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First Name: Corvin
Last Name: Unknown


His liquid golden eyes swirling slowly like deep ponds, the man usually exudes an aura of calm, his movements always deliberate and calculated.

Race: Aasimar
Age: 27
Height: 1,74m
Weight: 73kg
Eyes: Liquid gold without discernible iris
Hair: Strawberry blonde

Personality Profile:

General Health: Years of physical and mental training have left Corvin in excellent shape
Deity: While he recognizes and fears their power, their existence and influence in the world also irks Corvin to no end.
Initial Alignment: Lawful neutral
Profession: Self employed
Base Class & Proposed Development: Monk
Habits/Hobbies: When left to his own thoughts he regular falls into a meditative trance focusing on the wonders of mother nature in his immediate surroundings
Languages: Celestial and Common, although his celestial is quite rusty
Weapon of Choice: Unarmed, Corvin is his own weapon


Born in a small village a tendays journey away from Waterdeep he lost his parents at a young age.
Then spend several years on the streets of Waterdeep where eventually a young monk found him, saw promise and took him back to his remote orders monastery in the sword mountains, in which he lived and studied until he turned 25 years old.

Their teachings were broad and stretched many disciplines but most of all they taught him the value of tempering actions with wisdom.

At the age of 25 the solitary and simple ever repeating monastery life promoted the young man to venture out and seek out all the other facets life could offer.


Tries to carry everyone else's weight on his own shoulders.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:

He has a hazy memory from his early years, which he thinks is of his parents serving patrons at the local Inn. One day he hopes to own a cozy little Inn himself to reconnect with his real family in a way.

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