegasi with their armour and barding glinting from the sunlight through the stirred up dust.

One in particular was familiar, a beautiful red-haired woman with blazing golden eyes… Quinneffer’s sister Beatrix.

The battle that followed was short but bloody, Talonites clashed against the handful of Sune’s champions as the eldest sister smote a filth ridden priest tearing him open with a flash of her sword.

Backed by cultists and Zhentarim agents however the plague priests outnumbered the knights, and the carnage became spectacular.
Soon there were few left standing, Beatrix, one of her fellow knights, and Quin’s torturer, Talona’s champion…

Snarling with furious defiance the plague priestess withdrew a glass canister before looking down at the helpless little sister, with a sadistic grin the evil woman hurled the glass at the Rose Knights cackling as Beatrix’s sword cleaved through the canister and continued through her diseased flesh…

Blood, glass and spatter had long cleared the air as dense mist trickled out of doors and windows that had been too long left unopened.

Quinneffer looked up where her sister had been along with the other paladin of her order, standing there over her was a gaunt, pallid white woman… she had her sister’s features, and plenty of scars… but her skin was sickly, her eyes white and glazed over and her hair stark white.

Not unlike Quin’s own now that she thought about it, noticing that the nails pinning her to the floor were crawling away on their little caterpillar feet as she lifted her aching limbs… just like sister said to. Or didn’t.

The man next to Beatrix resembled a giant, or maybe an ogre… of vibrant colours that outlined a handsome figure in his shadows and obliviously euphoric demeanour that was somehow deadly serious.

Ravens with little horns on their heads darted about the off tasting temple hall as the bells they’d never hung chimed their midday tune, despite lacking any form of clock.

A number of smiling faces slid across the floor, all heading north Quin realized as she slowly climbed to her feet… which didn’t seem as strange to her as the fact that they were all looking at her, and that she was smiling back.

Painful ringing, crying? …screaming? Assaulted the Sunite’s mind, her reflection was amazing, except for the sword and armour it carried. It reminded her of Isabelle, and Beatrix, but it didn’t have any colourful eyes, or hair, or features.
Noises somehow didn’t happen around her, something she tested by clicking her fingers next to the doppelganger as its sword and armour began to turn translucent and flow onto the grass like warm honey.

None of them really knew how they got there, but a weight around Quinneffer’s neck made her glad she remembered who Sune was since the rainbow ogreman was singing a song about Lady Firehair.

None of them really knew how the entire temple was burning down to its last embers either, but the sister was glad she did it, glad that sisters forgot.

She hoped mother and father would get back soon, they should be on their way to the Sword Coast as soon as they gave the wardens the keys to the temple…

Wished Beatrix was with her, walking with Isabelle and a rainbow man wasn’t the strangest show they’d performed but she’d left to join the order so long ago.
Isabelle fiddled idly with the ruby pendant around her neck and smiled at her silent sister…

…they were going to have such a fun trip.


First Name: Quinneffer
Last Name: Inxys


Gaunt and pallid the finely dressed woman looks white as a sheet, as if some ghost had drained all the colour from her features.

Shuddering, twitching, her eyes never seem to focus on anything yet she still flinches at each unexpected motion.
Convulsing with each sudden noise the dead eyed creature paws at her grungy, makeup smeared face as twisting black lips idly murmur oddities mixed with the occasional soothing word.

Hiding her face behind her hair she smiles gingerly, fiddling with a silver set pendant of carved ruby depicting the form of a vibrant red haired lady… whenever she has a free to do so anyway…

Race: Aasimar
Age: 33
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 159lb
Skin: White & Pallid
Eyes: White, Glazed and Miotic
Hair: Stark White

Personality Profile:
General Health: Physically fine, though often wracked with nervous tics, spasms and fits of choking and coughing along with bouts of unexplainable pain.
Deity: Sune
Initial Alignment: Chaotic Good
Profession: Dancer, Singer, Actor and Entertainer… formerly
Base Class & Proposed Development: Bard
Habits/Hobbies: Flirting, teasing, comedy and burning.
Languages: Many
Weapon of Choice: Silken Sash - whips & chain weaponry.

Background: Musical theatre.
Goals: None.
Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:

The chaos curse poison transmuted the forms of Beatrix and Quinnefer Inxys to resemble bleached corpses.
She regularly uses prestidigitation to create the effect of makeup, however she also gets it very wrong and can’t remember if or when she’s done it.

The Ruby pendant of Sune worn by Quinneffer is a cursed artefact that contains the tortured soul of her sister Isabelle, similarly to the Soul Trap spell.
It is bound to her along with the linked silver chain that possesses a permanent telepathic bond effect, it cannot be removed or dispelled, but it would only take smashing the gemstone to both end the curse and release Isabelle’s soul… and potentially Isabelle’s living body.
However, Quin doesn’t remember any of this, nor are they consciously aware that it is anything more than a fancy holy symbol and that their sister is trapped inside under the effects of an Eternity of Torture spell.

Beatrix was rendered not just mute by the effects of the chaos curse, but are surrounded by a small, permanent zone of silence, through which they can neither hear nor make any sound… unless they enter an anti-magic zone.

Although it is obscure lore, someone from the Dalelands may recognize Quinneffer as ‘The Madden White’, in the northern reaches and Silver Marches they have sometimes been called Quin ‘the insane’ or ‘the mad’.

More often than not, Quinneffer doesn’t learn new skills or abilities, but merely remembers them or that they’re capable of using them.

They do not know where Beatrix is.

They do not know how they got to Baldurs Gate.

They do not know if anything is real.

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