Helevorn Thoronil - Brothers and Flowers

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Helevorn Thoronil - Brothers and Flowers

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* In the shade of an old oak tree sits a masked elf, dressed in elegant blue clothes. A smile appears on his face while his hand draws a portrait of a young elven wizard whose features appear very closely-related to the artist’s. Some words accompany the drawing over the pages of the little diary: words about a faraway past and an imminent future * 


    “ Do you remember, brother, when we were both dreaming of serving Corellon and our people as guardians of the elven legacy? Do you remember how proud we were to be part of the Forgotten Flower and how hard we worked to deserve that symbol on our capes? We were so convinced it was our destiny, our calling... 

    In my heart I still believe it is, however I can clearly see that times are changing. Power can in fact be bought, traded and given away to anyone, too easily most of the times. Nowadays the arbiter who judges if you are worthy of that power is the gold and the gold alone. No questions being asked, no concerns about how dangerous that power can turn out to be, no importance given to the origin of those magical instruments: sadly enough nobody will ever know whether or not they have been soaked in innocent blood and no one cares if they are indeed serving a just cause. The truth is, dear brother, this sad reality worries me deeply since I don’t want to feed any further a twisted machine of greediness.

    Our mission, Caranthir, has lost its meaning. We’ve been forgotten for too long of a time and we are all scattered around the world like four-leaf clovers in the forests of Arvandor. As hard as I try, one single flower cannot depict the beauty of a garden and our people won’t be able to understand the importance of what we do until we touch their souls with incredible accomplishments.

    Sometimes I question myself if I should stop at this point, once for all. But then... then I think about you... I think about us... young and lost, without a guidance, unaware of the extremely dangerous power in our hands!
    This is when the real meaning of the Forgotten Flower appears to me, cristal clear: we live to serve the weakest and the youngest. We are their guidance in the darkest hours and their guardians in the peaceful times. Our mission is not just meant to offer them the tools to fight their battles, is also meant to support them when they struggle, nourish their talents and their true nature and help them to find the right way towards Corellon’s approval.

    I really don’t know how much time I’ve got left in this world and I feel that the moment has come for me to take a much bigger risk, since my experience told me that the most powerful artifacts are probably in the hands of the most dangerous creatures of the lands. None of them can be destroyed by a lonely flower and even fewer can be talked into a diplomatic agreement.
    There are many ways to confront the evil... Corellon has thought us that speaking words of diplomacy to your worst enemy is more honourable than drawing your blade and give them a cruel death. He knew that could have saved many lives over each side of the battlefield and that is what I believe too so I’m working in this direction to make sure my friends’ lives will not be at stake.

    I’m sure you would agree with me if you were here, Caranthir... you are always in my thoughts and if you can hear them please know, brother, that I live and die in the hope that among those treasures there could be a gift that will bring you back to us. Here I swear to you, this words on my diary will be yours to read, one way or another...”


    Helevorn Thoronil - The Masked Guardian

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